[HIATUS] Water Lilies (Haku x Chihiro) by Lileevine
[HIATUS] Water Lilies (Haku x Chih...by Rafi
Years later, Haku still hasn't come back(yay, fancannon --'). Chihiro has a few guesses why he didn't, but her long hours of meditating are cut short by a deadly illness...
  • love
  • fruendship
  • spirits
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The Forgotten Son by JoynalAbdin
The Forgotten Sonby Joynal Abdin
Born as the oldest, as the child of prophecy, and born with the potential to become great. A child grows from being forgotten to a legend, without the love or warmth of...
  • violence
  • twin
  • naruto
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Switched With a Fangirl (Various!Naruto X Reader) by RandytheSuperSalt
Switched With a Fangirl (Various!N...by dυмвaѕѕ and gay
After your friend introduces you to the anime Naruto, you wake up in Sakura's body. How did this happen and how do you fix it? Is that even possible?
  • kankuro
  • team7
  • temari
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Spirited Away by The Light by AmaraAodhfin
Spirited Away by The Lightby ☀︎Day☁︎Dreamer★
-"She is mine" Hakus fighting stance was rigid. "She is my everything, they both are." His gaze darted around him as he watched the Light brighten wi...
  • haku
  • xreader
  • lin
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Find somebody.... (Spirited away Fanfiction) by NoChanEy
Find somebody.... (Spirited away F...by Chathip Wong
Haku The God of Kohaku river. Who is finding The human girl that ever came into Spirits world "Chihiro". He tries everyway to find her except the only way... ...
  • spiritedaway
  • studioghibli
  • lovestory
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The Fox of the Mist by Miyah334
The Fox of the Mistby Miyah334
Yoooo I don't own Naruto or its Characters. ZabuNaru , KyuHaku , ShuGaara. Main Pairing:ZabuNaru Side pairing: KyuHaku , ShuGaara. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • zabuza
  • zabunaru
  • kurama
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bold (naruto Various x reader) by i_am_bored432
bold (naruto Various x reader)by o jee
your name is y/n and you are a jashin worshipper. but thats really all you know. Haku convinced zabuza To take you with them to 'use your immortality as a weapon' but yo...
  • kakashi
  • konan
  • naruto
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Naruto Lemons (Requests CLOSED) by TheHelixMind
Naruto Lemons (Requests CLOSED)by Kassie Dionne
when you get together with any of the characters you know what happens? Dirty situations is what happens
  • single
  • akatsuki
  • pleasure
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✔️Spirited Away by the Shadows- (Haku X Reader) by AmaraAodhfin
✔️Spirited Away by the Shadows- (H...by ☀︎Day☁︎Dreamer★
〰️"L-Leave me h-here Y/N" he whispers hoarsely. You stand with your hands on your hips taking in the sight before you. A bloody and bruised Haku trying to push...
  • haku
  • rescue
  • readerxhaku
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Watch Me: A Naruto Fanfiction  by jarodlikestowrite
Watch Me: A Naruto Fanfiction by Spawn of Satan
What if Naruto left the village when he was 6 years old after unlocking a powerful Doujutsu from a near death experience and joined the Akatsuki, and becoming their lead...
  • godlikenaruto
  • goodakatsuki
  • naruto
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The Hidden Fox  by Nightmare_Dreamer_
The Hidden Fox by NightmareDreamer
Naruto has many secrets. And slowly but surely people will find them out. Naruto Uzumaki is the biggest mystery... Well only to those who actually take the hints that he...
  • zabuza
  • kakashi
  • sakura
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ANBU Prodigies by DracoSilver1127
ANBU Prodigiesby Silver Lightning
Naruto was the oldest one of three kids from Minato and Kushina. However, he is ignored and neglected causing him to run away. He met someone at the park named Sasuke an...
  • naruto
  • naruino
  • kakashi
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I Got Caught In A Storm... And Now I'm Stuck In Naruto!?!? by dawnofdelia
I Got Caught In A Storm... And Now...by dawnofdelia
Minxie Patterson lived an average life... Until the day she ended up getting sucked into the Naruto world due to a chaotic storm. Now, as a Leaf shinobi, she's on Team 7...
  • kakashi
  • test
  • diary
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Naruto, The Kenpachi by TheBoarSin
Naruto, The Kenpachiby StaidAlarm42056
Naruto was thinking about why he was so weak the week after he got Sasuke when he was given the Sasuke retrieval mission. He thought about it for the whole day and that...
  • zabuza
  • crossover
  • narutoxbleach
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The Different One (Naruto Fan Fiction) by nochangenecessary
The Different One (Naruto Fan Fict...by nochangenecessary
Hibiki Tsukino was never one to make friends. She has run all her life and wondered why she stays alive. She came up with four reasons; four reasons to live. When she is...
  • narutoshippuden
  • gaara
  • hibiki
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Kaito and Zabuza-a Naruto fic by cjeanmonte10
Kaito and Zabuza-a Naruto ficby piercethec3
on the night of the kyuubi attack kushina teleports her son Naruto into a far away forest thinking he will be dead, but little did she know that on that night a man foun...
  • aliveminato
  • strongnaruto
  • alivehaku
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Am I Strong? (Naruto fanfic) by ColdScarletNight
Am I Strong? (Naruto fanfic)by ColdScarletNight
Naruto grew up with hate and pity. Pity from parents who never helped him. Hate from everyone else he met. That all changed when he was 4 and his parents gave birth to a...
  • annoyingsakura
  • sasuke
  • strongnaruto
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Naruto: The Jinchuuriki Princess by SugarLiliDxB
Naruto: The Jinchuuriki Princessby SugarLili
"I don't know if I could change things when I'm not supposed to be here, but..." she started, trailing off before turning to face them with the will of fire in...
  • variousxoc
  • anime
  • sasuke
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The Blind Dragon Warrior (Kung fu Panda fanfic) by WhisperingNinja
The Blind Dragon Warrior (Kung fu...by WhisperingNinja
this is the story where Po the panda has a sister a blind linx she is in a big part with her brother as well she and Po is choosen to become the dragon warrior
  • blind
  • dragonwarrior
  • feels
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Animal of nine by midnight20163
Animal of nineby midnight2016
A guy named Phoenix has a bad life and wants to leave this world and want to go to a world nobody has ever been like anime. Later that night he was sent to the Naruto (N...
  • naruto
  • kakashi
  • mature
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