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Stubborn Love by BiancaWoods1307
Stubborn Loveby BiancaWoods1307
Allie Calvin is the oldest and only daughter of Scott Calvin. She was 15 when her father puts on the suit. Allie Calvin is nothing like her brother. She doesn't believe...
santa claus is cumming by fatlardfetish69
santa claus is cummingby fatlardfetish69
it's the early hours of Christmas Day and Santa Claus is climbing down the chimney to give you a very special present...
Santa x reader (extremely kinky) by user48337846
Santa x reader (extremely kinky)by Garlic feet
You, reader chan get sold to Santa by a friend who deems you to be breedable. What will happen when you get sold to breed? Read to find out :D
Santa's huge cock by idklol_7
Santa's huge cockby finn
Get fucked by Santa. Tried to make y/n gender neutral but that was too hard so at some parts you have to choose if you'll read the "I have a dick" or the &quo...
Christmas with the Calvins by StevesOnAPlane
Christmas with the Calvinsby Steves-On-A-Plane
Scott Calvin is Santa Claus. No matter how much he would like to deny it. Charlie knows his Dad is Santa, and he'll do anything he can to prove it! join Scott and his tw...
"I am many things... But I am not you, Pitch. And I will make gods damn sure that I never will be." ━━━━━━━ OR, IN WHICH THE GRIM REAPER IS THE NEWEST GUARDIAN...
Dear Santa | winrina by StarlightGummy
Dear Santa | winrinaby StarlightGummy
Karina desperately wants to meet her online boyfriend this Christmas, but things become complicated after Santa Claus sends her a girl named Winter instead. EPISTOLARY |...
The Christmas Theory by danielletalbury
The Christmas Theoryby danielle
All Madison wants for Christmas is the same person who once wanted her. Free from the shackles of her broken heart, she's finally ready to give love another shot. But is...
Winter Dream (Bernard the Elf x Reader) by CrazyCatTeen35
Winter Dream (Bernard the Elf x 𝓔𝓶𝓶𝓪
Christmas has never really been (Yn) Calvin's thing. Since her parents divorce when she was only eight, (Yn) hasn't believed in Santa Claus, the Christmas spirit, or ma...
𝐌𝐈𝐒𝐓𝐋𝐄𝐓𝐎𝐄 - rebekah mikaelson ❅ by bexswitch
𝐌𝐈𝐒𝐓𝐋𝐄𝐓𝐎𝐄 - rebekah 𝘧𝘢𝘺𝘦 ୨ৎ
·˚✎ ﹏ a holiday miracle disguised as an annoyance... in which holly gets a scandalous text not meant for her... or... in which rebekah falls for a stranger who she never...
The Sparkle Of A Snowflake (Jack x OC!Alina) by Detective_Sociopath
The Sparkle Of A Snowflake (Jack DaniGirl
Alina is the Guardian of Light. The light that shines in everyone. She makes sure it never dies. Well 300 hundred years ago she was created by the Man in the Moon or Man...
Santa Claus x reader LEMON by SailorWeeb
Santa Claus x reader LEMONby Morgan
The story will jingle your bells ;)
No Two Are Alike by JKMacLaren
No Two Are Alikeby J K MacLaren
Two identical twins. One kiss gone wrong under the mistletoe. Can Christmas get any crazier? *** Chloe Cartwright has loved her best friend's brother for as long as she...
Rise of the Guardians One-Shots pt.2 by lostgirl2411
Rise of the Guardians One-Shots unknown writer
I've never been good at bios so all I can say is hello to everyone who has found this book. If you're one of my past readers, then you know I can't work with bios to sav...
Miles To Go Before I Sleep by BigBballBoy
Miles To Go Before I Sleepby Ballboy
A collection of one-shots/drabbles focusing on Jack and his life both before and after he becomes a Guardian. No particular order. No pairings/romance. Requests closed
The Pooka Hybrid (Bunnymund x Hybrid! Reader) by Olivia200312
The Pooka Hybrid (Bunnymund x Olivia200312
Y/N was once human, fully human, at least. When she was 18, she got killed while rescuing rabbits from a deadly situation. Man in the Moon, MiM or Manny, transformed her...
The Rise of Love: A Bunnymund X Reader Story by mangowrangler
The Rise of Love: A Bunnymund X mangowrangler
Rise of the guardians bunnymund x dia de los muertos reader
The Daddy Project by FionaJohn
The Daddy Projectby Fiona™
After their Last Project was a success, The Gay Project had spent years planning on another big project. This time, how about we make a couple of daddies? So...
Santa's Daughter is My Mate?! by AdventureWriter17
Santa's Daughter is My Mate?!by AdventureWriter17
This is a Christmas Special. Dylan is a nineteen year old boy who has been on his own since he was ten. He's forgotten what it is like to love and what it is like to ha...