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The Staff Hero | Itsuki Kawasumi x reader by Icyyhot
The Staff Hero | Itsuki Kawasumi God
The four cardinal heroes turn up, you've heard it before right? But what you didn't know was that one extra hero turned up , the staff hero, who specialises in magic, an...
Teenage Fever by michaliza
Teenage Feverby michaliza
A love triangle... but make it gay.... Not what Leslie had in mind when he moved to Section 1 of Shoreview, Jordansberg with his girlfriend of almost two years but, hey...
Twice 10th Member by HahaYouAreJokerGuy
Twice 10th Memberby CanYouSpeakMoreSlush
This story has Twice but what if there were 10 members? Follow the adventures of y/n through this book as the 10th member and see what's gonna happen. This is gonna star...
The Assuredness of Sorcery by Flamerush803
The Assuredness of Sorceryby Flamerush803
Everybody has power, buried deep within them. What truly matters is if the wielder of the power has enough emotional security and mental strength to call upon the magic...
Too Much Information by 2O000160405
Too Much Informationby ...
i have a really smol brain to keep all these informations ⬇⬇⬇ K-Pop
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
All I want is You  by avery_linn
All I want is You by Avery
#MinJay fanfiction High Boss နဲ႔ Temporary Staff ေလးၾကားက love story ေပါ့ေပါ့ပါးပါး style ေလးပါပဲ High Boss နဲ့ Temporary Staff လေးကြားက love story ပေါ့ပေါ့ပါးပါး sty...
Phenomenol Love by banuprasa
Phenomenol Loveby Banumathy Prasanna
Roli... Badly in need of job to take care of her expenses and end up with a baby sitting job... Siddhant... Rich man who is in need of baby sitter for the baby 'Anjali'...
Diário da Staff - Contos de uma Staff em trabalho by satansope
Diário da Staff - Contos de uma 사사
Fanfic criada para divertimento das leitoras, além de ter interações com as mesmas. Grupos participantes: BTS, GOT7 E MONSTAX + EXTRA obs: o grupo "extra" será...
Annabeth Chase and the Staff of Hermes by Morro11
Annabeth Chase and the Staff of Lindsay Morrison
It's been a whole month since the Battle of Manhattan and Percy saved the world, with Annabeth's help of course. It's their first month anniversary, and they are having...
HELP YOU OUT by injms28
(15+) [DI BAWAh UMUR TANGGUNG SENDIRI] Erlda Guenia seorang wanita yang bekerja di suaru perusahaan negara, karir nya melesat bagai roket , semua orang di tempat Ia bek...
☆ ℓαทçαмєทτσ iท∂ivi∂υαℓ ☆ by UN_Entertainment_
☆ ℓαทçαмєทτσ iท∂ivi∂υαℓ ☆by 💙❄️
💙❄️ ɑqui você poderά ver os Idol's, solistɑs, ɑtores e ɑtrizes dɑ nossɑ empresɑ ❄️💙
Smallest orphan  by KaylaHertel
Smallest orphan by KaylaHertel
Bina is a 4-inch 13 year old borrower who lost her parents a long time ago. So where do all children go when they need parents? A foundation. The problem is there are si...
A Book Without Pages by ColourfulMoth
A Book Without Pagesby 𝐒𝐇𝐀𝐑
Two worlds. Two necklaces. One lie. Serena Chalsting and her friends return for another enchanting adventure filled with magic, danger, and new discoveries. Mother Alche...
The Twilight Scandal (Alex Meraz) *UNDER SEVERE EDITING* by CompletelyIndividual
The Twilight Scandal (Alex Meraz) Nikki
Katie is just another actor in the Twilight saga. She plays the hateful Astoria Cullen, imprintee of Paul Lahote. What happens when Alex Meraz, the actor playing her let...
Book Of RP's by Glassplant
Book Of RP'sby Glassplant Moonlily
This is meant to be a book of RPs I do with people that I have gotten permission to post, or need a place to do the RP. Stories in said book: Medical Daycare: Error goes...
A Hypixel Love story // Fanfiction by ItsKessie
A Hypixel Love story // Fanfictionby Suree R.
This is about were 2 people found love on Hypixel. -Fanfiction
Son of the Monkie King (Monkie Kid AU) by Eris345
Son of the Monkie King (Monkie Fiona_Fox_Afton
*Note: I know that Monkie Kid is a recent and new show and I know that it is heavily based on Chinese culture. I intend to do as much as thorough research as possible to...
Revenge by kitsunequeen_
Revengeby Kitsune
Alpha's Grayson and Ethan Dolan found there mate. There mate is a 14 year old girl with abilities and a crystal staff. They cheat on her with the pack slut. Here is her...
Four Seasons Wattpad Club [Writing Awards and More] by FourSeasonsClub
Four Seasons Wattpad Club [ Four Seasons Wattpad Club
Welcome to Four Seasons Wattpad Club! This general information guide should get you started on all our club has to offer! Staff Signup Sheets and Judges Signup Sheets ar...