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Mère Porteuse de Bieber by Man-King
Mère Porteuse de Bieberby Maggie
Megan est une jeune femme qui tente de subvenir aux besoins de son frère et de sa soeur. Elle a sur ses épaules de lourdes responsabilités. Un jour, elle tombe sur une a...
  • meganfox
  • fanfiction
  • patron
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M.Park Jimin by Lyza_Fanf
M.Park Jiminby .L Y Z A.
M.Park, Park Jimin. Cet abruti de patron! Il m'énèrve... Est ce qu'il va me lâcher un jour? Un jour gentil, un jour méchant... Abruti je dis... Abruti!
  • abruti
  • conflit
  • patron
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St. Clare of Assisi by _Awesome_Sauce_1
St. Clare of Assisiby Kennedy Smith
A small, and hopefully mostly true, biography on Saint Clare, my patron saint, on her feast day.
  • religious
  • catholic
  • sacrifice
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BENİ BEKLE by hissizbirdeli
BENİ BEKLEby hissizbirdeli
Burada yazdığım ilk kitap, bu yaşıma kadar yazdığım ikinci kitap... bu kitapta töre aşkı, mafya, vampirler, ergenler görmeyeceksiniz. Bu kitapta biraz beni biraz sizi gö...
  • patron
  • beklemek
  • abi
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S.D ŞİRKETİ by xx_olumsuz
S.D ŞİRKETİby xx_olumsuz
Sarışın bir kız olduğum halde, sarışın düşmanı bir patronu olan şirkette çalışmak zorundayım. Sarışınlığımı sevdiğim halde bu şirkette bir peruk ile bu özelliğimi sakla...
  • sakli
  • patron
  • dusman
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Girl Boss by Rose_Dms
Girl Bossby Rose_Dms
Rose Waters, c'est bien mon nom. Ma vie a bien changée depuis ce gars-là. Celui qui m'a piqué non seulement mon innocence, mais aussi mon coeur. Malheureusement pour moi...
  • badgirl
  • virginity
  • patron
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ASİSTAN by demim19992
ASİSTANby demim19992
Kore'den ayrılıp kendi ülkesine dönen bir asistanın hikayesi. 06.09.2017...
  • patron
  • türkiye
  • ask
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Song Fic Slg : Le Patron est amoureux by 0TeamMonspiet0
Song Fic Slg : Le Patron est amour...by Reddie vie
J'avais trop envi de faire une song fic, et elle est là ! Song fic dont le thême est Patron x reader.
  • reader
  • slg
  • songfic
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Caelum's Angels by SelJKoo
Caelum's Angelsby Selina Koo
Celine doesn’t know it yet, but she’s special. She’s different compared to the other angels at Caelum Academy. Her genetics aren’t the same as the others. Something isn’...
  • dream
  • flying
  • purple
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adolessense by Dbluemoon
adolessenseby 070118
• a contest entry in Teen Pen Collection 2017 of WWG Publishing House • when growing up means a beautiful disaster
  • teenfic
  • teenromance
  • teen
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les miserables 'if only's by movedtoaccountabove
les miserables 'if only'sby marley
  • musical
  • les
  • minette
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OTP (Jacquees FAN FRICTION) by YvonnyBenee
OTP (Jacquees FAN FRICTION)by HighBi
When you on the phone till 6 A.M. When the weed keep rolling. When that Patron done got into your system. Damn the way he look at you when he paints you.......
  • fanficiton
  • jacquees
  • patron
Guiding Light by JC_The_Continuer
Guiding Lightby JC_The_Continuer
100 chapters, each a self contained short story The Arcanian people are scattered and lost after the fall of their island nation. The island, rich in resources and of...
  • dragon
  • curse
  • undead
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Let me Matter • (SydKnox) by ttakeyaheadoff
Let me Matter • (SydKnox)by sadistic trash
coмpleтed one ѕнoт What was he supposed to do; now that he was nothing?
  • sorry
  • fanfiction
  • justangst
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PATRON  DEMONS by PhillipDeNise
PATRON DEMONSby Phillip DeNise
Titivillus was a demon said to work on behalf of Belphegor, Lucifer or Satan to introduce errors into the work of scribes.
  • titivillus
  • e-mails
  • demon
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