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Almost Polite {hemmings} ✓ by YourLittleBoo
Almost Polite {hemmings} ✓by boo.
Nie był zły. Mogłabym powiedzieć o nim wszystko, ale nie to, że był złym człowiekiem. Może trochę pogmatwanym. Potrafił doprowadzić mnie do łez jednym słowem, potrafił w...
Maddox Academy: Grievous Beginnings by Spruce_Goose
Maddox Academy: Grievous Beginningsby Amelia Harper
After passing the prestigious Maddox Academy exams, Flick Grieves is shipped off to the middle of the country to attend her new school. With a social divide evident from...
The Apprentice Girl // Book 3 in the Rosie Grey series by Spruce_Goose
The Apprentice Girl // Book 3 in t...by Amelia Harper
A month after leaving her life as the Ealing's scullery maid, fourteen-year-old Rosie Grey had to go back home without so much as a reference. Her brother helps her star...
The Factory Girl // Book 1 in the Rosie Grey series by Spruce_Goose
The Factory Girl // Book 1 in the...by Amelia Harper
Rosie Grey was only seven years old when she arrived at Mr Thompson's cotton factory. Now fourteen, she has become accustomed to the treatment of the workers and the har...
A summer on the beach by TaylorJanson3
A summer on the beachby Taylor Janson
The popular football assistant captain? Falling for me? All because of the damn beach we went to. I know he would never fall for me, like ever. Then Drama Class happened...
The Potter Triplets by Supremcommanda4Argo2
The Potter Tripletsby Laila
(SEQUEL IS NOW OUT-DEAD INSIDE) What if there was more then one Potter child? Harry Potter has lived with the Dursleys his whole life-with the exception of his time at H...
The Lost Memory (Completed) by missheaven_
The Lost Memory (Completed)by Blythe Manuel
Charmaine needs a work to help her family, especially to her father that had illness. She found her first job when she applied on Guerro's family to be the personal assi...
The Serving Girl // Book 2 in the Rosie Grey series by Spruce_Goose
The Serving Girl // Book 2 in the...by Amelia Harper
Fourteen-year-old Rosie Grey has experienced her fair share of pain and suffering. After finding a position with the Ealing family, Rosie hopes for a fresh start and a...
A Chance for Villain Recruiters by SarahEMerizalde
A Chance for Villain Recruitersby Sarah Jordan
Disney World, the happiest place on earth! Well it is the happiest place on earth for those who live above ground where the castle stands. The princesses are saved; sec...
Hetalia Yaoi, Yuri and straight ships by Sunnybunny1738
Hetalia Yaoi, Yuri and straight sh...by Mira the shipper
This story is about the hetalia characters an has yaoi (boyxboy) and yuri (girlxgirl) and it is also r18 so if you don't like that stuff don't read. Requests are accepte...
Silent Night (Polite Leader/OC) by flxwerswillgrow
Silent Night (Polite Leader/OC)by flxwerswillgrow
Rhys and Vale are familiar with each other. They go to the same school, they are part of the same therapy programme. But against the warning of their doctors, they both...
Hearts In Hiding (Also called Rooming with Rosalyn) by natamiparker
Hearts In Hiding (Also called Room...by Natami Parker
I looked at him with amusement and spoke, "Wow, You're in a hurry to get out and rid of my company." He returned my amused look, ''What do I say, you're too en...
A Little Bit of Everything by miss_clueless_
A Little Bit of Everythingby Miss clueless
What do you imagine would happen when a sassy, weird girl meets a polite bad boy? Well what can I say this is just the start.Here's the perfect recipe for disaster: a ni...
Serenity Book Ro Club by LiliJJo
Serenity Book Ro Clubby Lili 🌈
《Pauză》 Un loc unde cuvintele si cititul sunt totul ...
The Perfect Girl by SavannahJimenez6
The Perfect Girlby Savannah Jimenez
Safaya is traveling fresh from muggy, cold, and sometimes sunny Twin Falls, Idaho to sunny, beautiful, and hot California. She quickly meets Golden Girl~ Jade Garcia in...
Kindness by x_DarkSide_x
Kindnessby x_DarkSide_x
Sometimes there are people who are really kind to you. @__Islamic__ , @ChocoChickM
muses by AimanWaqasChaudhary
musesby Aiman Waqas Chaudhary
just figure out my life , wanna come?
Star Dust's Descendant by StarryDustGirl
Star Dust's Descendantby Silver >)❤️-❤️)>
Serenity Sparks wasn't ordinary in any case. She Was a Desendant of The Starry Goddess, Rynaa. She was the keeper of the legendary Star Dust. That Dust Is only availabl...
TheBestContest by TheBestContests
TheBestContestby TheFlyingWings
Here,We go!...Anyone waiting for your works to get more published out and let people know too..All genre competition would get a chance here .....poetry would be also ac...