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Ice & Fire (Erik x OC) by Vigilante24
Ice & Fire (Erik x OC)by Vigilante24
Juliette is like fire, passionate about life and music. She doesn't let the world bring her down, no matter what. Erik is like ice, cold and distant. He is staying in th...
Suddenly by DallyxPop101
Suddenlyby Dally.x.Destler
Time Travel, Dancing, Galas, Wealth...and Mysterious Masked Men. • When a young dancer is sent back in time to 1800s France her obsession with the building that once sto...
Before the Phantom by Written_at_Wrandom
Before the Phantomby Kate
Erik Destler was not always alone. Once upon a time, he had a friend. Fate and circumstance tore her away from him, and now, they will bring her back. But has time c...
Darling. (Erik/Phantom x Reader) by AteveCaffrey
Darling. (Erik/Phantom x Reader)by Ateve Caffrey
(Based on both the 1990 'Phantom of the Opera' mini series and 2004 'Phantom of the Opera' movie, along with some other media). Known by the nobility of England as 'Ted...
The Soprano's Daughter by Arixias
The Soprano's Daughterby Ari
After the unfortunate burning of the Opera Populaire, life seemed to drag on as normal. Decades later, however, Christine Daae's daughter came back to get the story for...
My Forever and Always (The Phantom of The Opera) by Shimr_Light
My Forever and Always (The Shimr_Light
Clarissa Emerson is a girl with many talents. All her life she has excelled in the things she pursued. She has a dream to chase and a life to love. One day, she landed i...
The Phantom's daughter by klauslover3456
The Phantom's daughterby FANTASYFANSICTION
Erik gets the surprise of his life when his newborn baby daughter is left at his doorstep. He's decided to raise her without her mother. Now five years later, Christine...
The Man Behind the Monster: Phantom of the Opera Story by lukesagoodboy
The Man Behind the Monster: Megan
Elizabeth was adopted by the Daae family when she was just 4 years old. After the death of Gustave Daae when Elizabeth and Christine were 10, his trustworthy friend, Mad...
My Angel of Music by babbyblue87923
My Angel of Musicby babbyblue87923
Marianne Hill was a ballet dancers. She always wanted to perform at the teater but her lack of confidence made her can't fullfil her dream. She also a very talented sopr...
🌹Phantom of the Opera Imagines & One-Shots🌹 by billiethedramaqueen
🌹Phantom of the Opera 🥀Alex🥀
*Requests open!* Imagines of the different Phantoms
𝔊𝔢𝔯𝔞𝔯𝔡 𝔅𝔲𝔱𝔩𝔢𝔯 'Phantom of the Opera' 𝔒𝔫𝔢-𝔖𝔥𝔬𝔱𝔰 by immapascalalorian
𝔊𝔢𝔯𝔞𝔯𝔡 𝔅𝔲𝔱𝔩𝔢𝔯 ' immapascalalorian
A book of The Phantom of the Opera x Fem!Reader Oneshots, as portrayed by Gerard Butler. I do not write smut! All rights go to Andrew Lloyd Webber, the directors and wri...
The Phantom of the Opera by samanthaklier19
The Phantom of the Operaby samanthaklier19
After their father died, Christine Daae (7) and her younger sister Evangeline Daae (5) went with their father's friend; Madame Giry to live in the ballet dormitories at...
The Angel's Reality by Christine-1990
The Angel's Realityby Christine-1990
Summer has waited all her life to finally have the chance of playing the part of her role model, Christine Daaé. She auditions for a new version of the Phantom of the Op...
phantom of the opera x reader oneshots by phant0m0fthewapera
phantom of the opera x reader phantom of the wapera
bunch of fluff oneshots with the phantom of the opera!
Erik's New Love (Phantom of the opera x reader) by IAMTIEBROUS
Erik's New Love (Phantom of the thefudge
Y/n, (That's you) have always been Christine Daae's friend from birth. When her father died, she and you went to the Opera house where you learned how to sing and dance...
All I Ask of You by christinedaaeherself
All I Ask of Youby Andi
A Phantom of the Opera fan falls into a world that she can partially recognize from her favorite movie. She has the chance to save the Phantom for his solitude. Will she...
Love Revived by casuallllfollower
Love Revivedby Nadene
She had been shot, and her whole world faded before her.... And then she was thrust into the light and bustle of the Palais Garnier once again. Christine Daaé the shy so...
Christine, That's all I ask of you  by _another_phangirl
Christine, That's all I ask of you by Sabrina of the opera
{Follows the 2004 film} Christine got married to Raoul and they seemed to be happy together. But in a few months Christine realized that maybe something was wrong. Raoul...
Phantom Child by Nice_Cream
Phantom Childby NiceCream
Maya (OC) is an orphan living on the streets of Paris. One day she hides underneath the opera house and meets The Phantom, who suprisingly doesn't kill her and they soon...
The Man Clad in Black (Phantom of the Opera) by ---madness---
The Man Clad in Black (Phantom Your Broadway Geek
While visiting your father's workplace in 19th century France, you find yourself having to rush inside in of the Opera Populaire during a stormy night, for... obvious re...