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Our Story by krauert
Our Storyby krauert
This story is about Andy and Sullivan from Station 19. It follows the couple and the rest of the firehouse through the life of firefighters. Picks up after Andy's dad di...
It's Not Over by AndyVilla20
It's Not Overby AndyVilla20
Four years after letting Annalise go, Rosie moves to Seattle seeking treatment and reconciliation with the woman now known as Lieutenant Andrea Herrera, bringing her pas...
Surrera Oneshots by jainanatomy19
Surrera Oneshotsby Jainanatomy
Just a bunch of one-shots and short stories about Andy Herrera and Robert Sullivan. I hope you'll enjoy it!
Souls that cross by drogatadisurrera
Souls that crossby drogatadisurrera
What if Andy is a single mother and the new captain is also a single father?
A Love Like No Other: Surrera's Story by stationfan
A Love Like No Other: Surrera's reagan
Robert and Andy have always been in love, they just needed time to realize it. Follow them along on their journey of romance, anger and so much more. I hope you like it!
Robert and Andy? by Flickagir
Robert and Andy?by BellwardEverlark15
What if it was Vic who got transferred to 23 instead of Andy? Would Robert and her be able to figure things out?
Station 19 Oneshots by cm_swiftie_13
Station 19 Oneshotsby bethany
Oneshots about the characters on Station 19, mostly Surrera
Surrera Advent Calendar by St19VirtualSeason
Surrera Advent Calendarby St19VirtualSeason
Enjoy a surrera story everyday until Christmas!
Dear Robert by Frizzii
Dear Robertby Surrera
AU: This is a take on the book/movie "Dear John" but in the world of Station 19. Will Andy and Robert be able to survive a year apart from one another? Or wil...
It's Just You and Me by jainasurrera
It's Just You and Meby jaina.surrera_
What if Robert was left alone to be a single dad to a precious 3 year old boy. Would he eventually move on and find love again or will he stay to himself?
Phoenix from the flames by Eternal_introvert
Phoenix from the flamesby Eternal_introvert
So this is a Surrera story. Loved these 2 as a couple and their relationship is/was so interesting and can go so many ways. This will be quite dark in places, I just tho...
this is goodbye by station19xgreys
this is goodbyeby station19
this is a surrera story starting after the wildfire when they get back to the station, but with a twist of my own. Lucas is alive in this story ~I don't own everybody in...
Fix the Fight by TanyaVelasquez678
Fix the Fightby Ptiplouf
This will be a 3-chapter story. It takes place during 315. What happened after that big fight and Andy went upstairs? Will they kiss it better or will it just get worse...
When I Need You Most  by spicyandy
When I Need You Most by spicyandy
A book of Different Surrera One Shots.
Secrets  by surrerauniverse
Secrets by surrera universe
Pruitt let Robert in on a shocking family secret before his death, Andy is unaware of it. Can Robert keep this from his wife ?
Surrera: What was never seen  by surreralove
Surrera: What was never seen by Oh.whatever
During the brief time Andy Herrera and Robert Sullivan were dating. There secret love story left to be told
My Safest Place by jainanatomy19
My Safest Placeby Jainanatomy
Takes place after 5x02, will Andy and Robert find their way back to each other? - (I don't know what will happen in the show but that's how I'd take it from that point I...