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Yugioh Arc-V: Remnants of Time by PrinceNaro
Yugioh Arc-V: Remnants of Timeby Rjel/Lancer
When the Dimensions split, what no one expected or witness was four people, to be born One, in the Xyz One, in Synchro One, in Fusion And one, in the Standard With each...
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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX/ARC-V - The Dimension War by RobertDimascio
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX/ARC-V - The Robert Dimascio
Welcome to ARC-V, where some elements of GX will be added into this...well, only one key element. That's right folks! I think it's time we brought in a familiar Kuriboh...
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Pendulum - The Butterfly Effect (Bleach FF) by KimikoGlaciem
Pendulum - The Butterfly Effect ( KimikoGlaciem
We all know what happened over one hundred years ago when Aizen began his experiments on innocent souls. But what would have happened if Aizen dragged another innocent s...
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Soul of the Pendulum | Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V |  by sour_sweetsu
Soul of the Pendulum | Yu-Gi-Oh my existence
[Alternate title -> 魂のペンデュラム] ~~ The fun, is just getting started! ~~ [All characters' ages will be raised by 1-2 years since I'm not comfortable with writing stuff o...
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After Arc by CelestialDragon999
After Arcby CelestialDragon999
This was influence from an amazing Fanfic that sadly never got to be finish. So this story will focus on the Aftermath of everything and how there life goes on.
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Leo Galax: the Next Generation of Dueling by Deidara21
Leo Galax: the Next Generation Ethan Hermenitt
Status: Bi-Weekly (Wednesday's) set 16 years after Fusion Faction Rebellion, Leo is entering High School with a new perspective, and ready to show off his talents. Curre...
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gears of war pendulum wars. by carmine4life
gears of war pendulum carmine Brother 4 life
The pendulum Wars and how bad they were
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Legends: Generation Duelist's Frontier by KamenRiderRanger362
Yu-Gi-Oh! Legends: Generation John Cena_Roman Reigns_Fangirl
[This book dedicated to Yu-Gi-Oh! Legends: Ryu's Utopic Light's 300+ reads special] The story takes place in Arc 8. Ryu and the others took a long vacation in Tokyo whic...
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Telepathic By Chance by I_Heart_Fandoms26
Telepathic By Chanceby I_❤️_Fandoms
Yuya is sitting alone on a swing when his head starts to hurt and suddenly... he can talk to three other people. In his head. Read the Story to find out more!
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Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-v: Arisen from a card by InuyashaSpokes
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-v: Arisen from a cardby Aiko Mutou
Yami, Yugi, Aiko, and Alakan have been missing for many years. Never to be seen again. Their mansion is still in perfect shape. Like someone has been living there still...
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Arm by pleurite1937
Armby pleurite1937
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Yu Gi Oh! Bonds Across Time (Remake) by AnimeHetaliaGirl124
Yu Gi Oh! Bonds Across Time ( April Dee Bernal
This is a remake of my old one. It all started pretty normal. That is until something horrible happened in Yugi's Timeline, which made Atem return with his fellow Pries...
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Insect by premanufacturer1953
Insectby premanufacturer1953
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EDM Stuff. (EPILEPSY WARNING) by MezThePanther
I'll Most Likely Post Full Sets And Clips. There Will Be Flashing Images Throughout Each Video, So I Would Avoid Watching Any Of The Videos If You Are An Epileptic.
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Care by nguyentomford49
Careby nguyentomford49
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Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V Fusion by Orenji7
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V Fusionby Orenji7
Yuya was dueling Sora in a match of Yu Gi Oh
Amount by idonalatorre95
Amountby idonalatorre95
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Number Hunter 10: Fusion Faction Rebellion (#Wattys2018) by Deidara21
Number Hunter 10: Fusion Faction Ethan Hermenitt
(Written as Final Arc of a story I wrote) *Completed* 10 years after the near end of the world, 10, or as he is now known by, Light Galax, is living his life relatively...
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Team by rebahgopal26
Teamby rebahgopal26
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From by hoipiattoni74
Fromby hoipiattoni74
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