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letters to no one ➳ [poetry] by bruisedmelodies
letters to no one ➳ [poetry]by 🌺
❝i've delicately chosen letters to form words and words to form sentences, each sentence a colorful paint stroke on the canvas of my mind.❞ [ #1 in poetry on 27/08/16 ]
connect more with the greatest ! forever tupac amaru shakur <3 completed: aug.9.2017
Black Wine by chocomellz
Black Wineby Chocomellz
This is a book where hidden words drip like wine from my mouth. All the unspoken horror and trauma is trying to find a way to be discovered. Welcome to my personal hell.
Be a part of my poetry songs amidst the clouds, sky and the moon ... When I feel things. . . I write them down Cause in the end I want to have A NICE DAYDREAM ... #9 br...
Plyxmad Romatixs Poems {volume 01} by Plyxmad-28
Plyxmad Romatixs Poems {volume 01}by Øz Plyxmad
"Love is ecstasy and torment- Freedom and slavery" "Yet a heart whose love is quite innocent" Meet 'ERONX OF LOVE', 'HOW THOU SHINE' and other f...
after i gave up by AryaWadafale5
after i gave upby Arya Wadafale
somebody out there is writing about you and you lo! are reading it without realising tragic.
POETRY NOTEBOOK by hayalrafya
POETRY NOTEBOOKby hayalrafya
This book is translated from the book of the same name which originally published by @Faikner "When all my moment is you, I mention always you. While every moment w...
rainy nights. by koizumiamaya
rainy nights.by k.a.
୨┈┈┈┈┈ ✧ ┈┈┈┈┈୧ a collection of poems that i made. this is the first book that ive ever really written for the public to see, so please dont judge negat...
\\ the things i left unsaid \\ by Dolldeathbody
\\ the things i left unsaid \\by Suzie' M.
PoEtRy • • pOeTrY #26 - feelbetter #173 - poeticjustice
Whispers Of The Heart by teemawrites
Whispers Of The Heartby teema❤️
A collection of short poems and unspoken words ◉‿◉ Cover by @PRACHI_bal_
the way he makes me feel  by Harryhp7
the way he makes me feel by Jojo
No order. No storyline. Just a collection of poems about him.
ThugLife  by daexstories
ThugLife by ms.dae 💓
A love story that was once silent, they had their ups and downs, but she was his support system. He didn't choose the ThugLife, the ThugLife chose him. Will he settle do...
Poetic Synchretism by Trevor Mhlanga: Anthology of Poems by theonionjunktion
Poetic Synchretism by Trevor Mhlan...by The Onion Junktion
A collection of poems by aspiring young writer Trevor Mhlanga. From politics, to love. From lies to truth. From Science to religion! To new beginnings and everlastings e...
An Alchemy of Words (new poems every Friday) by RobBartel
An Alchemy of Words (new poems eve...by Rob Bartel
A collection of my poems, both old and new. Check back every Friday for new poems and author's notes. Notable Rankings: 1 in #poetsofwattpad (2021-06-01) 1 in #poetryclu...
PRETTY for a darkskin girl by _gurls_luv_yonce
PRETTY for a darkskin girlby _gurls_luv_yonce
Austin King is tired of hearing that she is pretty........ for a dark skin girl. why can't she just be pretty? Why is the color of her skin always involved?
Paradise, Fool || Poetry by glassEyed
Paradise, Fool || Poetryby glassEyed
suspended in this limbo i wonder and i wonder and i wonder am i even alive anymore? ~ a collection of poetry
Maybe I'm Just Getting Older by TikeyTik
Maybe I'm Just Getting Olderby 𝕋𝕚𝕜𝕒
Love, anxiety, hope, fear, identity, and pain are all things that we experience while growing up. This is a collection of poetry from my personal experience being a teen...
We're Not Meant To Be Together, Right?[KIM TAEHYUNG POEM] by kimtae_tan_iti
We're Not Meant To Be Together, Ri...by Susmriti_taehyungie
KIM TAEHYUNG Is love all About sacrifices? Why this world is too much cruel..? Are they forgot about each other? It's not so easy to forgot someone whom you loved the mo...
Voices of Silk  by venxbee
Voices of Silk by 𝐕.
For those who are lost, confused, misunderstood and beautifully broken, this collection of poetry is for you, for me.. for all.
a letter to... by ukCharlotte
a letter to...by Charlotte
sometimes my thoughts are just too much for my own head