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High School (AU) (Avengers) by jaycer26
High School (AU) (Avengers)by Jaycer26
An alternate universe where the avengers go to the same high school. (Warning: high amounts of stucky and clintasha)
  • avengers
  • stark
  • captinamerica
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Chasing Home (NFL) by PedePaulie
Chasing Home (NFL)by Dani
Lauren Manning is on a search to find a place she can call home. The closest she has come is Green Bay, living with her "uncle" Brett Favre. Now she is off to...
  • rodgers
  • manning
  • greenbay
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Spiderman/Peter Parker (and Avengers) One Shots by GeekyGirl424
Spiderman/Peter Parker (and Stella
Just some Fluff, angst, loving families, and protective teens. Disclaimer:The Pictures and Characters I use I DO NOT own unless stated otherwise. If you are an owner of...
  • hawkeye
  • spiderman
  • hulk
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NFL Imagines! :{) {Requests are Closed!} by mrs-edelmandola
NFL Imagines! :{) {Requests are Saruwatari Kumiko
Here you will find the likes of all your favorite football players!
  • imagines
  • beckham
  • fanfiction
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𝕋𝕀𝕋𝔸ℕ𝕀𝕌𝕄 ° 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕘𝕖𝕣𝕤, 𝔹𝕆𝕆𝕂 𝟙 by buckiplier
𝕋𝕀𝕋𝔸ℕ𝕀𝕌𝕄 ° 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕟� abs.
You shoot me down but I won't fall. the sister of clint barton joins the avengers in saving the world, with some interesting mishaps along the way. BOOK ONE THE AVENGER...
  • loki
  • captain
  • iron
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Saviour - Bucky Barnes Fanfiction by TheWinterBuckyBarnes
Saviour - Bucky Barnes Fanfictionby TheWinterBuckyBarnes
When I was eight years old, two men showed up at my door. Captain America, supporting a half consious Winter Soldier, begging for help. Over the next few months, Bucky a...
  • jamesbuchananbarnes
  • bucky
  • 32557038
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The Right Partner by 1bluewriter1
The Right Partnerby I don't understand. Why do I...
The Avengers are asked (ordered) to attend a sponsor dinner that Fury is hosting for SHEILD. Everyone is required to attend. Shortly after Tony get's a call and his whol...
  • avengers
  • ironamerica
  • steve
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A secret love(ticci toby x reader) by allthegayallday
A secret love(ticci toby x reader)by Im Gross
Ticci-Toby fanfic for all you Creepy Pasta lovers out there!
  • proxy
  • ticcitoby
  • ticci
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Stony Became Superfamily by SweetStonyChild
Stony Became Superfamilyby SweetStonyChild
In this Superfamily story Tony and Steve discover little baby Peter credit to Samyx3 she wrote this brilliant story
  • romanoff
  • parker
  • hollymcc1997
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Make-Believe (Ticci Toby x Reader) by Ni-tress
Make-Believe (Ticci Toby x Reader)by Sendpie
Story was published July 27th, 2014! Thanks for all the reads you guys! -Nitress +++++++ S O O N All your life- both you and your best friend thought of him as fake- but...
  • creepypasta
  • scary
  • reader
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Winter by buckybarnesnoble
Winterby unoriginal and bad at writing.
2014. Marilyn Rodgers is 27 years old, despite being born in 1917. After 2 years of adjustment to the modern world, her brother, Steve, and she finally begin to find pe...
  • thewintersolider
  • steverodgers
  • avengers
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A Web of Avengers 《DISCONTINUED》 by DewieBlue
A Web of Avengers 《DISCONTINUED》by Emrys
After the events with S.H.E.I.L.D. and Hydra, S.H.E.I.L.D. is no more and they need all the help they can get when the science bro's get a little more then what they bar...
  • america
  • ultron
  • clint
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Water boy - percy jackson avengers crossover  by -queen-of-hearts-
Water boy - percy jackson Em
I percy jackson savour of Olympus was getting a job
  • boy
  • avengers
  • percy
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Angel by Red2002x
Angelby RedRose
"You know I heard a rumour that the Winter Soldier and the Angel of Death are Hydra." "It would make sense that two of the most ruthless assas...
  • blackwidow
  • natasharomanoff
  • rodgers
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Disarm ✪ rogers [1] by andalusians
Disarm ✪ rogers [1]by andalusians
❝Well what can she do?❞ ❝I'm sure you'll see soon enough.❞ ➤ avengers all rights go to marvel and stan lee, I only own my own characters/plot.
  • rogers
  • iron
  • black
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Rodgers.  by buckybarnesnoble
Rodgers. by unoriginal and bad at writing.
1943 was a terrible time. War was raging. Twin siblings Steve and Marilyn Rodgers are doing their damn best to enlist in the military. But for a 90 pound guy and a woman...
  • rodgers
  • captainamerica
  • avengers
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Avengers Preferences by sweetlavendertrash
Avengers Preferencesby mags ♡
[I wrote this so long ago they're so cringy oml] Hello everyone! This is my very first attempt at writing prefrences so sorry if they are terrible. This book includes: ♢...
  • maximoff
  • banner
  • loki
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Peter Parker And His Trip To Stark Industries  by NerdyFandomPerson
Peter Parker And His Trip To NerdyFandomPerson
Peter Parker is brimming with excitement on the prospect of a field trip to find out it's to Stark Industries. Just another day for our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman...
  • america
  • falcon
  • ned
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Avengers Kids by RandomFandom222
Avengers Kidsby Stargirl3000
Just about the avengers kids
  • fanfiction
  • clint
  • tony
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The monster inside me (Ben Drowned x Reader book 1) by toxicblaze
The monster inside me (Ben Meadow Palmer
You were on your way home from school. Walking in silence as the rain pattered on the concrete. Your bag hung low and so did your head. None of this was your fault. Sure...
  • ben
  • killer
  • slenderman
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