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Master of All Kinds, Legendary, and Mega Evolution Pokémon (VolknerOCAlain) by JasmineJuniel
Master of All Kinds, Legendary, Ysgardia Princess Galaxy
Meet Celestia Mew Fate Ketchum, the girl who has big dream of becoming the Greatest Pokémon Master, Top Coordinator, and Top Performer of all time! She will travel all a...
Ash the Dragon Specialist (Adopted) by kurenohikari
Ash the Dragon Specialist (Adopted)by kurenohikari
"Tell me Ash, would you like me to teach you about pokemon? About how to take care of them? Cure them when they get hurt? Would you like to learn about becoming a t...
Yandere! Pokemon Boys x Reader by Lana-chan39
Yandere! Pokemon Boys x Readerby Lana-chan39
Cover drawn and made by me These will be more like oneshots/headcanons. I'm making this so I can have something else to write when I get small ideas for characters. Sugg...
25. Ash's Unova Story by HungjuiChiu
25. Ash's Unova Storyby Ray Chiu
Traveling to the Unova Region is new to Ash, what if she finds a prince on the way and she vows to save him from darkness? And how would she go through all 8 gyms in the...
Unova's Underdog by Hambo_Again
Unova's Underdogby Hambo
The tale of boy starting out on his adventure through the Unova region. He'll come across many foes and allies but all will see that he is going to become the top dog in...
My Dad - Pokémon Oneshots [Discontinued] by phociian
My Dad - Pokémon Oneshots [ Pho
Ever since Ash moved to the Alola region with Pikachu, Professor Kukui has treated him well. After a month, it isn't a surprise that Ash starts calling him 'Dad'. His re...
Unova League Redone by Supernova121
Unova League Redoneby Supernova121
This is a story of Ash's battles in the Unova league as he'll be taking seriously after his battle with Stephan as he'll be using his older Pokémon and even one of his s...
I'll Carve My Mark (Pokèmon Series x Male Reader) by ImTired269
I'll Carve My Mark (Pokèmon ImTired269
(Y/N) Ketchum, older brother of Ash and two time winner of the Indigo League takes his younger brother on his Pokèmon journey... Until they got attacked... by an angry f...
Professor Kukui's Daughter by FantasyWriter345
Professor Kukui's Daughterby FantasyWriter345
Ashley Ketchum was betrayed by her faithful Pikachu. Arceus, the mythical Pokémon decides to give Ashley a second chance of life. Follow her journey of her new life.
The Legend's Journey - Ash  by Artista0610
The Legend's Journey - Ash by Artista0610
A Journey like no one ever had. A boy and a charmander, create their own legacy. Tough yet adventurous mixed up with fun, A JOURNEY, that everyone remembers. "Let...
PokéTrainers x Reader REQUESTS OPEN! by Wabbajackle
PokéTrainers x Reader REQUESTS 🌙✨DreamCatcher✨
Requests open! Feel free to comment! The earlier chapters do have a few spelling errors and are lower quality, but I'm not going to fix them because they're proof of my...
Pokemon S&M: A travel through the past by Gygan_9835
Pokemon S&M: A travel through Darakgears
Ash and his friends were having a normal class of battle practise, as the topic was to enhance the usage of the Z-moves... but on a weird situation, Ash starts to feel w...
Pokemon Boiz x Reader by Fandomz_Fanboy
Pokemon Boiz x Readerby Remus Hisahoshi
Guess who's back Back Back Back again Again again All joking aside hello my favorite little victims! Or as you prefer to be called: Readers. My name is Evangeline Hisah...
The ketchum conference by Oturan17
The ketchum conferenceby Anth
In This story all of the champions and elite 4 are gonna talk about all of the disasters that happened Credits to:Saphroneth
Pokemon Boiz, Gurlz, And Non-Binary Peoplez x Reader by Fandomz_Fanboy
Pokemon Boiz, Gurlz, And Remus Hisahoshi
Guess who learned how to write stories for EVERYONE regardless of gender or sexuality! (Because I stopped being in denial and came out as pansexual) This gurl right here...
Pokémon Trainer One-Shots & Scenarios (Discontinued) by withered_lycoris
Pokémon Trainer One-Shots & withered_lycoris
My dearest apologies although this book has been discontinued due to lack of motivation. - Welcome to Pokémon Trainer One-Shots and Scenarios! Here, you can request for...
POKEBOYS X READER (REQUESTS OPEN NOW 2020!) still working on it by bxthanyd
heyyy! so i'm doing a mini series (MY FIRst one :0) of pokeboys x reader BECAUSE THEY UNDERRATED AF! and i love pokemon requests are open, feel free to comment pls be ni...
A False Kings True Queen (N x Reader)  by FangGirl25
A False Kings True Queen (N x FangGirl25
(Y/n) is like N in a way, she can speak to pokemon and understand them just like N. However, she is the true daughter of Team Plasma's actual leader, Ghetsis. She knows...
Thunder And Flames (N x  Reader) by your_little_slayer
Thunder And Flames (N x Reader)by ghost
Truth or Ideals, which will you choose? In the Truth Route, you're a Team Plasma grunt, striving to find your place in the world while trying to remember a forgotten pro...
What the Wind Carries [Pokémon Black and White 2 fanfiction] by ImberLapis
What the Wind Carries [Pokémon Merry Crisis
The Heroes of Truth and Ideals have left the Unova region, leaving behind chaos that eventually settled. But what hadn't settled however, were the remaining sparks of fa...