Touch Me And You're DEAD [REV! TSUNA!]

Touch Me And You're DEAD [REV! TSUNA!]

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Raven By VeliusWings Updated May 28

Sawada Tsunayoshi younger brother of Sawada Lekatsu, direct descendants of Vongola Primo.. 

Tsunayoshi also know an as Tsuna/Tuna WAS  a child who is very smart, kind, pretty much matured  and very forgiving...

He already knows that he's father is the Head of CEDEF on a Famiglia also known as Vongola...


Sawada Lekatsu, a VERY over protected older brother of Tsuna, his kind , average smart, popular and athletic. 

Until one day Tsuna accidentally heard his brother bad mouthing him and ran away and hide in a dark alley... 

And that's when he met...


Wanna know what happened next ?? 

Lets find out!

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