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A Killer Kind of Love- Happy Lowman fanfic by MommaReaper
A Killer Kind of Love- Happy Lowma...by Bre Nicole
Nikkie Ann Teller is Jax Teller's twin sister. Coming home from her fun in L.A. she finds that the guys have patched over a certain killer. One she thought would always...
Bailey "The Bullet"  Teller (UNDER EDITING) by bloody-inspired
Bailey "The Bullet" Teller (UNDER...by bloody-inspired
Bailey "Bullet" Teller, the younger sister of Jax Teller and the only daughter of John and Gemma teller. What will happen when Bullet decides to finally go hom...
Sons Of Anarchy [Collection] by prettysetterboiss
Sons Of Anarchy [Collection]by prettysetterboiss
This is just a collection of one shots/Drabbles that revolve around SOA. Will update as I go.
Sons of Anarchy Imagines by rosie022201
Sons of Anarchy Imaginesby Erynn
Short stories about your favorite SAMCRO members
Juice Box by keishael789
Juice Boxby Keisha
"How have you been suspended 7 times?" He asked, an amused look on his face. "How have you not?" I responded. *** Brooklyn Blackwood, a seventeen-yea...
gangleaders angel - DISCONTINUED by emersonhendrixwrites
gangleaders angel - DISCONTINUEDby 𝖊𝖒𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖔𝖓
DISCONTINUED jordi summers. a normal 16 year old high school student. she's know as the funny and witty kid that everyone loves. but what everyone doesn't know, is that...
Shatter The Glass - Jax Teller by ryanshitkowski
Shatter The Glass - Jax Tellerby ryanshitkowski
Familiar faces; haunting memories. Sophia Morrison returns to Charming to take care of her father and in hopes to leave her old wild life behind in Modesto, California...
Tig's Daughter by lolagirl2222
Tig's Daughterby lolagirl2222
1992. The year that the Harley Heritage Softail came out when the LA riots happened and the year that Alexis Trager was born. It wasn't like he'd planned on having an...
The mission (Gaara x reader) Lemon!! by takashijioni1
The mission (Gaara x reader) Lemon...by takashi
This is my second story so sorry if it's bad but check out my other story please. What happens when your on a mission to suna and crash into gaara..... literally! Includ...
Sons of Anarchy Imagines and Preferences by bohemianwood
Sons of Anarchy Imagines and Prefe...by morgan
Ever wonder what the Sons preferences were? Includes: Jax Chibs Happy Juice Tig Opie Started: April 22, 2017 Ended: August 2, 2017
Learning to Love by Haley_1130
Learning to Loveby Hales
Sophie Mitchell has changed her life around for the better, but there is a certain thing that will forever remind her of her former life. Happy/OC Disclaimer: I do not o...
Sons of Anarchy Preferences... There Could Be A Couple One-shots by Shasta1989
Sons of Anarchy Preferences... The...by Angel Reyes Girl
Reader/ SOA Characters, this will be my work mostly but I'll do requests!!!!
The Crow Effect - Tig x OC x Chibs by Lysiasis
The Crow Effect - Tig x OC x Chibsby Lucyy
Follow the SAMCRO way through Tig's old lady as she goes through hurt and betrayal. The only person she can rely on is Chibs. Tig x Reader x Chibs
It Doesn't Matter If You're Black Or White by AmariannaRose
It Doesn't Matter If You're Black...by Amarianna
When the elder daughter of Damon Pope one of the most dangerous men in Oakland meets and falls in love with the Sons of Anarchy's very own enforcer the "killa"...
Sons of Anarchy Stories by Localgirl808
Sons of Anarchy Storiesby Ash
Little stories and requests about our beloved motorcycle enthusiasts and their action filled world. Disclaimer - all photos, GIFS, videos, and music used belong to...
The Beauty and The Killer (Sons Of Anarchy Fan Fiction) by Flyer202
The Beauty and The Killer (Sons Of...by Flyer202
Bristol was the type of girl to act first, then ask questions later. So when she gets a panicked phone call from her sisters at six in the morning. About her mom picking...
Home by lifeshandful
Homeby lifeshandful
Life changes but it stays the same even as time wears on. Will Storm even be able to escape the fate she was born into...
Apologizing to the Bad Boy by DrippingxSarcasm
Apologizing to the Bad Boyby caseey
Alice recently developed a new philosophy that you only get one chance and you can't let the promise of tomorrow keep you from fixing the broken relationships in your li...
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s t o k e l e y i m a g i n e s by BambiiGalaxy
s t o k e l e y i m a g i n e sby - nuket0wn
a bunch of imagines for this sexy motherfucker. request are OPEN !
𝐉𝐔𝐈𝐂𝐄𝐁𝐎𝐗 || 𝐊𝐓𝐇 by キム・テヒョン
[complete!] "were you the one.... who gave me that juicebox yesterday?" - ; short story ; high school au ; fluff? i gotchu. ; f2l #1 in juice box #1 in shortfa...