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Mine Series by ang3l_n_d3vil
Mine Seriesby Angel
They both ruled their respective mafia in their countries. The time has come for them to spread their wings and reign supreme with their families by their side.
Fixing Us [[Win×Team]] by Brocoli_bl
Fixing Us [[Win×Team]]by Just another BL fan
Win accidently hurt Team. Now he has to make up for his mistake and fix the problems between them. ʕ - ᴥ - ʔ
Mismatched by ang3l_n_d3vil
Mismatchedby Angel
Team and Dean can only wish them all the happiness with a smile as their heart crumbles to dust. Would they get the happy ending their heart's desire?
My Kind of Perfect by KS2216
My Kind of Perfectby KS2216
A Win-Team fanfiction. This is the part 2 of my previous story "A Little Ray of Sunshine."
I LOVE HIA! by ang3l_n_d3vil
I LOVE HIA!by Angel
Team is dating Win and loves him dearly. However everything comes crashing down due to one tiny lie Pharm said. Will Team be able to handle the consequences that arises...
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There is us THEN there is us 2 by ang3l_n_d3vil
There is us THEN there is us 2by Angel
Alternative universes are just made up aren't they?! Well Win and Team are gonna realize just how wrong they were on that.
ACT | Bounprem  by BB0UNing
ACT | Bounprem by leafy
a rookie actor, Prem and a well known bl series actor, Boun got casted in a series together. From senior-junior to friends until now they are inseparable. One is not use...
The Heart Wants What It Wants | BounPrem by chronicoles
The Heart Wants What It Wants | NICOLE
BL #1. "They told me I shouldn't want him. But what if he is the one my heart wants?" Prem has always been the independent one but he knows he can get any gir...
You Are Beautifully Mine by ang3l_n_d3vil
You Are Beautifully Mineby Angel
Team's body insecurities nearly costs him his life. Win is gonna do everything possible to rectify and change his beloved Team's thoughts.
Love You Till The Moon and Back by pkimkeymint
Love You Till The Moon and Backby pkimkeymint
Apparently, he and Win openly showing in public about their relationship and most of all students here already knew about their relationship. He uncomfortable at first...
Uncontrollably Fond by smarakoel
Uncontrollably Fondby smarakoel
Human falls in love with immortal creature. Have you ever wonder what if a human is attracted towards a vampire. Vampires always chose to be close to humans for two reas...
BounPrem "Love At 1st Sight" by bounpremffs
BounPrem "Love At 1st Sight"by 𖥻 kit !?
Boun had never Been in love or felt anything towards anyone but his life changed when he met a cute stranger Completed 28.07
25 Years and Forevermore - A BounPrem Story  by kookiemonster01
25 Years and Forevermore - A kookiemonster01
After P'Boun's beautiful birthday presentation to his life love, Prem begs to be taken care of after the event.
My Pao by YeeSha563
My Paoby Yee Sha
"His am sorry, are you angry with me "No pao why will I be angry Let find out what happens here . Read and vote pls🙏❤️
You Healed Me (bounprem) by hamstersclover
You Healed Me (bounprem)by eri
a #BounPrem fanfic where Boun is a student council president of their college and a top student of their class and Prem as a rebellious student.
BounPrem/ WinTeam (One Shots) by jhnnl_hlr
BounPrem/ WinTeam (One Shots)by Jhannel
Just my collection of BounPrem/ WinTeam fan fiction. English is not my first language so expect a grammatical errors, wrong position of punctuation marks and so on. Also...
Roommate [BounPrem/PremBoun] by ryuzhs
Roommate [BounPrem/PremBoun]by zen
Prem, an ordinary cafe worker has to room with the all time popular actor Boun by intouchmedaddy
...usby In/No✨
They finally admit their feelings. And it feels just right in each other's arms. BounPrem one shot that I honestly forgot I had XD
Hanabi (bounprem) by hamstersclover
Hanabi (bounprem)by eri
A BounPrem/PremBoun fanfic where Boun is sick and decided to go to the shore but unexpectedly met Prem that befriended him and tried to cheer him up. Are fireworks only...
Spell of Love by pkimkeymint
Spell of Loveby pkimkeymint
Team and Win with all their friends go on the trip together somewhere. One day, they got one package that makes all things change. *** 'Eat this, you will fall in love w...