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A Raven's Blessing | Vax'ildan x OC | TLOVM by red_amadeus
A Raven's Blessing | Vax'ildan x red_amadeus
"I don't know if I believe in the gods...but I believe in you, Vax." Athena never had it easy growing up in Tal'Dorei. Orphaned at a young age, she was selecte...
Kid Face Claims by FangirlCrossing
Kid Face Claimsby Blackbird
For me particularly I find it significantly hard to find quality gifs and face claims for children. So here is another archive of face claims for children. All children...
A Blessed Daughter  by AleenaChaudhary
A Blessed Daughter by Aleena Chaudhary
THIS STORY IS NOT MINE / ONLY FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSE/ CREDITS TO THE REAL OWNER. Novel Summary Wei Ruo, a highly skilled doctor, was time traveled as a female supp...
What Once Was Lost - Percy De Rolo x Fem!Reader by that_moth_lady
What Once Was Lost - Percy De thatmothlady
When Percy de Rolo ran from everything he'd ever known, he didn't just leave his home and family behind. He also left you. And you didn't forget. A Percival De Rolo x F...
Vax'ildan Vessar by Drug_Might
Vax'ildan Vessarby Drug_Might
You, Adelyn de Rolo, are Percy's twin sister. You are the only person he has left, and he is the only one you have. You guys mostly keep to yourselves, but nobody makes...
|Rp Of Content| UPDATED #1 by heavens1stnote
|Rp Of Content| UPDATED #1by |_|_|𝚁𝚙 𝙾𝚏 𝙲𝚘𝚗𝚝𝚎𝚗𝚝...
any number of fandoms can be here, but remember, don't forget which fandom you are joining in this book..
~My Illness Called Love~ (Zane X Kawaii~chan) by Piece0fPaper
~My Illness Called Love~ (Zane X Pieceofpaper
(Zane~Chan) "Just promise you won't leave me.." "I promise." She has an illness... He is the cure... Zane and Kawaii Chan are only acquaintance...
The Prince's unexpected Guardian by FizzyPopVevo
The Prince's unexpected Guardianby MrVinmu
Once upon a time, when the world was still young and humans shared the earth with fantastical beasts of yore, the young prince of the Auros Kingdom, Prince Samson, was k...
-GASSED UP- (Zane X Kawaii~Chan) by Piece0fPaper
-GASSED UP- (Zane X Kawaii~Chan)by Pieceofpaper
"Tell me why I can't date him, Zane give me one good reason!" "Because...Because I'm in love with you okay!" Zane Ro'meave. A well-known high school...
The Bluenettes of Sabertooth: Volume I by sopeismymelanin
The Bluenettes of Sabertooth: sopeismymelanin
Levy and Juvia are being ignored by Fairy Tail, ever since the GMG .The only people who pay attention to them are Master Mackarov , Mira, Wendy, Erza, The Raijinshuu an...
I Will Pamper You Forever  |  ABO by mysterxiu
I Will Pamper You Forever | ABOby mysterxiu
Alpha Female X Omega Male Su Shen is a CEO of Su Company; One of the most well known company to the point that everyone is willing to sell their soul just to work under...
Face Claim Haven - Pt. 2 by FangirlCrossing
Face Claim Haven - Pt. 2by Blackbird
This is the second edition of my book full of face claims for people to use for role-playing, stories and anything else your heart desires. My mission is to make proper...
Turnabout Reversal by yummybob543
Turnabout Reversalby Ougi Oshino
A Roleswap AU, fairly self explantory Ships- Part One: Phoenix Wright/Miles Edgeworth Lana Skye/Mia Fey Dick Gumshoe/Maggey Byrde Franziska von Karma/Maya Fey Sebastian...
My furry character/roleplay book by Blossoming_Bunny
My furry character/roleplay bookby Blossom
As the tittle says I want to make a lil book with descriptions and a image (I will not own and the artist will be referenced) and maybe scenarios cause I would enjoy get...
Role playing book  by KHwhiteheart200
Role playing book by Princess white rose
Just a rp book because I like making story when I'm bored 👍😁
Where Dreams Meet Killers {Creepypasta Roleplay} by Shade-Shirona
Where Dreams Meet Killers { Shadehead
An individual Creepypasta Roleplay book. There may be late replies cuz got some home, school issues. Anyways enjoy. Important Note. Must read [A very huge thanks to @Mys...
Boarding School RP by thatoneacount
Boarding School RPby ♡-нαρρу нσℓι∂αуѕ-♡
High School is hell.Now imagine being locked in that so called hell. - Cover Credit to @Awkadorable Thank you so much. <3