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Ghost Bird | ✔ by JadeQueen100
Ghost Bird | ✔by Jade
"Checkmate," Sang countered, swiftly knocking down his king. ♜♘♟♕♝ Sang Sorenson, also known as the famous Ghost Bird, is a just pawn in a dark and twisted gam...
  • blackbourne
  • ghost
  • silas
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Capturing Them (Random Updates, For now)  by BelindaPeters-Waine
Capturing Them (Random Updates, Fo...by Belinda Waine
I've hidden behind the lens of a camera since I was seven years old. My Mom dying turned me into a shell of a person; I stopped speaking, I hid behind fake glasses, my h...
  • mrblackbourne
  • luke
  • gabriel
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Sang's Sins by nefelibata-mulher
Sang's Sinsby Kate
Sang never had a normal life. From abusive and neglectful parents to her only friend being a demon, she's always been abnormal. She never expected 8 other boys, though...
  • abuse
  • rhhea
  • theacademy
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The Sorting by Mageanne
The Sortingby Mageanne
I, Sang Sorenson, am a disgrace to the household name. This simple fact has been ingrained into me since my earliest memory. My family consists of my elder sister, and t...
  • humor
  • hea
  • hogwarts
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All Her Broken Pieces by Rcreamer
All Her Broken Piecesby R.K. Creamer
Sang Sorenson has been chewed up and spit out by life too many times. Abused by her stepmother. Neglected by her father. Hated by her sister. Bullied by jealous girls...
  • luke
  • silas
  • sean
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Soulbird by Savyss
Soulbirdby 🌟Vannah🌟
Sang lives in a world where the souls connect through music. It's a time where soulmates try to reach out to each other through their heart's song. Ever wonder why you h...
  • north
  • nathan
  • soulmateau
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Flutter by. by fierywhitewolf65
Flutter by.by fierywhitewolf
in a alternate story where sang and the boys dont meet up . where sang breaks free from her cage and finds her own way to live .where she finds her true self. where sa...
  • clstone
  • academy
  • luke
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Just One Night by savinggoddess
Just One Nightby Tay💜
"Just one night." Sang said looking in the mirror. "Just one night." Gabriel said looking at my friends. He smirks, "rite of passage man." ...
  • north
  • nathan
  • pregnancy
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Eleven by Callabunny
Elevenby Callabunny (Maggie Lynn)
Sang and the boys are all grown up...if you could call pillow forts and water balloon fights "grown up." But graduating from the Academy and moving out of thei...
  • rh
  • ghostbird
  • pregnant
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The gender bender by teamblackbourne
The gender benderby teamblackbourne
This is a ghost bird fan fiction. I have never written any fan fiction before but I have had this idea in my head for awhile. Sang is now Sam. Her mother has made her...
  • academy
  • clstone
  • kota
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Sang Baby's Baby by chickadee66
Sang Baby's Babyby caitcooper66
What happens when the team of 10 gains another member, or two? All of these characters belong to C.L. Stone. This is just a story that I'm making up for fun. Enjoy, ho...
  • kota
  • north
  • ghostbird
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Sang's Freedom - The Song Of Ghosts by Arkie1212
Sang's Freedom - The Song Of Ghostsby Arkie1212
Sang's Freedom: Book one of The Song of Ghosts~ **An Academy Fanfiction based on C. L. Stone's Ghost Bird Series** Sang has been a prisoner in her home for many years, b...
  • sáng
  • songofghosts
  • clstone
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They Called Her El Diablo by coraswan
They Called Her El Diabloby Evelyn
Academy fic. According to Sang Sorensen she can't handle her boys and their newfound 'needs'; abandoning them for a 'normal life'. The Toma Team were abandoned too. They...
  • nathan
  • scarabbeetle
  • kota
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Key to Their Hearts by topy0848
Key to Their Heartsby Tori
They say that the eye are the window to the soul, what would you do if you had the power to look in someones eyes and see their greatest desire, and what do you do when...
  • sáng
  • reverseharem
  • gabe
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A Family of Her Own  (Slow Updates) by AcademyGirl10
A Family of Her Own (Slow Updates)by D'ana Rodriguez
Sang Sorensen just wants to find a family that will accept her for who she is. The one that she had just abandoned her, and she has no one left to care for her... Or doe...
  • ghostbird
  • sáng
  • clstone
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Go to Hell (slow updates) by dreamingoutloud02
Go to Hell (slow updates)by dreamingoutloud02
Owen Blackbourne had mixed feelings about killing a Ms. Sang Sorenson. She was, after all, an innocent. However, she was also very convenient and he was pressed for time...
  • nathan
  • silas
  • gabriel
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Finding A Ghost (Completed) by JalizaBurwell
Finding A Ghost (Completed)by Jaliza A Burwell
Now that North Taylor is eighteen and in a stable environment with the Blackbourne team, he decides it's time to go back overseas and to find the one person he wanted to...
  • fanfiction
  • sangsorenson
  • mystery
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Academy Pet(Friday Updates) by 9CorazonesOcultos
Academy Pet(Friday Updates)by Cora Z
Cover by Macey_Mouse Sang is a human. Scratch that, she's a cat. She's an Academy bird? Maybe labels aren't her thing. Sang Sorenson is a shifter, a human who can shift...
  • cl
  • cat
  • blackbourne
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For the Love of a Vampire ( a ghost bird fan fic) ~On Hold~ by Rougebutterfly01
For the Love of a Vampire ( a ghos...by Krista Weaver
What if Sang Sorenson was the same shy, quiet girl, except she was also half vampire? DISCLAIMER: The Ghost Bird, Scarab Beetle, the Academy, and their characters are p...
  • nathan
  • sáng
  • victor
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Celestial by Azallya
Celestialby Azallya
Five hundred years ago, human race was almost taken over by evil forces if it was not for the sudden appearance of ten individuals with immense power. They were able to...
  • celestial
  • gods
  • corey
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