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The Final Fight : the Haunted  by silent_artist0912
The Final Fight : the Haunted by SpaceAce
Is the battle truly over? The three enter their portals to see what awaits on the other side. Will danger lurk around or is peace finally here after so long. The Mage fa...
Experimental (Minecraft: The Haunting AU) by Insaneobesser777
Experimental (Minecraft: The Haunt...by Insaneobesser777
Herobrine is an infamous scientist in the small town of Rubyshire, and a father to a young boy named Armen. One day Armen is brought down to the lab, and is utterly shoc...
The Haunted Reader Insert by Enders_Hero
The Haunted Reader Insertby Enders_Hero
Hey guys Ender here and this is a special story. It involves my character Ender, The Haunted Crew, and you! Yes you! This story is where the readers soul passes through...
Breath Of The Wild-The Haunted AU by LadyIrene300
Breath Of The Wild-The Haunted AUby Zea Dragonfly
You took the breath right out of my heart! You take my home and tear it all apart! Now we fight back cause we are free! Taking over our destiny! I'm lost in the dark! Wi...
"The Emperor's Daughter" |The Haunted FF| by MeWannaCookie
"The Emperor's Daughter" |The Haun...by MeWannaCookie
23 years ago, a girl was born. She grew up loved by everyone in the empire. Except, of course, her father. Emperor . 3 years ago to this day exactly, they entered this s...
That First Decision [A 'The Haunting' FanFic]  by Ana_The_Potato
That First Decision [A 'The Haunti...by 📚h e l p📚
It has been four months after the trio went their own separate ways, they each run into obstacles which soon leads them into finding each other. Along the way, they migh...
Herobrines Brother. (On Hold) by MoonLunaWolf
Herobrines Brother. (On Hold)by MoonLunaWolf
If you haven't seen any of the Haunted episodes by rejectedshotgun you should watch them before reading!!! Armen always thought he was the youngest. What he doesn't reme...
Just A Random Art Book :) by LukasDoesArtStiff
Just A Random Art Book :)by LukasDoesArtStiff
Going to contain a lot of different drawings; some fan art, some not... mostly stuff for The Haunted seeing as how that's been my main source of motivation recently. XD...
"The Haunted" ships/one shots {extremely slow updates} by ImNotCoolAtAll
"The Haunted" ships/one shots {ext...by .-.
Yes. This is happening. Since I can't actually write a full story, ill take requests and ideas for hauntedships! Any characters from the haunted and fan characters
The Haunted: Shadow of Herobrine by Jasenialove
The Haunted: Shadow of Herobrineby Jasenialove
"..I think this is where we are going to find Armen. . "
Pending by TheRealLya200
Pendingby Lya200
Herobrine... He is watching. No one knows what the king of the Badlands is planning, but I do. Armen and I know something is going on, something big. Whatever it is, we...
The Haunted Short Stories (Requests Appreciated!) by Artie_Mauve
The Haunted Short Stories (Request...by Arthur
Since I find writing and reading short stories much easier than entire novelistic fanfictions, I'll be posting some short stories when I'm on writer's block for my longe...
It All Started On Halloween by LittleHauntedGoblin
It All Started On Halloweenby LittleHauntedGoblin
Drake has already moved town once because of how badly he was getting bullied for looking different, and he's determined to not let it happen again. That's why he comes...
The Haunted; The Journey  by Evenderfire
The Haunted; The Journey by Eve Rose
My own new version of the Haunted story. OC's are welcome please, pm me if you would like your in the story. Has Weekly-ish updates in the summer. Please enjoy, construc...
Haunted Holidays by Dreamcrafter45
Haunted Holidaysby #BandGeeks
(BETTER TITLEPAGE WILL BE OUT SOON!) Drake sits on the couch, checking off a list. "Okay..." He mutters, chewing on the end of his erasers. "Holiday get t...
High School Haunted (secretly a Rejectoniczz story inside.........) by FanGirl47FTW
High School Haunted (secretly a Re...by LionSpaghetti
When Drake and Armen start high school at Haunted High they meet someone unexpected. His name is Brine. He started to bully them and the boys thought nothing of it. Then...
WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! [A Crossover Fic] by JaceLikesToWrite
WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! [A Cro...by Sometimes, not 24/7
Suddenly, four figures jump out of the portal. The three adventurers shrieked and backed even farther from the portal. The four on the ground groaned in pain. One of the...
A Younger Haunted (Haunted Fanfiction) by TheSilkAuthor
A Younger Haunted (Haunted Fanfict...by TheSilkAuthor
Everything changed after Drake, Grayson, and Mia went through the portal, everything became different... This takes place in today's modern world.