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💜Saiouma headcanons 💙 by SupremeAntagonist
💜Saiouma headcanons 💙by SupremeAntagonist
I fucking love saiouma and have sooooo many head canons for them so this book is now a thing- Some of these head canons are random and stupid but eh- Ima section them of...
Shuichi X Reader (Oneshots) by Shoeszz
Shuichi X Reader (Oneshots)by Shoesz
Just a shuichi kin trying to spread more shuichi ❥︎ I am 𝗡𝗢𝗧 taking request I'm just getting back into the book so expect some updates shortly ❥︎ Have an amazing re...
Oumasai Oneshots by MiiShii_i
Oumasai Oneshotsby Mii
yee yee this all takes place in different AU's other than ingame and pregame oumsai, since both of those are toxic. Anyways, enjoy! ^^
DRV3 Chat [OumaSai/Saiouma] by xkokichix
DRV3 Chat [OumaSai/Saiouma]by ☆koki☆
Kokichi has invited you to join the group chat. Accept or Deny? • not entirely a chatfic, has oumasai off text aswell.
Attached to you ~ Saiouma/Oumasai by xkokichix
Attached to you ~ Saiouma/Oumasaiby ☆koki☆
Kokichi was the easiest person to manipulate (or so Saihara thought)
🍬 ,, Why? '' 🍬 || Kokichi Ouma X Shuichi Saihara || DanganronpaV3 by VolcanicCrisis
🍬 ,, Why? '' 🍬 || Kokichi Ouma 🌼 Sunshine 🌼
Hanahaki..... Soulmate AU...... After game..... Saiouma,,- - It was just a game.. A vr simulation... Yet it all... Still feels so real. The nightmares that torment them...
Ask Shuichi Saihara  by Saiharaismychild
Ask Shuichi Saihara by Wigs don't like me:(
Pretty self explanatory from the title. Just ask the boi some questions. WARNING: THIS BOOK IS VERY SAIMATSU HEAVY. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THAT, THEN I DON'T RECOMMEND READIN...
Yandere Danganronpa Posts From My Tumblr by shuichisbombeyeliner
Yandere Danganronpa Posts From shuichisbombeyeliner
HCs and imagines from my tumblr! Accepting requests!
Oumasai/Saiouma Oneshots+🍋lemons🍋 by DinoChiccyNuggies
Oumasai/Saiouma Oneshots+🍋lemons🍋by Hu tao come back please
[COVER NOT MINE ALL RIGHT TO THE ARTISTS] -smuts -fluff -agnst -everything !!!IS ALLOWED!!!! yes im being such a horney pleb rn if u dont know who these people are it...
The Ultimate Mastermind Detective // Mastermind! Shuichi x Reader by littleann_gacha
The Ultimate Mastermind Little Ann Gacha
You are trapped in a killing game along with the other 16 students, once the first murder happened you seemed to give out suspicion to one person... Shuichi Saihara the...
Chequered Scarfs and Detective hats. by LiarLiarStarsOnFire
Chequered Scarfs and Detective LyingStars.2107
Shuichi Saihara, the Ultimate Detective, wakes up in a locker one day. He soon finds out he's at the Ultimate Academy for gifted juveniles with 15 other students. Monok...
DANGANRONPA V3: Don't Break My Promise (Saimatsu Fanfiction) by KaedeMatsu28
DANGANRONPA V3: Don't Break My Kaede Akamatsu
"Don't try and help me Kaede. Please...don't..." - - - - - All throughout his school life, Shuichi Saihara has been bullied severely by the Ouma squad. Both h...
Green With Envy |Komahina & Saioma by _czsai_
Green With Envy |Komahina & Saiomaby Charismatic
A Komahina and Saioma Crossover where Nagito and Hajime are fighting, while Shuichi and Kokichi are fighting. To solve the problem, Angie and Ibuki suggest staying with...
Beneath the Mask [Oumasai] by glass_kitten
Beneath the Mask [Oumasai]by glass_kitten
Kokichi Ouma wants to end the killing game no matter what. Even if it means concealing his true emotions and pretending to be the mastermind, making everyone hate him. B...
Good Boy (Obsessed!Danganronpa Boys x Reader) by Mighty_Number_39
Good Boy (Obsessed!Danganronpa genocide jackass
(No smut) There's a fine line between love and obsession. Between protectiveness and possessiveness. Looking out for and stalking. But it's okay! They're not doing anyt...
Scars and smiles by ibukironpa
Scars and smilesby ibukironpa
Depressed! Ouma x Saihara Shuichi Saihara is a famous detective who is known worldwide for solving many famous murder cases and missing people. Kokichi Ouma is currentl...