I'm a girl.

I'm fifteen and a sophomore!

I read and write a lot. Like. You wouldn't believe it. The only people who reads my stories beforehand are my friends.

Um. I'm immature at times. And perverted. But you can blame that on my friends. They rub off on me. I make dirty jokes, says, "That's what she said." for all things remotely dirty. I have no boyfriend...at the moment. I prefer ridin' solo and just look around.

Now, onward to my favorites books!
- Percy Jackson & the Olympians
- Vampire Academy
- Vampire Diaries
- The Immortals
- House of Night
- Morganville Vampires
- The Wolves of Mercy Falls
- Heroes of Olympus

Favorite Authors:
- Rick Riordan <--- (HE IS LIKE MY ROLE MODEL)
- Richelle Mead
- Maggie Stiefvater
- Alyson Noel
- Nicholas Sparks
- P.C. Cast
- Kristin Cast

- White Chicks
- Revenge of the Bridesmaids
- 27 Dresses
- Killers (with Ashton Kutcher ;])
- Confession of a Shopaholic
- Easy A
- Vampires Suck
- The Proposal
- Bride Wars

TV Shows:
- The Vampire Diaries
- Pretty Little Liars
- George Lopez
- What I Like About You
- Family Guy
- That '70s Show
- Drake & Josh
- Victorious

My goals on Wattpad:
- 100 votes [x]
- 150 votes [x]
- 1000 reads on a story [x]
- Makes it on the What's Hot list []
- 100 fans [x]
- 150 fans [x]
- 250 votes [x]
- 500 votes [x]
- 1000 votes [x]
- 1500 votes []

- Romance in Italy
- Supernatural
- What Happened During Spring Break
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Whispered Good-byes

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Description: A cancer patient's last good-byes.

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Miscellaneous Works

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