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Silent Bride|| Outlast by AngelGothBaby
Silent Bride|| Outlastby Din
What if you're unable to yell for help. Evelyn is a mute 19 year old as she gets written into the dream therapy at murkoff's facility without her knowledge at Mount Mas...
Eddie Gluskin x Reader AU by Rainbow_Jeffica
Eddie Gluskin x Reader AUby Rainbow_Jeffica
(If you Enjoy this Please give a Follow to Motivate me further in Writing this for you guys.) (In this Alternate Universe Eddie Gluskin Survived the Gash Wound he got wi...
outlast (reader insert)  by vodkarott
outlast (reader insert) by Spencer
[editing as i go along tbh] (y/n) was a woman of her word. strong willed and determined. so when she realized her best friend had gone missing... she instantly went out...
Meeting Mr. Blaire by KarsenSnow-2014
Meeting Mr. Blaireby Karsen ❄️
Kayla Johnson is a young woman who is trying to get a job at Mount Massive Asylum. After she submitted her paperwork, she goes to a bar and meets a man named Jeremy Blai...
Outlasted: An Outlast Fanfiction (2.0) by -thelyingcandor
Outlasted: An Outlast Fanfiction ( Hannah R.
Everyone, it is time for you all to meet the descendants of Mount Massive. Their fathers all went down in history--three as mass murdering psychopaths, one as the greate...
Outlast: Deep in the Heart of Mount Massive Asylum by giforjif_idfk
Outlast: Deep in the Heart of benjamin
You are Miles Upshur, an investigative reporter whose ambition is about to earn him an intimate tour of hell on earth. Always willing to risk digging into the stories no...
Your Scars are My Scars (Eddie Gluskin fanfiction) [UNDER CONSTRUCTION] by ninja_stories
Your Scars are My Scars (Eddie a salt shaker
((IMPORTANT NOTE: this fanfic has been taken down for HEAVY duty editing. There will be a chapter posted once it has been edited.)) Paige Archer was a newly hired thera...
Party of Horror by JulesSpringley
Party of Horrorby TweetMark
The Variants from Outlast and Outlast Whistleblower do a big Party and they invite also people (most of them are women). They all get friends and maybe something with l...