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Dragon Raja Oneshots by NashmeriaKpopFan
Dragon Raja Oneshotsby NashmeriaKpopFan
Since people rarely make any Dragon raga contect I WILL DO IT :) I can do request I might do lemons but request first plz A lot of fluffs Don't mind my gammer mistakes
Aladdin's Sister by Daisy_Flower1039
Aladdin's Sisterby Daisy Blackthorn
Aladdin and his twin sister Aaliyah live in the streets of Agrabah. They only have each other and their respective pets, A monkey named Abu for Aladdin, and a black Soma...
#69 in short story (15/09/2017) Ts
Drag Queen Preferences by GraceLuzon0310
Drag Queen Preferencesby Grace Luzon
I love RPDR so here we gooo Queens: Bianca Del Rio, Alyssa Edwards,Shangela,Courtney Act,Adore,Katya,Trixie, Manila Luzon, Alaska, Raja and more!
Prince of Darkness {On Going} by hiladina
Prince of Darkness {On Going}by Syahila Faradina
Malam yang gelap dan sunyi membuat suasana yang begitu menakutkan tanpa ada apapun hanya ada seorang lelaki yang sedang berjalan di tengah keheningan malam ditemani oleh...
Alfi Syakira Awwaliya Hussein, seorang Ratu Ruham As-Salafiyah yang dianggap sebagai wanita berdarah Ardanareshwari, wanita hebat yang kelak akan melahirkan raja-raja. T...
Heroes VS Gangster Troublemaker by MiszuApples
Heroes VS Gangster Troublemakerby Eymantyra
siapa tak kenal kan dengan group popular dekat sekolah..siapa lagi kalau bukan gurlyster,,harap je muka lawa tapi perangai shytons,,kau fikir diorang kesah? 7 pelajar p...
The Game of Fate   by Adheeshree
The Game of Fate by Adheeshree
"You forced me into this. You only want me for your pleasure. Come take it all from me. Rob me of the last thing you can take from me because after this, there will...
Rupauls Drag Race Imagines And Prefrences by LottieBeau1
Rupauls Drag Race Imagines And Pre...by Beau
There may be spelling mistakes These are stories of the contestants from Rupauls Drag Race. If you cant find your favourite drag queen. Bare with! Ill try my best to...
 Hind&Zaïm à la DEVDAS by chhnz89
Hind&Zaïm à la DEVDASby CHHNZ®
J'espère qu'on finira ensemble à la fin du livre..
Dragon Raja by mochaawagic
Dragon Rajaby mocha
Johann Chu x Reader - The world was once ruled by a clan called the Dragon Raja. After many battles lost, humans were finally able to defeat the Dark King and put him an...
New Girl (Beverly Valley High) by Kpoplover_2004
New Girl (Beverly Valley High)by Kpoplover_2004
When a new girl come to BVH Most of this is not my it's from a YouTube channel called Dan and Riya I just put a little spin to it I hope you enjoy it Dan and Riya see t...
RENDEZVOUS SCANDALby Sekar ayu prameswari
Di desa Riri ada peraturan tidak boleh keluar rumah dari jam 12 malam hingga jam 6 pagi. Peraturan itu ada sebelum Riri lahir, jika melanggar akan dihukum bahkan diusir...
Rebirth: Fang Ru Qin by Army95_queen
Rebirth: Fang Ru Qinby Army_Queen
(ORIGINAL- BUKAN TERJEMAHAN) Dia adalah Fang Ru Qin, satu-satunya putri Menteri Pertahanan Fang. Seorang yang cerdas, anggun dan menawan. Tapi sayang, sejak kecil lagi...
Move, my dads a drag queen. (Includes Manila x Raja if you're not into that-) by manilacone
Move, my dads a drag queen. (Inclu...by stressed out turtle
14 year old Maria Liam lost all her memory after her abusive father banged her head on the metal fencing on their apartment roof. In her ear ringing haze, she decides to...
RPDR opinions by blondearab
RPDR opinionsby BlondeArab
This is just basically my opinions that I decided to write down after that dreadful af AS4 episode 8. I don't believe in sending hate to the queens, especially based on...
The Rajmata by Suganthii
The Rajmataby सुगंथी
❝and there she lived, steady by mind, yet heart broken.❞ Story of mothers of all great Indian mythological heroes, the stories of how they have been banished and tarnish...
Johann And Chisei shots-one by GalaxybloodmoonYT
Johann And Chisei shots-oneby Galaxy Bloodmoon
Request are open Johann Chu and Chisei Gen some OCS and some reader (female) Timetable Johann x female reader or oc Chisei x female reader or oc Chisei x Johann x reader...
drag queen group chat by tyyyyyyansan
drag queen group chatby tyyyyyyansan
it's just a book with some group chats?? I really hope y'all like it