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Never again by jainanatomy19
Never againby Jainanatomy
Andy and Robert already knew each other when he came back to Seattle to be the captain of station 19, but when he came back he learned they are now tied up together for...
Take on the World by andyhcrrera
Take on the Worldby andyhcrrera
Andy Herrera knew two things: She didn't want to settle down, and she didn't want to start a family. Firefighting was first, it always had been and it always would be. ...
Marina's Bambina by marinafan242
Marina's Bambinaby Rebecca (Becca)
I didn't think I wanted kids. Well, until I saw that little girl sitting on the curb.
The Herrera sisters by Jumana516
The Herrera sistersby Surrerawhore
What if Andy discovers the new probie is her sister and she has a weird history with her husband ? What else is Elena hiding from Andy It will include surrera 💓 Start...
Our Bambina by marinafan242
Our Bambinaby Rebecca (Becca)
I never thought I wanted a family. It wasn't important to me so I didn't really care about it. The first time I saw them, I didn't think I wanted to be part of their fa...
Robert and Andy? by Flickagir
Robert and Andy?by BellwardEverlark15
Robert Sullivan and Andrea Herrera
Surrera oneshots by vicsurrera
Surrera oneshotsby vicsurrera
a collection of oneshots and short stories about andy herrera and robert sullivan
You got a whole family  by SuRRerA_01
You got a whole family by L
What if Robert is a parent of an 8 years old daughter and know one knew until Andy knocked at his door this one day..
By The Way...I'm Pregnant by Reddixon
By The Way...I'm Pregnantby Reddixon
This started as a daily drabble series on Twitter. All the random ways Andy could tell Robert that she's pregnant. Adding here to let others join the party and make re-r...
Surrera Oneshots by jainanatomy19
Surrera Oneshotsby Jainanatomy
Just a bunch of one-shots and short stories about Andy Herrera and Robert Sullivan. I hope you'll enjoy it!
A Love Like No Other: Surrera's Story by stationfan
A Love Like No Other: Surrera's reagan
Robert and Andy have always been in love, they just needed time to realize it. Follow them along on their journey of romance, anger and so much more. I hope you like it!
Surrera - A New Beginning  by cm_swiftie_13
Surrera - A New Beginning by bethany
What if things had gone differently when Station 19 got their new captain?
Lets Get Naked by Reddixon
Lets Get Nakedby Reddixon
Drabble series from Twitter. After 4x14 we were all a little obsessed with Surrera taking bubble baths together. The drabbles are quick little scenes I see playing out f...
Robert and Andrea Sullivan  by ironmandaughter2008
Robert and Andrea Sullivan by Jordyn Anderson
How Robert and Andrea became a couple and then became parents to a little girl. And they still were firefighters on top of all of that.
is this love?  by cm_swiftie_13
is this love? by bethany
a surrera story 💕
Worth the Wait by Reddixon
Worth the Waitby Reddixon
This story starts in the final month of the 90 day separation. Andy and Robert both plan big surprises for one another. What will day 89 and beyond bring? #showersex you...
you are my family by iminbedwithyourmom
you are my familyby sara
After 14 year old Flora's life is turned upside down she finds herself leaning on Andrew Deluca, a stranger who took her in. But, after multiple accidents reveal secrets...
After The Wildfire by cm_swiftie_13
After The Wildfireby bethany
What if things had happened differently after the wildfire...
Into The Fire by Bobbiejelly
Into The Fireby bobbiejelly
Maya Bishop is mad at Andy Herrera she really is. Andy Herrera has a bone to pick with Maya Bishop. Truth is: She wants her. She's always wanted her. She never known if...