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Nanbaka Oneshots/Preferences (X Reader) by BetterTasteThenNed
Nanbaka Oneshots/Preferences (X Re...by Victor Barrow
I recently got into this AWESOME anime(Yeah, the anime. So no characters exclusively from the manga yet, sorry! I've only read whats on Manga Rock ^^), so what better to...
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Nanbaka Fanfic: The Quiet One by Zecha13
Nanbaka Fanfic: The Quiet Oneby Zecha
Highest rank= #5 in nanbaka(5/30/2019) No.1318, a girl that murdered scientist, auctioneer, and massacered a family, her motive is yet to be known Despite her crime she...
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Nanbaka fanfic: The Twins by Zecha13
Nanbaka fanfic: The Twinsby Zecha
➡Highest rank #1 in nanbaka (12/2/19) Twins with a dreadful past, practically inseperable, both are sent to Nanba Zero an over protective brother to his twin sister who...
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Nanbaka: A girl's best prison friend. by Swimmer101Rose2
Nanbaka: A girl's best prison frie...by Swimmer101Rose2
It was the end of school and summer vacation has finally started for (y/n) (l/n). Her father is gone for the summer and so she was on her own. Her friend suggested that...
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The Immortal legacy (Blue Sage Art) Book 2 by Jia_clan
The Immortal legacy (Blue Sage Art...by Tavain Martin
In the world of cultivation, strength is the only thing that matters, where one is weak, magical treasures can save a life and the strong could destroy a mountain with t...
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A Child In Nanba Prison? (NanbakaxReader) (DISCONTINUED) by -Odori-Chan-
A Child In Nanba Prison? (Nanbakax...by Ōdorī
What happens when and 8 year old with cat DNA come to Nanba prison? What will the guards and inmates do? What will she do?
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Nanbaka One Shots (Nanbaka x reader)  by Mochiii0805
Nanbaka One Shots (Nanbaka x reade...by Mochiii0805
Hye guys! Mochi here! My first one shot book :3 . If you guys have any requests, don't be shy to tell me and don't forget to vote! ^^ The rules; -STRICTLY NO LEMON/LIME...
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¡¡REENCARNE COMO LA VILLANA DE UN...by yoru-kitsune2003
morí salvando a mi hermanito de ser atropellado por un camión, colocándome en su lugar y termine reencarnando en el mundo del juego otome que jugué antes de morir, okey...
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Kakao Talk {eunxiao} by hwiiiyoung
Kakao Talk {eunxiao}by juyeon
✿Yuri✿ ☾ eunseo x cheng xiao☽
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||Society Won't Change My Love for You|| •Samon x Reader• [Male Version] by EmoChild2004
||Society Won't Change My Love for...by Emiri
[Male reader version] This is the Male reader version of "My Love for you will last an eternity" Y/N had been gone for 4 long years now. Samon missed him ever...
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Nanbaka fanfic: The Lady by Zecha13
Nanbaka fanfic: The Ladyby Zecha
Nanbaka is a prison full of men But what happens when a female inmate joins them? She is also a stunningly beautiful lady, she's very nice, and kind, the inmates like he...
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Nanbaka one-shots by Thalilith
Nanbaka one-shotsby Blue Grimly Angel
Title says it all and I'm open to suggestions. I do lemons and fluff so I'm down for anything : ) The lemons have to be separate from the story tho because I need time...
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Immortal Ascension Tower - Book 1: Reborn! [CH 1 - 75] by TheCookieMobster
Immortal Ascension Tower - Book 1:...by Cookie
***Note Well*** This book shall, from the first volume on, be uploaded at @theonionjunktion! What does this mean? I won't delete the story on this account, however if yo...
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Crimson Qi, Exiled Beautiful Lady Falls in Love with a Shy Demon (FUNNY) by DomiSotto
Crimson Qi, Exiled Beautiful Lady...by Domi Sotto
Wattpad Featured in November 2019! An unlucky noblewoman precipitates a civil war and falls for a half-demonic beggar with a self-destructive healing talent. Summary: Ti...
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Nanbaka by Sabsuki1Rikako
Nanbakaby Rikako
Seitarou x reader/ Nanbaka! Hello there this is my first fanfic(on watt pad) so wish me luck i hope you enjoy!😘😍
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Nanbaka Oneshots by ijustwannasurvive8
Nanbaka Oneshotsby ijustwannasurvive8
Just a bunch of oneshots. That's all.
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A Prison Guard's Chains by IamEnma
A Prison Guard's Chainsby Lilith Blackwood
The act of being tormented for little to no reason, is a painful ordeal, both physically and mentally. An ordeal that 16-year-old Misao Hyakushiki had suffered since a...
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200 Random Facts by GodHatesAlissa
200 Random Factsby GodHatesAlissa
This is a book of random facts that I have come across. If you think you've got any I could put into this book, feel free to message them to me and I'll credit dedicate...
The Shadow Inmate ( Nanbaka Fanfic ) by Thalilith
The Shadow Inmate ( Nanbaka Fanfic...by Blue Grimly Angel
Samon is up for a challenge when a inmate by the name of Thaura Wolf gets contain in building 5. Thaura is known for mass murder in an ample of country's though no one k...
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Hidden power by ijustwannasurvive8
Hidden powerby ijustwannasurvive8
An Upa x reader that features the (female) reader, an ex-mafia member, in Namba. She is moved to cell 8 due to her increasing reclusiveness. She hides her gender (and he...
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