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꧁un amor prohibido꧂ Muichiro x lectora by Artemis_9000
꧁un amor prohibido꧂ Muichiro x Artemis_9000
"¿Una historia de amor entre un demonio y un cazador de demonios? El suyo es prácticamente un amor prohibido" T/n el primer demonio que no puede permanecer baj...
Percy Jackson - Forgiving, not Forgetting by BraveandPowerful
Percy Jackson - Forgiving, not Clarrissa Parker
Percy Jackson has been killed, maybe not physically, but still killed. Dead. Gone. But Chaos brings him back with some help from a few gods. He was betrayed by the ones...
Patron sensin//mattheo riddle// by malfoyunki
Patron sensin//mattheo riddle//by Malfoy_Riddle_fic
Mattheo riddle dosyasını aldıktan sonra holdingte çalışmaya başladım çete lideri sandığımız o adam tarafından kaçırıldım 7. günüm ve sanırım aşık olmaya başlıyorum yavaş...
ŞEYTANİ ETKİ +18 by sel19tu
ŞEYTANİ ETKİ +18by Tucersat00
Beklenmedik bi davet nelere yol açabilirki?
PATRONUN KARISI ( + 18 )  by sergie41
PATRONUN KARISI ( + 18 ) by sergie41
Spoiler! Artık sinirlendiği burun deliklerinden belli olan Güliz tekrar bana dönerek çatık kaşlarla bağıracakken Ümit Bey' in odasından bir ses geldi. Daha doğrus...
Not Your Typical Vampire [ HARUKYU 18+] by rutojwjk
Not Your Typical Vampire [ Lili
Junkyu is the new waiter at a vampire specialized club. He did not expect he would meet a vampire like Haruto on his first day.
Mon boss by This_blackness
Mon bossby Samy
« passer un superbe week-end avec un inconnu est vraiment bien surtout quand cet inconnu est celui qui vous a pris votre virginité mais et quand cet même inconnu s'avère...
KİMSİN SEN? by lilyreginaa
KİMSİN SEN?by lilyreginaa
"Demek ki isminiz bu yüzden Jeff" "Ne demek istediğinizi anlayamadım Ms. Acardi" "Demek istediğim Jeff ismi tutkulu, sezgisel ve romantik erkekl...
Requiem for a Sword by PatriciaAliceB
Requiem for a Swordby Patricia
The four kingdoms of Anevion - Espentium, Tyradion, Ordica and Myrantis - have been hostile for as long as anyone can remember. Although never having been to war, the a...
OS Pantron : I'm addicted to you by LapinouChan
OS Pantron : I'm addicted to youby Usagi
Patron sait y faire avec ses mains, c'est un fait. Pas que ça d'ailleurs! En plus, il est incroyablement sexy. Comment notre pauvre chanteur qu'est Maître Panda pourrait...
Junoesque  by C84553
Junoesque by CJ-TBW
Beautiful lady
Path of Hate (The poem) by Kurta_supremacy
Path of Hate (The poem)by Kodaspoetry
Sage and Asai are archenemies. Nonstop fighting occurs when they come across each other. Will they be able to survive in a life or death situation?
A Land of Dragon Tales by Cross-Warrior
A Land of Dragon Talesby 𝓒. 𝓦. 𝓚𝓷𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽
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May I take your order? by AmyRavenheart
May I take your order?by Amy Ravenheart
Here we go again, ranting and whining about my everyday life! "Why?", you may ask? Well, the short answer is "Because!" Also, the long answer is &quo...
The One Who Dances on Shadowed Feet by YYuxi0
The One Who Dances on Shadowed Feetby Yuxi
"Before they were the legends, oral tradition passed down from generation to generation, before they were heroes of the War of Seven Forces, and before all the stor...
OTP (Jacquees FAN FRICTION) by YvonnyBenee
OTP (Jacquees FAN FRICTION)by PaiPai
When you on the phone till 6 A.M. When the weed keep rolling. When that Patron done got into your system. Damn the way he look at you when he paints you.......