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Lyra Lopez had always been alone. A single star that shone that little bit duller than all the rest. When she meets a girl with a strange name and the nine boys who can'...
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The Girl That No One Noticed... by Puppies59
The Girl That No One Noticed...by Puppies59
Sang Sorenson a girl with a past and secrets she wants to forget, she escaped the worst of it at 16 to travel the world and learn all sorts of things, she's not the weak...
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Untamed Sang by Gaellotine
Untamed Sangby 🌸RinRinRin👌
Werebeasts were known to be extinct but when Sean got lost in the forest for some Witch, led by a winking wolf, found the witch's cottage, only to know that the witch wa...
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You Make Me Happy by Ashenry
You Make Me Happyby Ashenry
Vouloir, c'est pouvoir Where there's a will there's a way. I've never understood this saying. Especially since in my life, I've had plenty of will, and rarely have I...
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Ghost Bird by SynchroClaire
Ghost Birdby Claire
Everybody knows the cast of Ghost Bird- the hit TV show has brought them from relative anonymity to media fame. For the past two seasons, Ghost Bird has centered around...
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Miserably Delightful by realllyreilly
Miserably Delightfulby ry
Sang Sorenson is a sheltered rich girl whose life is a lot more rough than most believe. Her entire life has consisted of abuse from her step-mother, and overbearing old...
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Driven to Destiny by BijinMum
Driven to Destinyby BijinMum
Legend says there's a taxi cab that doesn't take you where you want to go but where you need to. Sang only wishes for a few nights of freedom to help her last until she...
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Being Sang by Jacquebell
Being Sangby Jacque Bell
The boys begin to believe that Sang is acting a little differently than usual.
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Childhood Friends [GB+SB] by btsawakejin
Childhood Friends [GB+SB]by btsawakejin
Sang Sorenson and Nathan Griffin were childhood friends. Both having their own struggles and both were hiding it from each other. Sang was kind hearted, understanding, a...
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Independent Woman by naivevegas
Independent Womanby Em (Emerson)
Sang isn't a fifteen-year-old cowering at the hands of her stepmother. She's on her own. Eighteen and living in a house her father bribed her with alongside two faithfu...
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Presto Change-o-Written by KatyDid by BLTS2004
Presto Change-o-Written by KatyDidby Busy B
An Academy Fanfiction based on the characters of C.L. Stone's Ghost Bird Series. Written by Katy Did. Sang plans a game for the guys that has them switching personal...
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Shattered (The Academy) by SthepLiar
Shattered (The Academy)by Sthep
This is a C.L Stone's The Ghostbird Series fanfiction. Most of the characters here are hers. The first time I noticed Elizabeth inside me, I was twelve and at the edge...
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Starting Over  by kellysrose
Starting Over by kellysrose
Sang has been missing for three years. She was kidnapped and forced to become an assassin by an organization that is the opposite of everything the academy stands for. N...
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Academy's Angel by shayschiesler
Academy's Angelby shayschiesler
Sang is nothing more than a warrior, spending years in heaven fighting a war that has no end. The sister to Sam and Dean Winchester, she has spent her fair time on earth...
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Under The Spotlight (Ghost Bird Fanfiction) by shaded_souls
Under The Spotlight (Ghost Bird Fa...by kowee
Sang Sorenson, formerly a shy girl from Charleston, South Carolina. Now? She's Ava, a bubbly singer who took the world by storm. Years after the Academy meddled with the...
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Allurement || A Ghostbird Fanfic by Aferah
Allurement || A Ghostbird Fanficby Aferah Hart
Sang Sorenson is a witch, a rare one at that too. She's lived in the forest behind the Charleston Kingdom ever since she was born and Sang Can't help but to wonder what...
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Code Ghostbird by HaileyBelle867
Code Ghostbirdby Hailey Belle
A simple mission at a boarding school turns into so much more for the Blackbourne team.
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Pink Freedom (GB) by WickedSerenity
Pink Freedom (GB)by WickedSerenity
Sang Sorenson, grows up, living on a ranch of bucking Broncos, and kicking cowboys, only she lives for the limelight, so she can hide all the fear and abuse at home. Bla...
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Our Dollhouse (GB) by Goldandeun
Our Dollhouse (GB)by MGUGM
Sangrida Alexandra Sorenson, or as most refer to her, Sang ia living a nightmare. Her mother, Lillian Sorenson, lover her. It is true. But she only loves her when she is...
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The Kindness vs Cruelty of a Stranger by AJGilbertson
The Kindness vs Cruelty of a Stran...by AJGilbertson
Ever since she was young Sang has kept to herself, only allowing those she feels she can trust into her life. But when a kind stranger helps her in a time of need leads...
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