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The Bride  by MysteriousAuthorSan
The Bride by Author-San
-=○=-=●=-=💚=-=●=-=○=- You will jump into the role of the best friend from Waylon Park. You've been the last female psychologist and your current patient is Chris Walker...
No Hope {Outlast} by succyakamaizono
No Hope {Outlast}by succyakamaizono
You weren't one for bright ideas, so when someone came up with the idea to follow Miles Upshur to Mount Massive Asylum, you were all for it, that was, until you climbed...
Out Lasting Romance - Eddie Gluskin x Reader by CringyFanGamer
Out Lasting Romance - Eddie Gluski...by Gamer
A story that takes place in the world of Outlast with the player as a female and Eddie Gluskin. This is a mature story based on an M rated game. Viewer discretion is adv...
~My Dear Darling Bride~ {An Outlast: Whistleblower Fanfiction} by tired_glitch_
~My Dear Darling Bride~ {An Outlas...by tired_glitch_
My parents, they thought of me as batshit crazy. And my therapist? Well, she had the same common thoughts as my parents did. I don't blame em' for sending me away to thi...
To Outlast Your Never-Ending Career by chaoticbutterfly
To Outlast Your Never-Ending Careerby Chaos Flying 🦡
(Outlast and Outlast: Whistleblower x Reader) As a psychiatrist at Mount Massive Asylum, Y/N finds herself in an unfortunate situation where she has to outlast the suffe...
A Warrior's Sweetheart (Incineroar X Decidueye) by FlamingArrowShipper
A Warrior's Sweetheart (Incineroar...by FlamingArrowShipper
Alola everyone!! Here's my second book on this adorable ship. Again, please don't judge this and if you want to, then get out.
Outlast oneshots by DocMitchellTheAnime
Outlast oneshotsby DocMitchellTheAnime
Will contain Character x Character, Character x Reader, and Character x Reader x Character. I forgot to add this detail the art is by me and it is a self drawing with Ch...
Your Scars are My Scars (Eddie Gluskin fanfiction) [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] by saltyasswriter
Your Scars are My Scars (Eddie Glu...by Yours Truly~
((IMPORTANT NOTE: this fanfic has been taken down for HEAVY duty editing. There will be a chapter posted once it has been edited.)) Paige Archer was a newly hired thera...
My Sweet Darling (Eddie Gluskin x reader)  by Alexander_Smiles62
My Sweet Darling (Eddie Gluskin x...by Alexander Smiles
Not much to say, there might be Smut, but idk yet
Outlast: All Notes And Documents by Walrider13
Outlast: All Notes And Documentsby Walrider13
All notes and documents from Outlast and Outlast: Whistleblower. Spoilers about game. Please vote your favoruite note.
Outlast Imagines by Queen_Warrior186
Outlast Imaginesby Queen_Warrior186
It's what the title says Outlast character Imagines and I'm taking requests from anyone. I'm willing to writing about : * Eddie Gluskin * Miles Upshur ...
The Groom needs a Bride (Eddie Gluskin x Waylon park) by Majestic_Naifu
The Groom needs a Bride (Eddie Glu...by Majestic_Naifu
This is a alternative ending to "Outlast Whistleblower" if Waylon came together with Eddie, and left Lisa. Yes there will most certainly be a lemon to this and...
Survivor Heroes Vs Villains 2  by qkspllNINJA
Survivor Heroes Vs Villains 2 by qkspllNINJA
Heroes Andrea ( Seasons 22,26,34.) Christina (Season 24.) Wentworth (Seasons 29,31,38.) Chrissy (Season 35.) Janet (Season 39.) Chris (Season 38.) Dan (Season 37.) Chris...
Eddie Gluskin x Reader by Xenomorph_Queen76
Eddie Gluskin x Readerby Xenomorph_Queen76
(Y/N) just escaped another variant. Now she's in an area filled with sewing materials and blood. A man catches her, and for some reason is talking about marriage. (Y/N)...
Insanity Becomes You [Outlast fanfic Eddie Gluskin] by TrashInTheWind
Insanity Becomes You [Outlast fanf...by アッシュ
Eddie Gluskin X Reader ~Darling~ by omlpyro
Eddie Gluskin X Reader ~Darling~by my name jeff
You enter the sewing area and meet someone new. Eddie Gluskin (The groom).
Escape - Outlast [COMPLETED] by jullepri
Escape - Outlast [COMPLETED]by jullepri
You're locked in the Mount Massive Asylum. When the shit hits the fan, you need to get out, but you've to find Waylon Park, your best friend, first. Along your adventure...
Outlast x reader one shots by Deadly_lover_13
Outlast x reader one shotsby Deadly_lover_13
You get a chance to be with the Outlast man/s of your dreams my childrenz.
You're a sin. ( Eddie Gluskin x Reader)  by LiyahWolf7
You're a sin. ( Eddie Gluskin x Re...by Liyah
Coming home after a long exhausting day of work you walk up the stairs, about to open the door when you heard moaning from the other side of the door. Standing there af...