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The Haunting by TheRealAndian
The Hauntingby M. S. Lynn
Drake has no idea what's going on. He woke up one night in his and his friend's house, and suddenly there's a ghost that wanted to kill them both. Now both he and Armen...
CuttleSquish's Haunted Oneshot Collection by CuttleSquish
CuttleSquish's Haunted Oneshot Col...by CuttleSquish
What if Drake was a different kind of hybrid? What if Grayson's family survived? How would Armen and Mia get along if they met? Explore these and many more possibilities...
the haunted one-shots and more :D by Dramen-Shipping-God
the haunted one-shots and more :Dby Moved to Ao3
beware because i am gonna add smutt here now
The Haunted Short Stories (Requests Appreciated!) by Artie_Mauve
The Haunted Short Stories (Request...by Arthur
Since I find writing and reading short stories much easier than entire novelistic fanfictions, I'll be posting some short stories when I'm on writer's block for my longe...
The Haunting: Siren's Call by TheRedHoodedWriter
The Haunting: Siren's Callby TheRedHoodedWriter
Amanda has been living with her mother for a long time since her father disappeared while on a quest overseas. Her mother, Pearl offers and sells houses to those who are...
"After The Haunted" by Wolf_Pride101
"After The Haunted"by ASHLEY へ(゜∇、°)へ
"The Haunted" has come to an end. Drake, Grayson, and Mia stood side by side to accomplish what others were too scared to do. But everything comes with a price...
The Haunted - Husk of Innocence by Elbee_03
The Haunted - Husk of Innocenceby WaywardWind27
(A re-write of my first fanfiction ever. Credit to BellaDoodles for the cover and for helping me to write this) The events of the Magic Library ended in tragedy and bitt...
The Haunted One-Shots: Rebooted by TheRealLya200
The Haunted One-Shots: Rebootedby Lya200
Meep meep if I get more ideas I will post beep beep
Haunted High | Fanfic by CrumbOfACookie
Haunted High | Fanficby Sebastian
In the main universe, Grayson, Mia, and Drake are living a life full of hardships and journey, against The Empire, constantly on the run. Their friend, Armen, is struggl...
The Paths We Take by Dreamcrafter45
The Paths We Takeby #BandGeeks
Another Haunted Fanfiction! After the three friends were split apart by the portals, they each go their separate ways, or so they think. But they have no time to contemp...
The Finale War by FaithTremlin
The Finale Warby Mehan Endernight
The time has come for the diamond users to destroy Herobrine but what happens when they find out the real battle is really there god Notch of Minecraft.
The Haunted: Higher Education by Skylardove111Skylar
The Haunted: Higher Educationby RockinRobin111
Drake enrolls in the Marigold Mage College to pursue a prestigious education in magic. Hijinks ensue, battles are fought, lessons are learned, and friends are made. This...
Reactions to The Haunted by TheRealLya200
Reactions to The Hauntedby Lya200
I am a notetaker. I won't deny that. I have decided that I am going to post my notes as The Haunted series goes along for all to see. Don't read unless if you want to be...
Pending by TheRealLya200
Pendingby Lya200
Herobrine... He is watching. No one knows what the king of the Badlands is planning, but I do. Armen and I know something is going on, something big. Whatever it is, we...
Tips for Fanfic Writers by angie_lulu
Tips for Fanfic Writersby angieeeee
I read enough fanfiction on this site, and I decided to write a tip guide because I've read too many of them with either terrible grammar or describes too much. NOTE: th...
*Move To AO3 Soon* ||The Haunted: R E S E T|| - [The Haunted AU FF] by CloudSorcerer28
*Move To AO3 Soon* ||The Haunted:...by just reading -<-
Drake doesn't want to believe that his friends are gone, he is no one without them and now they are gone. The Badlands has becoming more dangerous to be at. He thought i...
Looking Up by TheRealLya200
Looking Upby Lya200
Friends and enemies are not to be confused with, but sometimes they are. Armen is Drake's best friend, but he's cursed. It's been far too long since the elven kingdoms w...
The Haunted: The French Mistake by Skylardove111Skylar
The Haunted: The French Mistakeby RockinRobin111
I came up with this fantastic idea to do a Haunted Parody inspired by an episode of Supernatural by the same name. Upon entering the portals in the season finale, Grayso...
The Haunted| "If It Never Happened" by ImNotCoolAtAll
The Haunted| "If It Never Happened"by .-.
|ALL CHARACTERS ARE MINE EXCEPT THE ORIGINAL HAUNTED CAST AND MELISSA| Alexus was a member of the fallen group called the "spirits". A group of skilled assassi...