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I Want Him (Boy X Boy) -Completed by YuuriLoveSick
I Want Him (Boy X Boy) -Completedby YuuriLoveSick
Wang Qing wakes up. Besides him, there is a man sleeping. He look around and sit on his bed. 'What have I done.' He think to himself. The man beside him was soundly sle...
Choosing You (The Devil Prince X The Pretty Angel) by CJSandraFred
Choosing You (The Devil Prince X T...by Sandra C.J
Mistaken identity. Unreciprocated first love. Worst first impression. All the bad ingredients that connected Qing and Dayu's fate together. Both of them thought they cho...
You and I by ot2kaji
You and Iby Mary 💕
Qingyu sailing ❤
Vow by sessyboo
Vowby Aliceu
Hundreds years ago,General Wang was one of the greatest general until he been accused and had to be on the run. On the verge of dying,General Wang is saved by a kind sou...
A Wuxia Tale: Blades and Flowers by ginaddict
A Wuxia Tale: Blades and Flowersby Ginaddict
Turn of events changed so much in Wang Hua's life. Those changes will threaten to consume her. Nothing about Wang Dao's plans are coming to reality. His failures will s...
Bonding (QingYu Fanfic) - Completed by YuuriLoveSick
Bonding (QingYu Fanfic) - Completedby YuuriLoveSick
Love story in the other world is very unique as people from this world are werecat, weredog, werewolf, full blooded dragon, pheonix, wizard, witches and many others spec...
A Dragon's Love [Boys Love - COMPLETED ] by YuuriLoveSick
A Dragon's Love [Boys Love - COMPL...by YuuriLoveSick
Cousin of Wang Qing, the ice dragon, Atimic Wang is the fourth child of King Alpha, the ice dragon and Queen Clarissa, the pheonix bird. He was in love with a water drag...
Fated Pair by Rin733
Fated Pairby Rin733
For Feng Jianyu, born as an Omega is a curse instead of blessing. He hate how society seeing them just as Alpha baby machine. A whore.. He hate how Alpha always act hi...
Asian BL Lists (Editing) by azreenisaac
Asian BL Lists (Editing)by reenisaac
List of BL Movies/Drama from Asia This book will contain recommendation of BL movies/drama. Link to English sub will be provided. The update will not be in sequence so m...
A Wuxia Tale: Twins of Trouble by ginaddict
A Wuxia Tale: Twins of Troubleby Ginaddict
Captain Wang and Dayu's twins : Wang Dao and Wang Hua are twelve and starting to cause trouble. How will a military general and a former assasin deals with a sullen son...
"Snippets of Love" In Sea by ForeverTornWithTears
"Snippets of Love" In Seaby Abandoned Soul
Kong _ Arthit Jingyu _Weizhou Qing_Dayu Korn_Knock And Many BL_Ships Will Be Sailing In This Sea-Book :p This is all About Love & Things It'll Bring Along Altogether...
Our Story (QingYu FanFic) - Completed​ by YuuriLoveSick
Our Story (QingYu FanFic) - Comple...by YuuriLoveSick
Wang Qing Vs Feng Jianyu. Upon seeing a fight, Dayu meet Wang Qing. Love at a first sight is really scary. The story of a violent student and a kind hearted adult.
A Collection of Kind by suzyrana
A Collection of Kindby Lin Phaelyn S. Ruangroj
A book that basically a collection of purely fanfiction on pairing I feel like writing. Various plots and settings, variety of AUs. May or may not containing rated scene...
Us- Story of U&I by sessyboo
Us- Story of U&Iby Aliceu
Collection of one-shot fanfiction involving pairing from boys love films,drama and series.
Chớp mắt 10 năm bồi Thanh Vũ _ Part 1 by AislingTruong
Chớp mắt 10 năm bồi Thanh Vũ _ Par...by Ái Nhân Mộng
[Thanh Vũ] - Chớp mắt 10 năm bồi Thanh Vũ _ Part 1 Tổng hợp các bài điếm ngày của anh Hiên. Đã xin phép và được anh Hiên cho phép rồi. \(^0^)/. Mình sẽ cố...
Cuộc sống hạnh phúc của Phùng Tiểu Vũ by luoyan0827
Cuộc sống hạnh phúc của Phùng Tiểu...by 綖 絡
Tựa gốc: 「冯小宇的幸福生活」 Tác giả: 许半仙APP Chuyển ngữ: QT đại thần Edit + Beta: Luoyan Cp: Vương Thanh x Phùng Kiến Vũ Thể loại: hiện đại, hài hước, ngọt ngào, tiểu bạch ngốc m...
Duty Calls | QingYu by musicbeatloves
Duty Calls | QingYuby musicbeatloves
Wang Qing receives a letter for enlistment while his best friend, Jianyu did not.
I HATE YOU BUT I LOVE YOU by nlanhthu1910
Đại Vũ có 1 cô em gái sinh đôi, cô ấy lại vừa bị thất tình bởi một anh chàng playboy nổi tiếng của trường, Vương Thanh. Minh Minh, em gái Kiến Vũ, quyết định đi du học n...
And So it Goes by NonnyLurker
And So it Goesby NonnyLurker
An imagined timeline for Qingyu starting from the day they meet. And So it Goes intends to be a collection of short stories that are inspired by the actors themselves a...