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He's innocent by ijustwannasurvive8
He's innocentby ijustwannasurvive8
Enki seems like he would be a really cool guy (if it weren't for the whole him being evil thing) So in this the reader find's him innocent and proves it. So YEET. Also...
Fear, Hunger and Cosmic Horrors by VonLeporace
Fear, Hunger and Cosmic Horrorsby VonLeporace
The Gods chose me, for them this is just a game, a play, a source of entertainment, for me, it's a life and death situation. But the gods were kind, they offered me a fi...
The Prince And The Assassin by GilHaku
The Prince And The Assassinby Wise King Of Heroes
(Rewrite for for the book with the same title) The Crown Prince. A title meant to be for Hiro, but was stripped from him by the Prime Minister of the country of his Fath...
⊹·ℕ𝔸ℕ𝔹𝔸𝕂𝔸 • 𝕆ℕ𝔼𝕊ℍ𝕆𝕋𝕊·⊹by Devil-san_666
⊹OLD⊹· Contains- ⊹×Reader ⊹What if- Scenarios ⊹Fluff ⊹Angst ⊹Yaoi(Maybe) ⊹Platonic Relationship ⊹AU! ⊹Fanart ⊹(Gender)!Reader Characters- ⊹Hitoshi ⊹Samon ⊹Jyugo ⊹Uno ⊹Se...
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Nanbaka Oneshots by ijustwannasurvive8
Nanbaka Oneshotsby ijustwannasurvive8
Just a bunch of oneshots. That's all. I'm sorry to say that requests have been closed. The amazing cover art was made by CATA4797! (Thanks so much for the art!!!o(^▽^)o)
Nanbaka boyfriend scenarios by AceofSnakes
Nanbaka boyfriend scenariosby Accce of sssnakes
I never see these and I still want my season 3 so to all of those nanbaka fans that agree with me .... Also photos are not mine I just found them online Will include Jyu...
Nanbaka X Female Guard Reader by StupidBratXD_707
Nanbaka X Female Guard Readerby HereComesTheShittyWarden!
(Y/N) Hyakushiki, The Warden's little sister, itself. Will be a new guard at the Nanba Prison at building 13 under Hajime Sugoroku's care. What will happen when the inma...
Nanbaka Characters x Reader Oneshots  by Rozecorpse
Nanbaka Characters x Reader Onesho...by Roze
NEEDS MORE EDITING -Cover art by Comico -I do not own any of the characters -I do not own any of the art -I do not know all the characters too too well -Y/n is non-bina...
BORING by Dojo10069
BORINGby Dojo10069
Oh I'm Dead... Where am I? Why is there a war...against gods? The ancient tombs and the dungeons of Fear & Hunger? ...I thought all demons are already slayed? I wanna re...
Life As A Divine (A MCD Fan fiction) by Britannica_
Life As A Divine (A MCD Fan fictio...by Bree
Book Two to Finding The Divine (An MCD Fan Fiction) ~~~~~~//~~~~~~ This story follows the life of a (slightly) more mature Anna, who no longer goes by her Jury title. Bu...
Kindan no Koibito [Hajime x Jyugo] [DISCONTINUED] by Jacqueline_Yandere
Kindan no Koibito [Hajime x Jyugo]...by I'M A DAISEN(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
A forbiten love betwen Guard and prisoner, But one of them just use his Lover to get what he want, Right? Jyugo was his whole life in prison. Without even know why he is...
The Reborn Enki The Keeper- A Divine Warrior Story by txrobxba
The Reborn Enki The Keeper- A Divi...by Todoroki Shoto
After many years that the Divine have vanished from the embers of time, a old legend rises. Within that, shadows and darkness follows. People fall and crumble in spirit...
The First Female Guard [Nanbaka Fanfiction] by TheMightyAsh
The First Female Guard [Nanbaka Fa...by Ash Fury
Book cover belongs to me Ash Fury is the first female guard at Nanba Prison. She was highly recommended by the top academy, which made the Warden wanted her (and to have...
Finding The Divine (An MCD Fan Fiction) by Britannica_
Finding The Divine (An MCD Fan Fic...by Bree
With no family over than a daughter, Abby, who's never really around, she feels as though no-one will help her. Her only goal is to protect those who cannot protect them...
nanbaka oneshots by Aoiwritesfics
nanbaka oneshotsby Aoiwritesfics
a collection of oneshots for the nanbaka characters! !nsfw warning! a mix of lemon/smut, angst, fluff and more. bxb, gxb and x readers!
Nanba's Dragon (Nanbaka Love Story) On HIATUS by HakuokiYuki
Nanba's Dragon (Nanbaka Love Story...by DemonLordOkami
I'm not good at description's but, this is a guard love story.
The Heir To The King Of Heroes by GilHaku
The Heir To The King Of Heroesby Wise King Of Heroes
King of Heroes. A title exclusive to the oldest Hero in history, Gilgamesh. Never having his own heir the title of King of Heroes was never passed down. That is until...
University Of Irene | Aarmau AU {Completed} by Cresszelda
University Of Irene | Aarmau AU {C...by Cresszelda
Welcome to the University of Irene, a school designed for kids with special abilities to help aid the fight against shadows. Side note: This is heavily inspired off of P...
Droners: All you need to know! by MystiNeonLynx
Droners: All you need to know!by MystiNeonLynx
In this book, I will introduce to you: the world of Droners! From awesome characters and exciting lore, to thrilling racetracks and the little yet powerful GENIES; you'l...