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✰Rocket Ship✰ by yourturntowrite
✰Rocket Ship✰by Venti
Kokichi Ouma, the ultimate supreme leader, had been getting on everyone's nerves lately, especially Kaito Motoma's. But when the astronaut realizes the leader's not the...
Hollow Lies (Danganronpa) by -Tearful-Shushu-
Hollow Lies (Danganronpa)by Selkie.Selkie
*V3 Spoilers* *Contains some triggering topics* All his life Kokichi knew himself as this loud, annoying prankster. Why would he remember any different? Little did he kn...
A Dɪғғᴇʀᴇɴᴛ Kɪɴᴅ Oғ Lᴏᴠᴇ by yourturntowrite
A Dɪғғᴇʀᴇɴᴛ Kɪɴᴅ Oғ Lᴏᴠᴇby Venti
Monokuma had decided on his new motive of the week. Everyone got given a slip of paper with someone's name on it. You had to make them fall in love with you, or you'd be...
Danganronpa Images by Panta_Lover69
Danganronpa Imagesby Kokichi senpai
My phone is just full of danganronpa images so i thought i would share them with all of you. None of the art is mine and all credit goes to the original artists :)
dead deceit ~ (a drv3 au) ~ COMPLETE by S-SADBONES_
dead deceit ~ (a drv3 au) ~ COMPLE...by badboyhalo!!
after korekiyo's execution, everyone's in poor spirits - except a certain purple-haired mischief maker. annoyed by kokichi's plotting and bored with the lack of killing...
A Drawing of Me and You (An OuMota Fanfic) by chiakihq
A Drawing of Me and You (An OuMota...by Kaitoᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ
Kaito and Kokichi wake up inside a hospital together, it's odd.. Every nurse seems to be deserted.. What even happened to Danganronpa? They find out that they're trappe...
Saioumota oneshots by saiouma_shiper_owo
Saioumota oneshotsby That one shiper
If you write ideas I'll do them 👌 13. Saioumota 22. Saimota 14. Saimota 4. Saioumota 5.Saimota
Oumota Valentine's Day Special [SMUT] by irlkaitomomota
Oumota Valentine's Day Special [SM...by irlkaitomomota
Kokichi sets up a special something for Kaito
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After The Game (Kokichi Harem) by UserNotFound42069
After The Game (Kokichi Harem)by UserNotFound
After the game, everyone wakes up and some people started seeing Kokichi for who he really is and starts falling in love.
I'm not a bad guy {Pregame oumota} ~ COMPLETED ~ by Peaxhykokichi
I'm not a bad guy {Pregame oumota}...by Demi
its pregame oumoto •w• Some oumami And eventually oumasai Some things I hit UwU #1 for oumota #1 for Amami
Drv3 pregame chatfic by Nanami_Official_1
Drv3 pregame chatficby Gamer girl
Um hi. I'm a multi shipper so this will have like almost every ship imaginable in it.
Danganronpa v3 chatfic by ZeroMori
Danganronpa v3 chatficby Yumeko Moriyama
My only goal for this is to have at least 1/2 chat and 1/2 fic. I've read a lot of chatfics, so a lot of inspiration comes from them. There's about two chatfics where yo...
Do You Remember? by MIDORI-Sou
Do You Remember?by Shin Tsukimi #1 fan
An Oumota story because my heart needs it. Post Game AU "Do you remember anything before the game." "No" "Do you remember anyone from before th...
Starry Nights and Kisses by Frogggtea
Starry Nights and Kissesby Frogggtea
A collection of Oumota Oneshots!! (aka this only gets updated like, once in a blue moon when I repost from my ao3 ( ꈍᴗꈍ) )
Used Up Nsfw by wonderful-evils
Used Up Nsfwby Marvin
Read as kokichi is passed around between characters the poor lad I'm simply writing this because I'm a nsfw writer take all your hate and stick it somewhere else
"Small Problem"  Baby!Kokichi Au by Apaczek
"Small Problem" Baby!Kokichi Auby COCK ITCHY OUMA
Monokuma gets tired of Kokichi messing up with his plans and getting too close to finding out who the mastermind is. So, he decides to use one of the motives....a very s...
What Lies Ahead (Oumota) by _Nakahara_Chuuya_
What Lies Ahead (Oumota)by Chuuya Nakahara Osamu Dazai
Kokichi Ouma had been sure that his group could make it out alive. Absolutely sure. But, he was forced to watch that all go to nothing. He was the smallest of them and w...
Home Is Where You Are-Domestic Oumota Oneshots by -supremeinvader
Home Is Where You Are-Domestic Oum...by supreme invader
I'm a S L U T for some domestic oumota so please take this oumota bible and bask in the light of Kaito's goatee
Anyone else could have been better, honestly. by Dollipo
Anyone else could have been better...by Doolley 💖
Oumota college fan fiction! Please know that this is my first fan fiction so I am very inexperienced but I tried! Also! This fan fiction will be switching POVs per chapt...
Saioumota Oneshots by ParentAnonymous
Saioumota Oneshotsby
might be a bit ooc chapters may take a while as i get bored easily and have to research the characters a lot also first real fanfic so yay warning: Miu is in this so i c...