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The Haunted: Revelations (Sequel to Rebellion) by Insaneobesser777
The Haunted: Revelations (Sequel Insaneobesser777
Herobrine was finally defeated after years of strife. They had made new friends and lost old ones, but no death was truly in vain. Drake was brought back and freed from...
A Secret Not Meant To Surface  by FaithTremlin
A Secret Not Meant To Surface by Mehan Endernight
I haven't told drake and Mia everything about because of how much pain was done to me for this secret won't remain deep for vary much longer. Cover not mine!
The Death Of A Raven (A Haunted AU) by CHPaints
The Death Of A Raven (A Haunted AU)by CH Paints
Ravens... bringers of death and sorrow, but who brings them death? This AU takes place after The Haunted and after the trio jumps through their portals.
Rebellion (After the Haunted FF) by Insaneobesser777
Rebellion (After the Haunted FF)by Insaneobesser777
The trio went through their respective portals, but only one made it directly home. With Grayson assumed to be in hiding, the emperor has ordered his top assassin, Luke...
Despairing Eyes (The Haunted FANFIC!) by spirit_tacos_101
Despairing Eyes (The Haunted Alexa TMF
Cover art is MINE MINE MINE!! Do not steal, trace, edit, re-upload, blah blah... Drake, Grayson, and Mia set off in their respectful directions after heading through the...
That First Decision [A 'The Haunting' FanFic]  by Ana_The_Potato
That First Decision [A 'The 📚h e l p📚
It has been four months after the trio went their own separate ways, they each run into obstacles which soon leads them into finding each other. Along the way, they migh...
Thousands of Years (MC After The Haunted FF) by GhastlyDuck
Thousands of Years (MC After The Infamous Git
"Ghastly" Duck Green had always been a small kid. But he never would have thought that he would ever go on a journey so big... So yeah, the story has my own ma...
Infamous: A Haunted Fanfiction by Endereye96
Infamous: A Haunted Fanfictionby Endereye96
Grayson and Drake were apart for four years. In that time, Drake became a Mage, and Grayson became an Outlaw. But how? What exactly happened to Grayson in The Empire? Ho...
Lost Stars (A Haunted Fanfic) by Endereye96
Lost Stars (A Haunted Fanfic)by Endereye96
There is a myth. A legend. It speaks of six, who have faced imminent death by the hands of Herobrine himself, who will rise to defeat him. A Diamondwing An Icewing A Da...
The Haunted: Dawn (old) by Nidd5555
The Haunted: Dawn (old)by Nidd5555
This is basically just The haunted sires just adding my own characters and backstories! I will try to update this weakly but no promises. With that said almost all the...
Tips for Fanfic Writers by angie_lulu
Tips for Fanfic Writersby angieeeee
I read enough fanfiction on this site, and I decided to write a tip guide because I've read too many of them with either terrible grammar or describes too much. NOTE: th...
The Empire's Revenge | THE HAUNTED FANFIC by CrumbOfACookie
The Empire's Revenge | THE Sebastian
I've been wanting to make a fanfiction about this FOREVER. The bad guys always seem to be my favorite characters.. *wink wink* This is just an AU where things seem to wo...
The Haunted- How things have changed by Elbee_03
The Haunted- How things have WaywardWind27
Armen was free, the demon's hold over him gone. But fate is a fickle thing and he is reincarnated with no memory of who he once was. But the power was still there. Drake...
High School Haunted (secretly a Rejectoniczz story inside.........) by FanGirl47FTW
High School Haunted (secretly a LionSpaghetti
When Drake and Armen start high school at Haunted High they meet someone unexpected. His name is Brine. He started to bully them and the boys thought nothing of it. Then...
Our Worlds Collide by Dreamcrafter45
Our Worlds Collideby #BandGeeks
Sequel to The Paths We Take {Full Description Will Come With Time} An After Haunted Fanfiction. Caspiel, Darius, Diomedes, Lillian, Arrow, Trall, and a few others which...
"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!!" Artbook by JaceLikesToWrite
"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!!" Sometimes, not 24/7
WARNING!!! THERE WILL BE VERY SPOILER-Y ART PIECES IN HERE BECAUSE I LITERALLY HAVE ZERO SELF-CONTROL!!! ------ Decided to finally make this book so that I can show off...
"After The Haunted" by Wolf_Pride101
"After The Haunted"by ASHLEY へ(゜∇、°)へ
"The Haunted" has come to an end. Drake, Grayson, and Mia stood side by side to accomplish what others were too scared to do. But everything comes with a price...