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To Outlast Your Never-Ending Career by chaoticbutterfly
To Outlast Your Never-Ending Careerby chaoticbutterfly
(Outlast and Outlast: Whistleblower x Reader) As a psychiatrist at Mount Massive Asylum, Y/N finds herself in an unfortunate situation where she has to outlast the suffe...
Silent Bride|| Outlast by AngelGothBaby
Silent Bride|| Outlastby Din
What if you're unable to yell for help. Evelyn is a mute 19 year old as she gets written into the dream therapy at murkoff's facility without her knowledge at Mount Mas...
Lost in the Dark - Little Nightmares x Outlast by AMinecraftCreeper
Lost in the Dark - Little Nightmar...by Is this the real life?
Investigative journalist Miles Upshur explores The Maw after receiving an anonymous tip about the ship. 100 reads- 5/5/2018
The Bride  by Unicornasthenight
The Bride by ?
-=○=-=●=-=💚=-=●=-=○=- You will jump into the role of the best friend from Waylon Park. You've been the last female psychologist and your current patient is Chris Walker...
Outlast Imagines by Queen_Warrior186
Outlast Imaginesby Queen_Warrior186
It's what the title says Outlast character Imagines and I'm taking requests from anyone. I'm willing to writing about : * Eddie Gluskin * Miles Upshur ...
Outlast oneshots by DocMitchellTheAnime
Outlast oneshotsby DocMitchellTheAnime
Will contain Character x Character, Character x Reader, and Character x Reader x Character. I forgot to add this detail the art is by me and it is a self drawing with Ch...
Darling (Eddie Gluskin x oc Alice) by darkestofhearts
Darling (Eddie Gluskin x oc Alice)by DarkestOfHearts
After being a nurse at amount Massive Asylum, Alice has been committed to the asylum for trying to leave once she learned the horrible truth about what they are doing...
His Darling by Candygirl3473
His Darlingby ☠Queen FireWolf☠
Have no idea what the description should be so just read to find out. Discretion: the drawing/picture in the cover does not belong to me! It belongs to the artist! June...
Outlast Preferences and Boyfriend Scenarios by ThatPurpleSlacker
Outlast Preferences and Boyfriend...by H I A T U S
Alrighty, so this is just a selection of preferences and boyfriend scenarios for everyone's favorite Outlast characters. I'll be writing for Eddie Gluskin, Miles Upshur...
Eddie Gluskin x Reader AU by Rainbow_Jeffica
Eddie Gluskin x Reader AUby Rainbow_Jeffica
(If you Enjoy this Please give a Follow to Motivate me further in Writing this for you guys.) (In this Alternate Universe Eddie Gluskin Survived the Gash Wound he got wi...
Eddie Gluskin one shots by Jacknapierishere
Eddie Gluskin one shotsby Jacknapierishere
This will only have Eddie from Outlast Whistleblower. The characters nor the games are mine. Oh Eddie darling, why did you have to die!
Outlast Whistleblower Fanfic by fandomdreams
Outlast Whistleblower Fanficby Manglex
20 years later... I slowly entered the building. He told me not to come here, that there would be psychos. But honestly, who would listen to that? Note: All pictures use...
My Sweet Darling (Eddie Gluskin x reader)  by Fandom_Writer62
My Sweet Darling (Eddie Gluskin x...by Alexander Smiles
Not much to say, there might be Smut, but idk yet
Random Oneshots by ra9_is_my_religion
Random Oneshotsby ImmaSexyPancake
This is just a small book full of oneshots I have made because I legit have no life :). I do NOT own a SINGLE character in this book. All rights go to the creators and w...
Outlast Memes! by beesnootfound
Outlast Memes!by 𝙈𝙮𝙚𝙧𝙨 𝙎𝙞𝙢𝙥
Memes about the best horror game ever! (in my opinion) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I do not own the picture, art goes to the rightful owners! ⚫update⚫ Srsly why did you...
Psycho love Eddie Gluskin (Fanfic)  by The_Elven_Shadow
Psycho love Eddie Gluskin (Fanfic) by Tic_Toe
Have you ever seen things that no one else could? Ever experienced or done things you couldn't explain? No? Well I guess your one of the lucky ones. Even if you did, wou...
Eddie Gluskin X Reader ~Darling~ by omlpyro
Eddie Gluskin X Reader ~Darling~by my name jeff
You enter the sewing area and meet someone new. Eddie Gluskin (The groom).
Falling into Outlast; She's Mine! (Various Outlast males X Curvy Nurse Reader) by EPICNESSQUEEN21
Falling into Outlast; She's Mine...by EPICNESSQUEEN
(Name) (Last Name) loved playing the outlast games. Being Outlast and Outlast Whistle Blower. One day she wondered what it would be like if she work at Mount Massive Asy...