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Healing the Heart [Disney Maleficent] by Expecto_fandom89
Healing the Heart [Disney SteamHeart
[Male! Maleficent x fem! fey! reader] Maleficent. King of the Moors. Feared by both those who lived within the wall of thorns, and those who lived in the nearby kingdoms...
Purity in the Stars *Maleficent: Mistress of Evil- Udo Love Story* by OfficialAkahana
Purity in the Stars *Maleficent: Akahana
*FROM MY OLD ACCOUNT* It started the day the sky was painted with red. Whether it was from that cursed red iron, or the blood of falling fey, Yuna did not know. What she...
Borra X Fem! Oc by Sugarplumhugo1
Borra X Fem! Ocby Sugarplumhugo1
Rosalyn, a wingless dark fey, has been searching many years for someone like her. Each day she wanders across foreign lands, her memories being her only friend. After st...
Just Another Unambitious Woman by Bateauivre
Just Another Unambitious Womanby Bateauivre
Diane Simmons always had the bad luck to look like a spitting image of her tall twin brother David. But as her world turns upside down, Diane has no other choice but to...
The Thames Last Dark Fae (TOCF FANFICTION) by Anak_Udik
The Thames Last Dark Fae (TOCF Anak_Udik
OG!Cale is the reincarnation of Rok Soo he will remember about his life as Rok Soo when he reach 9 years old Maleficent x Trash of count family
The Vixen and the Raven (Diaval x Reader) by TheCreator900
The Vixen and the Raven (Diaval TheCreator900
Diaval is a raven who serves the Dark Fairy Maleficent. She saved him from a farmer who caught him in a net and he swore to serve her. But that wouldn't be the only time...
A Dravanian Tale-Maleficent: Mistress of evil-BorraxOC by Nova_BlackAngel
A Dravanian Tale-Maleficent: Angel
A mysterious horned girl running away to protect her life found shelter into the moors by accident Little she know that it will be the beginning of her new life with a...
Iris ( maleficent fanfic)  by Bri05128
Iris ( maleficent fanfic) by Bri05128
Iris moves to a town close to the castle of prince Philip she had just gone trough a horrible situation and needed a place to stay only 10 at the time she meets Claude(g...
Where the Horizons Meet *Maleficent: Mistress of Evil- Borra Love Story* by OfficialAkahana
Where the Horizons Meet * Akahana
It seemed from the moment that she first entered the world that Nyx just wasn't meant to be here. Left at an orphanage before she couldn't even have a conscious thought...
maleficent Diavals Sister by unofficialloser
maleficent Diavals Sisterby Unofficial loser
when Diaval and his mother Iris are saved by malificent they swear to be at her service. little did Iris think she would have a child soon after Aurora turned 4 this m...
Maleficent. by jasperwhitlockhale
#12 jasperwhitlockhale
Queen Aurora and her husband, Philip, are expecting their first baby. Philip's father is really happy, Maleficent on the other hand is not. Will Aurora and Philip convin...
It ends with you or me by miraculouslymad
It ends with you or meby Adri
It has been 16 years since the barrier around the isle of the lost was brought down and all the Vks and aks are finally living their happily ever afters. but when a new...
{Dragon-Born}{Maleficent: Mistress of Evil} by R0yal_Rains
{Dragon-Born}{Maleficent: Royal_Rain
Like the Dark Fey;Dragon-Born were forced to hide away. While the Dark Fey went to the Caverns, the Dargon-Born went to the volcanic islands; which ultimately led to the...
Oak by TigerJade15
Oakby TigerJade15
Three friends on an adventure of many lifetimes... Albert, born in 1930, lost his father at age 12, went missing in 1945, aged 15. His disappearance was mysterious, as h...
Forever Alone by espresso_patronum394
Forever Aloneby Nero
"you are not alone" "I know...because I have you" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enoch only has one friend in the loop that he trusts and her name is Rowena...
End of The Story? by AverieHines
End of The Story?by Averie Hines
Mal is being followed. Not by a person, but shadows. At first, she puts it off, thinking it's just stress and lack of sleep due to her full time job as Queen of Auradon...
Reaching From Branches [On Hold] by R0YAL_QUEEN
Reaching From Branches [On Hold]by R0YAL_QUEEN
(Created 2/16/22 - Completed...) Reaching for branches Reaching for hope Reaching from a distance, Is but all I can do. I am a Raven, you are a Fey. I'm not a man, not...
The Bride of Lammermoor by SapphireAlena
The Bride of Lammermoorby S. A. McCaffrey
The Bride of Lammermoor by Sir Walter Scott published in 1819. The tragic love affair of Lucy Ashton and her family's enemy Edgar Ravenswood. One of Queen Victoria's fav...