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Zoe and Pin triple trouble by BruceXSelina8
Zoe and Pin triple troubleby BruceXSelina
So this is what i want to happen in season 3 of free rein but not with the songs This is what happens when Pin goes off for his travels. And what happens to their relat...
  • rein
  • zin
  • free
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It Began With a Smirk by JadedRein
It Began With a Smirkby Jadelinn
When Rein decided to make the move from Connecticut where she'd been living with her marine father to join her spontaneous mother in sunny California she hadn't any idea...
  • stepbrother
  • love
  • highschool
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One mistake, One decision. by xoxofanficsxoxo
One mistake, One A🖤
What happens when Pin saves Zoe in a tragic fire, and Zoe thanks him by developing feelings for him, which leads to a very special day, when Pin takes Zoe up to his room...
  • pin
  • zin
  • rein
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Hugot lines/pick up lines tagalog by JRCatherineRonas
Hugot lines/pick up lines tagalogby TAehYUng’s My LIfe
Hugot lines pick up lines tagalog
  • lines
  • rein
  • hugot
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Chuyện tình hai nàng công chúa by areinshade
Chuyện tình hai nàng công chúaby wakabayashi genzo
chuyện nói về tình yêu của REIN và SHADE
  • man
  • fine
  • rein
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His Smirk || by JadedRein
His Smirk ||by Jadelinn
PART I ---> Kale and Rein. Finally a couple. Finally happy. But with Kale nothing is that simple, and when hi...
  • jakeson
  • high
  • step
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Có lẽ tim sẽ đau ... by Sun_chann72
Có lẽ tim sẽ đau _Tiểu Hạ Nhi_
"Biết rõ tim sẽ đau mà sao vẫn yêu?" Câu chuyện kể về Fine - nàng công chúa của Sunny Kingdom và Shade - chàng hoàng tử của Moon Kingdom . Fine là một nàng côn...
  • tht
  • rein
  • fine
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Ethereal | Free Rein [Pin] by nebulaclouds
Ethereal | Free Rein [Pin]by Eli
Book One Of The Divine Series- ethereal; (adj) /ɪˈθɪərɪəl/ 1. extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world. "her ethereal beauty" ...
  • jade
  • freerein
  • romance
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A Teenage Love Affair by BelleBurns
A Teenage Love Affairby Tobi
Tell you what. He's the Captain of the Soccer Team. The President of the Supreme Student Government.The Promising Prom King. The Head of the Debate Team. The Best Son ev...
  • evan
  • broken
  • heart
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[fine shade ] [rein bright ]tình yêu thần tượng by AsunaKirito837
[fine shade ] [rein bright ]tình Sami-Army
fan fine shade + rein bright đọc nha
  • rein
  • shade
  • bright
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( Fine Shade , Rein Bright ) Tiểu bảo bối ngốc anh thích em!💞💞 by AsunaKirito837
( Fine Shade , Rein Bright ) Tiể Sami-Army
Đường đường là một thiếu gia , tổng tài , bang chủ của một bang lớn trong thế giới ngầm lạnh lùng , giàu có , thông minh , tài giỏi lại yêu một cô tiểu thư dịu dàng , ng...
  • fineshade
  • rein
  • shade
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Summer Rein by Lilyanne018350
Summer Reinby Lilyanne018350
Summer had a troubled life full of sexual abuse, drugs, alcohol, and orphanages. Things were beginning to change for the better, but then, Summer met Adam. He was a tall...
  • summer
  • slavery
  • sextrafficking
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Flying (Free Rein) by magicalauthor13
Flying (Free Rein)by Paige Kitchener
Andiana Stuart, the weird one at the stables. She's often alone and isn't too good with rules. Well, she doesn't mean to be bad at them, she just is. She has a deep love...
  • zoe
  • pin
  • zoephillips
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[Fine shade] Fine hãy tha thứ cho anh by AsunaKirito837
[Fine shade] Fine hãy tha thứ Sami-Army
Cô yêu anh bằng cả trái tim của mình như anh lại yêu chị của cô.rồi diễn biến gì sẽ xảy ra
  • fine
  • rein
  • bright
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Celestial Blaze: Natsu x OC by ZhraaDoesFanfics
Celestial Blaze: Natsu x OCby ZhraaDoesFanfics
This is a Fairy Tail fanfic. A friend of mine's OC is in this, I helped her design it. Hope you guys enjoy!
  • zhraa
  • dragneel
  • runa
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Forever Love ❤️  (A Zin Fan Fiction) by Koya_says_hi
Forever Love ❤️ (A Zin Fan Fan_Girl7
This is a fanfic of season 3 of free rein which is after the movies. So if you have not watched free rein you will be confused. Do not even think about reading this book...
  • ben
  • pin
  • squad
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[Rein*Shade/ Fine*Bright] Đạp cửa! Xông vào trái tim em!!! by 5453hatsune_asuna
[Rein*Shade/ Fine*Bright] Đạp cử 💥Aiyumi Hanasaki💥
Sumary: Đơn giản chỉ là một câu chuyện tình tay ba, tay tư rắc rối của tuổi 18 giữa một cô nàng cứng đầu hám zai( Rein) và một chàng trai chuẩn soái ca kun ngầu( Shade)...
  • fushigiboshinofutagohime
  • twinprincess
  • shade
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[ Công chúa sinh đôi ] Chuyện hậu cung, mấy ai biết ? by jojo_zodiac
[ Công chúa sinh đôi ] Chuyện hậ Epa Imazaki
Lần đầu viết truyện theo thể loại hậu cung, cổ đại, xuyên không,...nói chung là...sao nhỉ !? Ơm...kiểu, à, cổ trang, nên mong mọi người có gì nhắc nhở cho ạ ^^
  • congchuasinhdoi
  • fine
  • rein
The Pretend Relationship (A Shein Fanfic) by xSecretPersonLOLx
The Pretend Relationship (A SecretLoL
[The Pretend Relationship By: Me Myself and Bunny in] A Shade x Rein (Shein) Fanfiction Disclaimer: I don't own Fushigiboshi No Futagohime!
  • bright
  • shine
  • shade
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Fight Girls ! [Fanfiction Inazuma Eleven] (Pause) by Inazumablaze
Fight Girls ! [Fanfiction Inazumablaze
Le FFI est un grand événement pour les jeunes joueurs de football. Ils regroupent les meilleurs, et permet de se faire une place dans le milieu du sport. Pourtant, pou...
  • inazumaeleven
  • ocs
  • kibo
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