FEDERATION Discovery by TonyHarmsworth
FEDERATION Discoveryby Tony Harmsworth
When it finally happened, they made us an offer, we couldn't refuse. Rummy Blin Breganin finds an old documentary by David Attenborough and he is amazed by the variety o...
  • unitednations
  • equality
  • peace
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Self Acceptance (Incomplete) by AStormThunders
Self Acceptance (Incomplete)by Astorm
Carla Mencia is just an average Hispanic college student, who works as a lab assistant to a physicist working in a quantum teleporter. One day, while testing it, she end...
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  • cloned
  • duplicate
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Dialogue Concerning the Imminent Apocalypse by Sibi21
Dialogue Concerning the Imminent A...by socially.awkward
[2018 WATTYS WINNER] Louise Johnson was an African American teen living on the brink of the Space Race. Her hobbies included studying the twinkling night sky, ignoring...
  • sciecnefiction
  • teleportation
  • aliens
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The Consciousness Fundamentalists (Book 1) by Dark_Floppy
The Consciousness Fundamentalists...by Jan Frederik Franco van Deven...
The Void Changes you doesn't it? Peter and Craig had a taste of insanity in the void after they discovered the properties of it... Voidless and Shapeless, however nothin...
  • psychokinesis
  • quantum-physics
  • theshineawardsfantasy
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