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Love, War, and Force Protocol (Lesbian Story) by gabbysanerd
Love, War, and Force Protocol ( gabbysanerd
My name is Tara Jackson and I'm 25 years old. I am the Commander of a special forces squad in New York and my life is perfect. Until one thing happened and messed it all...
Anonymous by Jadeylm5
Anonymousby Brianna
Jade and Perrie have been best friends since they can remember. They do everything together all the time and it's had an affect on Perrie's emotions. Perrie isn't confus...
Guitar case → Corbyn Besson✔ by itzjustmebae
Guitar case → Corbyn Besson✔by QueenS🌻
''Todo lo que puede hacer una simple confusion y una funda de guitarra''
Lucky With Time~ Perri Kiely by dreamingdiversity
Lucky With Time~ Perri Kielyby Http. Kiely
I turned around slowly and saw Perri towering over me, our faces inched apart I could feel his breath on my cheek...
How things change ? - perri Kiely fan fiction by caitlyn_dv
How things change ? - perri CaitlynPinder
Sophie was a 21 year old dancer from Essex who runs her own studios unexpectedly meets a familiar face someone she didn't think she would speak to again They stay in c...
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Perri and Me- A romantic fan fic about Perri Kiely by Amberlkiely
Perri and Me- A romantic fan fic Amber
Amber is an ordinary girl but when she meets Perri'll just have to read...
Your Hair (sequel to your laugh) by self-music
Your Hair (sequel to your laugh)by self-music
After Alice has adjusted to being a member of Diversity, since dating member Perri Kiely. Her life will take some big turns over the next few months and this question w...
Perri Kiely imagines  by diversity_g
Perri Kiely imagines by diversity_x
Just cute and fun imagines of perri 😍😍 Open to any requests/ suggestions Enjoy x
Perri Kiely Fanfic  by diversity_g
Perri Kiely Fanfic by diversity_x
G is Ashley and Jordan's sister. She's a dancer and grew up with Perri and Mitch as her best friends. She went away for a year to perform on the west end but when she ca...
Diversity Imagines by Evie_spit_08
Diversity Imaginesby Evie Spittlehouse
Our favourite dance crew. Our favourite boys. Mainly cute and fluffy imagines. Will do requests later on. Please vote and comment.
Secrets  by SarahScorey
Secrets by Sarah Scorey
Sarah is a normal girl with a normal life until she's taken on her way to a party with friends and family. She meets the dance group Diversity, but not the way you'd exp...
a perri kiely dream  by perriikielyyyy
a perri kiely dream by perriikielyyyy
an ordinary dancer falling in love with an ordinary guy who has afro and glasses :)
 Lilac Heart (Perri kiely Love story ) by shotokanqueen
Lilac Heart (Perri kiely Love Shotokan queen
everyone knows perri for diversity but this story shows a side of him nobody knows, perri is immortal it powers he can never understand and a mission to find that one s...
Voodoo doll❤️ by lxwri1
Voodoo doll❤️by lxwri1
A Perri Kiely fanfic ❤️ I'm new at this so hope you like
Perri and Him-the fifth book to series 'Perri and Me' about Perri Kiely by Amberlkiely
Perri and Him-the fifth book to Amber
Amber and Perri have finally accepted the reality and beauty of the situation. Unfortunately, things change. And so do people.
What's Wrong With Milkshakes? by kyramaex_
What's Wrong With Milkshakes?by kyra🕊
Lexi and Brooke are normal. Perri is a talented dancer. Brooke is a massive fan of Diversity, Lexi doesn't really care. Perri loves milkshakes and has never had a girlfr...
True love or no love (Perri kiely fanfic) by erinandalex
True love or no love (Perri AlexDV
***COMPLETED*** When Jessica goes to one of her favourite dance groups workshop's she didn't realise that it was going to change her life... Is this True love or no love...
Diversity Imagines by ShelbyCompanyLmtd
Diversity Imaginesby ShelbyCompanyLmtd
Love them too much 😂 and there is a lack of DV books and they need more appreciation
Perri and Loves by LaurenNewton8
Perri and Lovesby Lauren Newton
Here is Perri and Loves is where he loves you all and this is his journey from the beginning... It all started he met diversity in the mall