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walking through the park by MyChemicalDragon62
walking through the parkby (Amazing)
a story about a random encounter and a sexy outcome
The Naughty Schoolgirl by jadastones321
The Naughty Schoolgirlby jadastones321
This is a naughty story written for my "part time boyfriend" 😘 Hope you enjoy, handsome!
My Teacher  by yourfavfariy
My Teacher by theirfairyrain
So this is my first Story and just wanna say english is not my first language. So this story is about a new girl she fell in love with her teacher but how would it end...
🎃 Baby by TheingeTheinge2
🎃 Babyby Phoo
ပတမဆုံးရေးတဲ့ Ficပါ။ တိုက်ဆိုင်သွားရင် ခွင့်ပေးပါ။ အသစ်အဆန်းလေး ဖြစ်သွားအောင် ကြိုးစားရေးထားပါတယ်။အဆုံးထိဖတ်ပေးကြပါ။
kövess instán! apu.jegyzetei
Love Locker. (TENTACLES  by porimak
Love Locker. (TENTACLES by porimak
NSFW. (inspired by the game tentacle locker.
Pure Coincidence (Kim Seungmin X Reader) by Bright_Jinnie
Pure Coincidence (Kim Seungmin X KissMyAxe
When Y/N L/N moves to Korea through an exchange program her school was hosting, she, being one of the most stupidly lucky, and clumsy people to have ever lived, bumps in...
Kövess instán! @apu.jegyzetei
addicted: judd birch & stass  by digit4ldrugl0rd
addicted: judd birch & stass by 🦇
anastasia is a 15 year old british school girl, raised without a father and with a problematic family. whilst going through the far end of her exam year, she meets Judd...
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Tution Wala Pyar 💞💕 by Fictional_Writing_12
Tution Wala Pyar 💞💕by Ishaan (Bear) 🐻
Every time a love story is about a beautiful girl or a handsome boy, but what if someone from a couple looks average. So let's try to look the world of love with being...
Father Of My Baby by MissAliP
Father Of My Babyby MissAliP
All teenagers make mistakes, especially when they're drunk. Summer Blake is a shy, timid girl who likes to stick to the rules and stay out of trouble. So when her best...
Schooled by A_Very_Secure_Person
Schooledby A_Very_Secure_Person
Ryan Roberts can't handle the stress of High School and one fateful wish brings him back to primary, but with a little twist.
Force to marry a Mafia in 17 (Completed) by Bunny_M25
Force to marry a Mafia in 17 ( Bunny 🐰
Y/N is a 17 year old girl is forced to marry a Mafia. Jungkook who have a girlfriend but he is married Y/N. Will they be happy? Let's see in this FF. Author Bunny note...
Alex Rider x reader by jazz__007
Alex Rider x readerby Jazz
You are the daughter of fox (from k-unit) and go to the same school as a certain blonde. You grow close to the blonde and he becomes an important part in your life. But...
The one who fell (Pokemon Fanfiction) by Frozenbeenie
The one who fell (Pokemon Angela
Rosa never liked the crowd, nor did she like to talk to others, yet somehow ended up becoming popular amongst her classmates in school. With a beautiful face and lovely...
The Bad Boy's Lady by repunzeled
The Bad Boy's Ladyby s ☽
Mayumi Lathrel is very sure of her dreams and that is to graduate from a prestigious school and to be successful one day, but everything fell out of place when she met D...
Who's the true Yandere now? ---Ayano Aishi X Budo Masuta X Taro Yamada--- by kairibeesting
Who's the true Yandere now? kairibeesting
Taro has finally noticed Ayano after Osana moved away but, Budo has fallen in love with Ayano too. Ayano is torn between to potential yanderes yearning for love. Who wil...
THE MAFIA'S POSSESSION by shalomamara99
THE MAFIA'S POSSESSIONby shalomamara99
She belongs to him and he would go every extra mile to make it remain so. Bella's imagination might have landed her in trouble with Jay. A man full of authority, one of...