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Younger | Station 19 by ashlee_romanoff
Younger | Station 19by Ashlee
follows the life of Aria Bishop. The youngest of the Bishop family. Andy Herrera x fem OC Slow burn All credits go to Shonda and Krista. All characters are from the show...
My Safest Place by swiftgirlil
My Safest Placeby Swiftgirlil
Takes place after 5x02, will Andy and Robert find their way back to each other? - (I don't know what will happen in the show but that's how I'd take it from that point I...
She's Worth It by StationGleeFosters
She's Worth Itby StationGleeFosters
Based on Season 7 Episode 5 + promo for episode 6 (Maya and carina's relationship will come into play if people like this and want me to continue, that's why they're tag...
It's Just You and Me by jainasurrera
It's Just You and Meby jaina.surrera_
What if Robert was left alone to be a single dad to a precious 3 year old boy. Would he eventually move on and find love again or will he stay to himself?
Souls that cross by drogatadisurrera
Souls that crossby drogatadisurrera
What if Andy is a single mother and the new captain is also a single father?
A Vandy Story by savannah349955
A Vandy Storyby therookieatories
Complications arise from her personal life affecting her professional life. She discovers things about herself that change her life. She continues to build up a pile of...
Burned  by LM555555
Burned by LM555555
Marina one-shots (mainly angst cuz yeah) Some short and long stories about maya and carina from station 19 and grey's anatomy. I will update this when I feel like and t...
Fix You by jcinaleelove
Fix Youby jcinaleelove
after Andy Herrera loses the father of her child.. she wonders if she'll ever be okay again until someone comes into her life and helps to fix her
 Back together Again by Amy1927
Back together Againby Amy
Andy and Robert had a thing back in the academy, a secret of course as he was married. When Andy had finished the academy, the two went their secret ways. Robert cut off...
Fire of Hope by Profiler2610
Fire of Hopeby Profiler2610
Skylar Montgomery had a rough past. Her drug and alcohol addiction started when she was 13 and continued for years until her brother saved her. Six years after Travis sa...
Our Story by krauert
Our Storyby krauert
This story is about Andy and Sullivan from Station 19. It follows the couple and the rest of the firehouse through the life of firefighters. Picks up after Andy's dad di...
It's Not Over by AndyVilla20
It's Not Overby AndyVilla20
Four years after letting Annalise go, Rosie moves to Seattle seeking treatment and reconciliation with the woman now known as Lieutenant Andrea Herrera, bringing her pas...
Fire by contosurrera
Fireby contosurrera
When you are a child people are always asking you "what will you be when you grow up?". Most of them know, or think they know. Most of the time what they say...
Haunted By The Past - A Surrera Story by cm_swiftie_13
Haunted By The Past - A Surrera bethany
When a memory from her past resurfaces, how will Andy Herrera, and the people around her, deal with it?
Marina Oneshot Book by swimmingislife7823
Marina Oneshot Bookby Scout Estrada
Marina (Maya Bishop and Carina DeLuca from Station 19) oneshots compiled in a book! Hope you enjoy!
Station 19: The Unbreakable Team by theresaj8706
Station 19: The Unbreakable Teamby Theresa M. J.
Ranked: #2 in #herrera on 8/20/19 | Based on the show 'Station 19' on ABC, a Grey's Anatomy spin-off. This book will focus on Jaina Lee Ortiz's character: Andy Herrera...
Surrera Advent Calendar 2021 by St19VirtualSeason
Surrera Advent Calendar 2021by Leandra Julien
Enjoy a surrera story everyday until Christmas!