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Len's Angst/Vent Story Collection by moonlight_demure
Len's Angst/Vent Story Collectionby Average Writer Len
Unimportant, just a stupid angst one shot book These are all personal experiences and actual nightmares. Based on me, Len.
Sexc Times » skz trashfic by may_bornmia
Sexc Times » skz trashficby home
Basically, a desi wedding scenario, except the ladke wale are Stray Kids and the entire story is on drugs. !!READ THE CONTEXT CHAPTER BEFORE STARTING!! - a Stray Kids...
me and my pookie by KhloeFisher9
me and my pookieby Khloe Fisher
Idk why I wrote's 3 am...
"One way or Another‌." [ Chrollo x Reader x Hisoka ] by 333_sophia
"One way or Another‌." [ Chrollo sophia
{ Chrollo Lucilfer x f!Reader} You can run away from a lot of things. Such as, your problems, your family, your consecuences. However, you can't outrun yourself, maybe...
o,oops! god;im gay! by qsmpEnigma
o,oops! god;im gay!by Guapodou shipar
straight!guapodou AU :3 first au please be nice to me am tryaing my best!! (finished)
The Best Zutara Fanfics by Rani_101
The Best Zutara Fanficsby Rani
Zutara fic recs This is mainly for me so plz don't read it
HIATUS!!! // Did you have to go..? || Kazuscara.  by whyamiscreaming
HIATUS!!! // Did you have to A Dumbass
please it's so cringe.. I'm crying. if you do read can you drop some tips sobs please?? I'm sorry, also English isn't my first language so I might have written or phrase...
Celestials by helaena-
Celestialsby helaena-
Celestials are superhuman beings tracked and followed by the media. Superhero's are adored by the public and supervillains passionately hated but both share more in comm...
Love Me Dead (LawlietsGirl x Death) by EnderGirl_kittykat
Love Me Dead (LawlietsGirl x Death)by Seiko Trash No. 1
this story is going to be so cheesy. oh god. I blame @lawlietsgirl123 for this.
rants/venting book by -asteriahowell-
rants/venting bookby [asteria]
venting book. keep in mind, i'm not writing this to look good. i'm writing it because i want to let out my emotions and tell my stories. so, please, don't judge my writi...
Not Alone by zzMiya-chanzz
Not Aloneby miya
Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus x-over with Digimon: Digital Monsters Everything's not as it seemed to be... Slight AU for House of Hades! [now a compi...
Determination by Michigan_Jones
Determinationby Michigan Jones
After all of the timelines, Neutral, Pacifist, Genocide, Post-Genocide-Pacifist, Frisk finally got her happy ending. Or so she thinks... I suggest not reading this unles...
Art Book by Official_Sanji
Art Bookby Official_Sanji
I promised an art book at 50 followers, so here you go
Is it okay to feel this way? by hemmophobia1996
Is it okay to feel this way?by idk
A story about two roommates realizing they want to be more than just roommates....