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The Final Fight : the Haunted  by silent_artist0912
The Final Fight : the Haunted by SpaceAce
Is the battle truly over? The three enter their portals to see what awaits on the other side. Will danger lurk around or is peace finally here after so long. The Mage fa...
Trailer Hero by FaithTremlin
Trailer Heroby Mehan Endernight
"Dont do this crystal please not only will you seal me but youl glitch please" i said looking at her she had made her dasions to seal me from herobrine but th...
I Can't Art!! :D by Ana_The_Potato
I Can't Art!! :Dby 📚h e l p📚
HERE HAVE SOME SHITTY ART :D *throws papers of art at you* HAPPY CHRISTMAS
Armen by jammer817476
Armenby jammer817476
This is all for Armen
DreamWorld: A Haunted+Bendy FanFic by Endereye96
DreamWorld: A Haunted+Bendy FanFicby Endereye96
It has been a week since the library. A week since Drake's life turned upside down, Grayson found the Draco Hatchery map, and Armen died. Grayson, cursing all the while...
Buried Deep by Twi_Pie109
Buried Deepby Twi_Pie109
The was a time when the lands surrounding the Magic Library were plentiful and warm, nothing like the frigid hills they are now. The secrets inside are a test of will, s...
RejectedShotgun - The Haunting 3 (Book #1 of The Haunted Series) by LittleAnnaSmith
RejectedShotgun - The Haunting 3 ( DaSmolPotato
"RejectedShotgun - The Haunted" is based off the RP series on RejecedShotgun's channel on YT. I own nothing in this book, everything in this book is owned by R...
My True Christmas by FaithTremlin
My True Christmasby Mehan Endernight
Armen: i have never had a true christmas i never did but that all changed when my friends rejectedshotgun (drake) and gamercrown96 (grayson) and bunsfactory (mia) invite...
Swiftly Like A Gail by FaithTremlin
Swiftly Like A Gailby Mehan Endernight
There is more to ones heart then ones fantasy but thus ones love fantasy is over welmed with greatest dreams.
Survival - The Haunted (Minecraft) - The Admin Chickens by Jadyn1993
Survival - The Haunted (Minecraft) Jadyn1993
Survival comes with a sacrifice. This story takes place after the magic library. Drake, Mia and Grayson are separated after they went through the portal and the world is...
The Haunted- The Protector - (Closed Due To Wattpad Issues) by EnderFlare_xX
The Haunted- The Protector - ( EnderFlare_xX
Grayson, Flare, Drake, and Flame were running from one of their friends. Armen's body had been taken over by Herobrine, who had a secret of his own. Armenbrine had been...
Traped A Undertale Fanfic by FaithTremlin
Traped A Undertale Fanficby Mehan Endernight
Armen is new favorite game when something strange happens, he goes to bed and has a nightmare of his favorite character attacking him.
a rejectedgun in the family by FaithTremlin
a rejectedgun in the familyby Mehan Endernight
I don't own rejectedshotgun do you ever feel as if you are haunted or never see your dad well I do my father I waited for 16 never came but I dis find a book...
New Moon by FaithTremlin
New Moonby Mehan Endernight
There is one moon we are scared of the new moon.
In The Dark by FaithTremlin
In The Darkby Mehan Endernight
the covers messed up I'm afishly doing a fnad so I hope you like it art style belongs to cloudsorcerer fnaf belongs to scott I drew the pick and I think I fail I'm so sa...