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♡Mk's son♡( lego monkie kids AU) by Shisi79
♡Mk's son♡( lego monkie kids AU)by Shi
One day at night it was chinese new year Mk and his friends were partying until Mk went outside to breathe but something was waiting for him... Stay to see what will hap...
Forbidden Love - Spicynoodles by cheeseforlifeee123
Forbidden Love - Spicynoodlesby Cheese
"I like you ok?! I know you probably don't like me back but I just can't hide these feelings anymore!" Redson said as tears stream down his face. MK looked at...
fantasies | lmk oneshots by wuuk0ng
fantasies | lmk oneshotsby mack<3
Little bits of stories I come up with, for practice because I desperately need it. Most ideas and things included are headcanons, like phycial looks, ships, blahblahblah...
The Prince of The demon kingdom by Hitsu_lmkfangirl
The Prince of The demon kingdomby hitsu_spicynoodlesfangirl
I will remake this, you guys can check out the remake one, it's already out! The title is "Our Destiny" (Warning bad grammar!) (Child what are you doing here...
get up by hounddogbitez
get upby cherry🍒
mk is just another loss in the system. a failing and broke teen living off of luck and the bare minimum, but he still smiles. somehow he still smiles. redson doesn't un...
There lived 2 separates by ElijahAerithBalena
There lived 2 separatesby CarelessBrat
!WARNING! this has SpicyNoodles content A.K.A. Mk x Redson if you do not like this ship please click off
Peach Father AU by emoji_loverr
Peach Father AUby
What if Wukong stayed with Mk and stayed Cover is not mine!
"Let me help you~"{ONESHOT} by XStarVibezX
"Let me help you~"{ONESHOT}by Local Spicynoodles shipper
-WARNINGS- SMUT/SUS!!! Spicynoodles
Fire Monkey by mangoes_0
Fire Monkeyby mangoes_0
Kai always wondered where his parents were or why they left him. Jay,Zane,Cole and Nya were descendants of the elemental masters so he just assumed that it was the same...
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Lego Monkie Kid (characterxcharacter oneshots!!)  by urmother67
Lego Monkie Kid (characterxcharact...by ♡ 𝚟𝚊𝚕𝚎𝚗𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚎 ♡
hey these will be monkie kid oneshots!! (mostly spicynoodles! I think) I take requests and other things like that so feel free to ask away <33 (Monkie kid character...
LMK The One-Shots Of The Days! (CharacterXCharacter)  by TheGalaxiesUniverses
LMK The One-Shots Of The Days! (Ch...by ・༓☾ R̶í̶z̶h̶ú̶ V̶á̶m̶p̶z̶ ☽༓・
(this is kinda my 4th stories) I kinda saw some stories about LMK One-Shots so I gotta go do it too this all has all the ships in the future!
I think I luv you!?! (Spicynoodles lmk)  by Tobbyyyyy_King
I think I luv you!?! (Spicynoodles...by Toby_King
Hii :] So I have never written things outside of school work so is prob gonna be bad.....but i don't care >:0 Run down: redson leaves home after getting into a fight...
Found // A Spicynoodles fanfiction by stand-proud
Found // A Spicynoodles fanfictionby mya
'M-mother, please! Please give me just one more chance! I promise you, this time I'll do good!!' Red Son pleaded, looking at his mother with tears in his eyes. All she s...
Monkie Kid: Stone Rebirth by timecats
Monkie Kid: Stone Rebirthby FelineEchoes
When MK goes to retrieve the staff from the Demon Bull King, he doesn't quite make it. The energy that the Demon Bull King absorbed along with the powers of the Monkey K...
something new || spicy noodles  by Keiko0_0
something new || spicy noodles by Keiko0_0
A Demon "villain" and a Hero? Friends? Or even more? that's something Red son couldn't imagine. Red son, is a fire bull demon, who's trying to be bad, but with...
Sorry Mother..||Mother LBD&Son MK||Random LMK story by Yukito_Jake
Sorry Mother..||Mother LBD&Son MK|...by Yukito_Jake
!!CONTAINS SHADOWPEACH AND SPICYNOODLES!! What if LBD cared about Mk/Xiaotian and took care of him until he was 4 and purposely left him to find Pigsy for a reason?
Our Destiny by Hitsu_lmkfangirl
Our Destinyby hitsu_spicynoodlesfangirl
Everything are back to normal after mk and his friends defeated lady bone demon, everything seem fine? "Agh! Ugh- wha-wah! A horn!?" "Red? What are you d...
The Flame In Your Eyes by Jordan2146
The Flame In Your Eyesby Lemony_demon
This is a story albeit not a good written one of Mk the Monkie kid AKA Sun Wukong's successor getting a unlikely boyfriend and said boyfriend is his arch nemesis Red son...
•LMK Oneshots & Stories• by FroggieLoveBugs
•LMK Oneshots & Stories•by Froggie
This book is exactly what it sounds like. my requests are open, and my rules will be on the first page. This book focuses on the characters from LMK. I unfortunately don...
Friends [a SpicyNoodles fanfic] by dangerously_yourss
Friends [a SpicyNoodles fanfic]by dangerously_yourss
Two complete opposite's stuck to each other after an awkward encounter. Two complete opposite's who thought that they would be enemies forever. These two complete opposi...