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Birds and Stones by suchasight3blindmice
Birds and Stonesby 💖💖
In which war teaches a child a few things. - - - - - This might be the worst thing I've ever written I don't even know.
  • palestine
  • globalpain
  • yemen
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Not your everyday Wedding (Yemeni) by Yemeni_bomb_girl
Not your everyday Wedding (Yemeni)by Yemeni_bomb_girl
This story is based on my arranged wedding and engagement. There is lots of drama and romance. ''Why won't you just sleep with him already?'' " I'm scared. Did...
  • muslimlovestory
  • sexual
  • marrige
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Souad - << Le mariage forcé d'une Yéménite >> by Souad-Chronique
Souad - >by Princess Du Yemen.
Souad - << Le mariage forcé d'une Yéménite >> Souad est une jeune fille de 18 ans qui vit au Yemen avec sa famille, comme toute fille Yéménite de son âge ell...
  • love
  • bandit
  • bicrave
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Adventure in Yemen (Nathan Drake x Reader) by lone_wanderess
Adventure in Yemen (Nathan Drake lone wanderess
[Y/N] [L/N], Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan take a break from adventuring and go to Yemen to visit Elena Fisher. What will happen then? (I decided to wrote it because...
  • xreader
  • nathan
  • fanfiction
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What is #BlueforSudan + #RedforYemen ? by themightyaceofspades
What is #BlueforSudan + 玛迪达
This is an informational guide to the cruelty in Sudan and the social media movement #BlueforSudan + the conflict in Yemen as well as the other social media movement #Re...
  • spreadawareness
  • blueforsudan
  • humanitariancrisis
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Zack Assegaf - Heirs of the Prophet (COMING Fall 2021) by AliHakim7
Zack Assegaf - Heirs of the Admiralkim
The intrigue continues...but the stakes have never been higher. "Intrigues are commonplace in Imperial politics. Not only do they provide the means for ambitious me...
  • intrigue
  • alternatehistory
  • indonesia
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| Adam Saleh Imagines | by ItsMrsSaleh
| Adam Saleh Imagines |by ♥ F A L L E N A N G E L ♥
°•°•°•° If you're reading this, chances are you're coming from my Instagram account in which I write Adam Saleh Imagines. I've seen they've reached a lot of success on I...
  • yemen
  • interracial
  • adoomygang
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Escape From The World by taurazee
Escape From The Worldby taurazee
(Previously, Me In Words) I'll be writing everything about me here. I'll be writing all my feelings, emotions and what not. I'll express them in different ways. Some...
  • 2017
  • poetry
  • happiness
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Demon Girl by LGSmith82330
Demon Girlby L. G. Smith
Blood. Virgin Sacrifices. Guns. What more could a half-demon girl wish for? "Her demon side made her a killer, her military training made her assassin."
  • girlpower
  • kindagoodvsreallyevil
  • urbanfantasy
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The Husband I Never Asked For by CatApproved
The Husband I Never Asked Forby RunRunMO
Yara finds out her family have planned a holiday to Yemen. Read to find out how the holiday pans out for her.
  • lovestory
  • relationship
  • arrangedmarriage
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Becoming Muslim and falling in love... by JoyHolder
Becoming Muslim and falling in Joy Holder
Ashhadu an la ilaha illa 'llah; ashhadu anna Muhammadan rasulu 'llah" This is the story of myself falling in love and becoming Muslim and the wonders it has done i...
  • shahada
  • life
  • compassion
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A Hundred Tempting Lies by AndrewCasto
A Hundred Tempting Liesby Andrew Casto
Andalib is a woman is living day-to-day in an Arabian country gripped with war. One night, she learns that her uncle has traded away a powerful artifact to a mysterious...
  • islam
  • artifacts
  • solomon
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Trust the fire within by paris8388
Trust the fire withinby paris8388
This is a story about a young woman named Lamees living in a poor middle eastern country called Yemen. It takes places in year 2044. Twenty five years ago, in year 2019...
  • yemen
  • science
  • political
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Dear Future Husband by taurazee
Dear Future Husbandby taurazee
An open letter to my better half. My soon to be hubby how we'll be spending our anniversary day. From fun filled activities to cuddles. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Entry for pe...
  • dearfuturehusband
  • mine
  • yours
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She is Yemen by leavemealone2331
She is Yemenby leavemealone2331
I'm Yemeni and I'm proud. If you haven't known what's going on in the news and what's happening to Yemen, then I'm sorry to say my dear friend; You've been living under...
  • war
  • peace
  • poverty
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Abdul Alhazred by Sicky666
Abdul Alhazredby Sicky666
  • lore
  • necronomicon
  • legend
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Home Is Home by zodhabi
Home Is Homeby zodhabi
The story talks about people and there problems in Yemen
  • people
  • problems
  • yemen
"Letting Go" by InspiredYemeniah
"Letting Go"by InspiredYemeniah
Just a young writer expressing my thoughts through poetry. Hope you guys enjoy!
  • morals
  • poetry
  • love
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Trust Allah by InspiredYemeniah
Trust Allahby InspiredYemeniah
I'm not sure what this will be yet so I guess you'll just have to click and read for yourself.
  • hope
  • future
  • islam
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Sana'a by GlOrY147
Sana'aby --W--
Between being poor or rich, being oneself can be difficult. Life is never fair, and the only way to cope with this fact is by accepting it and accepting who we are as in...
  • romance
  • adventure
  • yemen
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