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The Death Of A Raven (A Haunted AU) by CHPaints
The Death Of A Raven (A Haunted AU)by CH Paints
Ravens... bringers of death and sorrow, but who brings them death? This AU takes place after The Haunted and after the trio jumps through their portals.
The Haunting: Destiny (FF) by t0a_boop
The Haunting: Destiny (FF)by t0a_Boop
Drake and Grayson head deeper into the layers of hell to save their friend Armen. Unaware to them, they'd set off a chain of events leading to betrayal, broken friendshi...
Rebellion (After the Haunted FF) by Insaneobesser777
Rebellion (After the Haunted FF)by Insaneobesser777
The trio went through their respective portals, but only one made it directly home. With Grayson assumed to be in hiding, the emperor has ordered his top assassin, Luke...
MeanWhile by Wolf_Pride101
MeanWhileby ASHLEY へ(゜∇、°)へ
Hey guys! This book is just to put FanArt and pictures on. Nothing important! Just something for everyone to have fun and joke around while "After the Haunted"...
The Haunting: Siren's Call by TheRedHoodedWriter
The Haunting: Siren's Callby TheRedHoodedWriter
Amanda has been living with her mother for a long time since her father disappeared while on a quest overseas. Her mother, Pearl offers and sells houses to those who are...
Experimental (Minecraft: The Haunting AU) by Insaneobesser777
Experimental (Minecraft: The Insaneobesser777
Herobrine is an infamous scientist in the small town of Rubyshire, and a father to a young boy named Armen. One day Armen is brought down to the lab, and is utterly shoc...
CuttleSquish's Haunted Oneshot Collection by CuttleSquish
CuttleSquish's Haunted Oneshot CuttleSquish
What if Drake was a different kind of hybrid? What if Grayson's family survived? How would Armen and Mia get along if they met? Explore these and many more possibilities...
"After The Haunted" by Wolf_Pride101
"After The Haunted"by ASHLEY へ(゜∇、°)へ
"The Haunted" has come to an end. Drake, Grayson, and Mia stood side by side to accomplish what others were too scared to do. But everything comes with a price...
Experimental Rebooted (The Haunted FF) by Insaneobesser777
Experimental Rebooted (The Insaneobesser777
30 years ago marked what has become known as the Tribulation, the day creatures scientists have dubbed "demons" had begun to show their faces to humanity. Pre...
The Haunted Ships!! by Sal_Fisher_5
The Haunted Ships!!by Tobias
WELCOME to my "Haunted Ships" book! :D I have decided to make this book because... I was board... But anyway! I hope you can find some kind of enjoyment out of...
Five Nights at TheAdminChickens' by MudkiptheFish
Five Nights at TheAdminChickens'by MimikipLovesGaming
It's all of your favorite and friendly animatronic characters Drake, Grayson, Armen, and Mia here to make your time on the night shift a living hell! Or so you think.....
BattleGolem! The Haunted by Joltz_and_Stuff
BattleGolem! The Hauntedby JoltztheJolteon
This is a little story of how all these versions of The Haunted's characters are grouped together and after that a little story to connect all the characters together. S...
*Discontinued* This is our Story (The Haunted Fan-Made Story) by CloudSorcerer28
*Discontinued* This is our Story ( just reading -<-
Has everyone wonder what just happen before Collin became Herobrine? Where did Drake come from exactly? What happen to everybody's past and future?
What will happen to me... by Herobrinethedemon
What will happen to Herobrinethedemon
Armen is trying to figure out what will happen to everyone he loves and knows. His father was found alive (Steve is Drake's and Arman's father) he goes to him armen has...
Dimension Of The Brine's (Haunted Cross Over) by Aroacecrow
Dimension Of The Brine's ( Aroacecrow
This story takes place after the three friends went they're separate ways going into the portals and after Armen's life force supposedly slipped away. Drake soon wakin...
this is the BEST fanfic ever!!!!!!!! please give 1000000000000000000000000 ratings and share it pls thank u (just to clarify im making this bad on purpose lmao)
*Move To AO3 Soon* ||The Haunted: R E S E T|| - [The Haunted AU FF] by CloudSorcerer28
*Move To AO3 Soon* ||The just reading -<-
Drake doesn't want to believe that his friends are gone, he is no one without them and now they are gone. The Badlands has becoming more dangerous to be at. He thought i...
How It All Began (RejectedShotgun FF) by FulltrashWriter
How It All Began ( FTW
Drake knows everything about Collin, the Diamonds, and all the other details. But he doesn't know what happened before all of this, in his past. Was Herobrine involved...