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What Can You See? (Creepypasta x male reader) by Sunny_Ray_
What Can You See? (Creepypasta x Sunny and Vladdy
A boy with fading vision, a cat with questionable motives, and some creeps. What could go right? --------------------------------------------------- A/N: We noticed ther...
  • cat
  • plants
  • demons
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Overflowing ㅡ bnha by yuki078
Overflowing ㅡ bnhaby ⌦ドーン
❛ be so full that even if they take and take, you can still be overflowing ❜ ㅡ in which a plant shop owner learns that the path to being a hero isn't easy.
  • romance
  • wattys2019
  • shoto
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The Blue Rose [h.s. - AU] by StylesClarityxx
The Blue Rose [h.s. - AU]by Ann
❝ If something is forgotten, it doesn't mean it is not existing anymore. ❞ A girl with a haunting past finds herself being attracted to a boy who despite his withdrawn p...
  • nature
  • fanfiction
  • liam
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Turn My Page | Led Zeppelin by CoyoteQueen
Turn My Page | Led Zeppelinby Jenni
[This story takes place in 1972, when Led Zeppelin was touring in North America]. Vicky loves Led Zeppelin. Especially Jimmy Page. She's obsessed with him... all she wan...
  • jimmy
  • pontiac
  • zeppelin
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behind blue eyes  ― jimmy page by rogertayIors
behind blue eyes ― jimmy pageby 𝐦𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐲.
❛ no one knows what its like to be mistreated, to be defeated behind blue eyes ❜ [ jimmy page x fem!oc ] [ companion to 'dancing queen' by @evanshansen ]
  • john
  • robert
  • zeppelin
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Food for Thought - Book of Quotes by dpswiftstar58
Food for Thought - Book of Quotesby Dianna Plant
In this book I have put together some of my favorite quotes, and I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do. It was my best friend, LadyAldara, who gave me the idea for...
  • fun
  • motivational
  • favorite
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Guardians Of The Galaxy: Groot x reader by Readingfan201
Guardians Of The Galaxy: Groot x ❤Readingfan201
(y/n) is a nature and star loving girl live all alone in her home Nature planet. Born with nature and star powers, she can grow any kind of plant and make any kind of st...
  • action
  • xreader
  • iamgroot
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Godzilla: Battle for Remnant by RyanJersey
Godzilla: Battle for Remnantby RyanJersey
No description for this, the story just needs to be told without one
  • destruction
  • yangxiaolong
  • ocean
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A Vegan Life by LittleLunnixLight
A Vegan Lifeby Lunnix
All things Vegan // will change and update at random
  • plant
  • vegietarian
  • fruit
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pink pot; ksj (under revision) by pleasingblue
pink pot; ksj (under revision)by dionysus;
❝i thought genies were supposed to come from lamps❞ ©pleasingblue
  • plant
  • pink
  • bts
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The Baby and the Battlefield by CarolinaC
The Baby and the Battlefieldby CarolinaC
A baby? On a battlefield? Marcus is a clerk in the Imperial army. When he finds an abandoned baby on a battlefield, he has no idea what to do with her. His best friend i...
  • wife
  • water
  • evidence
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Dazed and Confused by imaginary_lover
Dazed and Confusedby imaginary_lover
Set around Soundstage/Unleashed tour
  • plant
  • robert
  • stevienicks
In Our Time Of Dying: A Led Zeppelin Story by KatherineSader
In Our Time Of Dying: A Led Katherine Sader
Katherine Sader is an up and coming singer from England. At just 16 she has an album out and is forced to go on a tour. She goes on tour with her favorite band ironicall...
  • jimmypage
  • 1970
  • robertplant
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The Element Foxes - The Lost Friend (Incomplete) by LoveyVulpix
The Element Foxes - The Lost Lucy
this story features the element foxes, and how they were captured and lived in a cave by some foxes who want to keep them captive because of a prophecy as theirvwere tol...
  • quest
  • adventure
  • air
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Green Boy by Justin1019
Green Boyby Justin Glass
Three girls running a flower shop are sold a seed by a stranger who said it would bloom into a plant that has never been seen before.
  • harem
  • yuri
  • plant
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Don't Leave Me, Babe by jadedinsomniac
Don't Leave Me, Babeby Rocket Queen
Led Zeppelin fan fiction. A story of how a girl learned to love again.
  • percy
  • jonesy
  • led
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What Is And What Should Never Be (A Jimbert Tale) by killerqueenmaylor
What Is And What Should Never Be ( Patricia
The forbidden love story of two Led Zeppelin band members; Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Short Jimbert story.
  • led
  • forbidden
  • robert
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Ivy | Peter Maximoff | Hiatus by sammyroses
Ivy | Peter Maximoff | Hiatusby ˗ˏˋ sammy ˎˊ˗
❝dιd yoυr planт jυѕт тrιp мe?❞ ❝jυѕт вecaυѕe ι won тнe race doeѕn'т мean ι cнeaтed.❞ {post x-men apocalypse} {a peтer мaхιмoғғ ѕтory}
  • apocalypse
  • peter
  • ivy
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Is it true love - A Robert Plant fan fic by _zepperella_
Is it true love - A Robert Plant Annie
Amelia Page is the 19 year old sister of Jimmy Page, who has just formed a new band, called Led Zeppelin. She is falling for their singer Robert Plant, but will he treat...
  • robert
  • fiction
  • zeppelin
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