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issues in the world by -cybergyu
issues in the worldby 𝐀.𝐒𝐇
where ash tries to spread the ongoing issues in the world to educate her lovely pumpkins !!
Tear Gas (Spec ops guy) by skzultra
Tear Gas (Spec ops guy)by Shea ☁️
Melanie desperately tries to get away from the crowd, shielding her face in pain as she falls to the ground. Almost suddenly, she feels leather hands grip her body and...
enigma | c. rk800 by samseaa
enigma | c. rk800by yikes!
"If I'm not a machine or a deviant, then what am I?" I stared at his distressed face, his brown eyes searching my own. He looked to me for answers, as if I kn...
Surviving The Blues by Purple_Sky17
Surviving The Bluesby Purple_sky15
When the officers who shot three teens in South Bronx faces no charges, protest break out. Two months had past and no one knew about the incident that left two dead and...
Winston ~ an outsiders fanfic (complete) by -ghostride
Winston ~ an outsiders fanfic ( Julie
when Logan was little her mother died in a house fire started by a cigarette butt, and her older brother dally left a few days after the funeral. This left Logan with he...
Lesser Than Less ( Anonymous X Reader ) by PeppersAndRomance
Lesser Than Less ( Anonymous X Blair
!!! Still in progress !!! I upload new chapters on Fridays. The world has started to crumble underneath everyone's finger tips. Riots, illness, destruction and so much...
A Robot's Heart by MeganDarragh99
A Robot's Heartby MeganDarragh99
Hannah's dream as a child was to own a robot, and it's finally come true. But, what she never expected was to develop feelings for a robot. Jason could never feel the sa...
Perception by yme123
Perceptionby yme123
Homeless and savagely beaten, Amy Mair sits waiting in a police interrogation room. She witnessed the murder of a friend and the police want to know more. But what can o...
In which we see a group of young black men embrace their blackness and sexuality through the recent BLM protests
Râpê (A black truth) by _Asteria_01
Râpê (A black truth)by AnUsHka🧡
? Rape - it's a normal thing in today's generation .. Isn't it ??? ... Some Mens are this much blind that they can't even see the age of girl .. A man raped a 2 years ol...
Masked vigilante (Spec ops guy x reader ) FLUFF by TheMegane
Masked vigilante (Spec ops guy x ~s t a r~
This is another fanfic of that tall guy from the protest but this one is really fluffy and for yall ace muh fukers and kiddos you can enjoy this fanfic. Or if...
Ticktock Love by AndreaBrightAuthor
Ticktock Loveby Andrea Bright
After a prank gone wrong, a high school junior unintentionally becomes a TikTok star and inspires protests against gender-biased dress codes. ⁂ How to go from a high sch...
Spec Ops One Shots by bajavoca
Spec Ops One Shotsby bajavoz
We out here doing God's work. Have a few short stories about our favorite modern revolutionaries known as The Spec Ops.
Anonymous: Shared Ideals by Ezzresse
Anonymous: Shared Idealsby Ezzresse
***Anonymous came out of the woodwork and everyone is simping. I have to admit they do be looking fine tho*** You have strong anti-government views and share them at a p...
Haikyuu Protest AU by -DreamingEndlessly-
Haikyuu Protest AUby ~Mystix~
Ships: IwaOi, MattsuHana, KinKuni, KyoHaba Characters: Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Mattsun, Hanamakki, Kindaichi, Kunimi, Watari, Makki's Parents, Ushijima, Tendou, Semi, Shirabu...
Black Lives Matter by MaiaPapaya4Life
Black Lives Matterby Maia
a place i will be sharing content about black lives matter
GIANTS by jhopesEleventhToe
GIANTSby jhopesEleventhToe
shot stories for Anonymous, Tank and riot , maybe even Athena * Possible smut but the masks staying on*
War, Wisdom, and Wildflowers | Band of Brothers by Silmarilz1701
War, Wisdom, and Wildflowers | J | Julianne
Cold War era Historical Fiction // Band Of Brothers next generation one-shots *-*-* "The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is w...
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