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The god of destruction a NarutoxbleachxDragon ball super crossover by Terakage
The god of destruction a Narutoxbl...by Joel Benedict Ona
What if Naruto has the power of a destroyer and unlike most gods of destruction he takes his training and work to a whole new level. He will also be cautious in destroyi...
One-Punch Ninja! by Kenaren by shiriochi
One-Punch Ninja! by Kenarenby shio.
In a weird coincidence. Naruto stumbles upon Kakashi and Gai getting ready for one of their contests. After watching and being amazed by the strength the two possess. He...
A Thirst For Power (Naruto Neglect Story) by FUCKOFFNUTHEAD
A Thirst For Power (Naruto Neglect...by perchance
Naruto has 2 siblings, Kinato and Natsumi. For his entire childhood, he was ignored and neglected by his parents, as his siblings were thought to be higher priority beca...
Chosen by the Goddess by Volerious
Chosen by the Goddessby Volerious
Naruto is Madara's Grandson. Madara will start to train him at the age of 5. But a Certain Goddess has set her Eyes on the Kid and wants him to be hers.
Namikaze Hidden Kekkei Genkai by john_leedom
Namikaze Hidden Kekkei Genkaiby Puma's Army
Naruto Uzumaki was born in Konohagakure and the villagers despised him. Twelve years ago on October 10th, The Yondaime Sealed the Yin half of the Kyuubi no Kitsune into...
Naruto: The Honored One by CEtramdiRaizel-Sama
Naruto: The Honored Oneby CEtramdiRaizel-Sama
Naruto obtains the powers of his past life after getting stabbed through the throat by Orochimaru
Rikugan by Makuro767
Rikuganby Makuro767
Chuunin Exam, Second Phase and Naruto was sealed by Hebi Sennin Orochimaru...or at least that what the Sennin thought. Instead, something ancient of the Namikaze line wa...
The yellow flash by notsuremyself
The yellow flashby notsuremyself
What if Naruto took after his dad? What if he was more calculated, quiet, and had a passion for learning new things? His life had been a very odd one from the very begin...
Naruto: Cursed King  by KZ1818
Naruto: Cursed King by KZ1818
Naruto reincarnation of Sukuna
Strength From Within (A Naruto Neglect Book) by Kesokeos
Strength From Within (A Naruto Neg...by Keso
Naruto has been neglected most of his life by his parents and village for his younger siblings for a reason he doesn't fully understand, until he begins to train, that i...
Demolision King Of Konoha (Slow Up) by D4CIDo
Demolision King Of Konoha (Slow Up)by D4C
Im really bad at this because this is my first Time making a fanfic And sorry if my grammer is bad i am not an English major. I don't Own Naruto or Fire Force it just Ca...
Naruto Cifer(Hiatus) by Gareth1717
Naruto Cifer(Hiatus)by Gareth1717
Naruto Reincarnation of Ulquiorra Cifer.
Naruto:The Monkey King by KZ1818
Naruto:The Monkey Kingby KZ1818
Naruto reincarnation of Sun Wukong(God of Highschool)
Naruto: Revenge by Kolarthecool by shiriochi
Naruto: Revenge by Kolarthecoolby shio.
After returning Uchiha Sasuke to the village, Naruto is attacked by an angry mob. Sick and tired of their treatment, he leaves the village behind, swearing revenge on al...
Hidden Underneath the Underneath by Potato_Scheme11x
Hidden Underneath the Underneathby Potato_Scheme11x
He was scorned. Mocked. Beaten. Called a demon. And he was driven out of the only place he called home when he was 4. Child prodigy Naruto comes back to Konoha six years...
The student. (A Naruto fanfiction) by Smrtymrty
The student. (A Naruto fanfiction)by Smrty Mrty
What if one day Naruto came across Itachi and Shisui sparring and Shisui decided to train him? That's all there is to it, really. COMPLETED Won't publish another part.
Konoha's Maelstrom by Mask_of_Happiness
Konoha's Maelstromby Book Nerd
Meiko Uzumaki was many things. A prankster, an orphan, a jinchuriki. But she was not a fool. She was a maelstrom. She was a storm waiting to be unleashed. Watch as she b...
Naruto The Dark Mage by KZ1818
Naruto The Dark Mageby KZ1818
Naruto Reincarnation Of Zeref Dragneel
forever and always  by ship_story_maker
forever and always by
Gaara and rasa went to stay at the leaf for a couple of years to have the leaf to help the leaf until rasa had to go back. during than gaara met naruto at first sight h...