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Unaided scuffle  by DilsaFathima
Unaided scuffle by Dilza Fathima
Struggles make you stronger. Rough seas make us more resilient. Presently we see people getting upset over small things. They're not ready to face the dare. But you cann...
Stars Aligning [Book 1] by ammorning
Stars Aligning [Book 1]by ammorning
Rhea Myerson has been in love with her childhood friend since she was in grade school. It should be easy to track him down and confess but a small obstacle stands in her...
KISHA SERENDIPITY [part 1] by justaryann
KISHA SERENDIPITY [part 1]by Maryann
Based on a true story. Enjoy
Anthesia by Minaufa365
Anthesiaby Anthesia
They always say Home is where the heart is, but will it feel like home when many are behind her heart? Having her fate decided by the scriptures, left her only with 2...
FIRST LOVE by Burning_diary_
FIRST LOVEby Burning Diary
The story revolves around the characteristics of three character whose names are mentioned in the story with bold letters it's a (POV) or point of view of different pers...
Shadow world- Amethyst The Crystallized Fire by TaherRaja1
Shadow world- Amethyst The Taher Raja
A seventeen year old boy dies and gets reincarnated in another world. Where he meets his familiar and sets out to seek the people that called him here. He soon learns of...
A Great Architect  by ShelbyMackay3
A Great Architect by Shelby Mackay
My name is Layla Plasterhouse, handsome, witted, and humble, with a terrifying home and angsty disposition. I seem to exhume existence; and had lived nearly in the worl...
Summer Break by AhmadShahriarAlArabi
Summer Breakby Ahmad Shahriar Al Arabi
It's a 2019 poem of mine. Do not ever think I ever take alcohol. I used some sentences about that to perfect my rhyming. I don't tell lies and didn't badmouth ever in...
I thought I really love her but it wasn't like that  by amicklove
I thought I really love her but she/her
This is a story about Skeet Megan David and Mädchen. The trigger for this is the photo At the end it gonna be a Skadchen story Introduction for the story. Skeet and Meg...
Cum rămâne cu mine by Costy_kyo
Cum rămâne cu mineby Costy Kyo
Daca ma simti da-o mai departe
Dear Diary by kekeAsavela
Dear Diaryby Khethelo Ndlovu
Stripped into dust and blank like dawn. A life of what you dream,make it out of it but beg not to differ. Lisa has caught herself in a very sticky dilemma but will she s...
The Winter Killer by hiraeth0on0mars
The Winter Killerby Kasey saunders
With every murder, behind there is left a key. Why? Who knows. But what we know is that a different room is unlock-able with each key. What lies behind is a mystery, and...
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Parallel  by thereforeimbillie
Parallel by rue ☁️
So.. this is the end?
බඹරෙක් වෙමි අරලිය මලකට පෙම් බැඳි by manowikaara
බඹරෙක් වෙමි අරලිය මලකට පෙම් බැඳිby මනෝවිකාර
සුරත් සුවය හැර දමා ලොව්තුරු සුවයට ඇලුණි මම
No Human Form  by ShelbyMackay3
No Human Form by Shelby Mackay
An ancient entity always plagued . It wanted to destroy them. Corrupt. It wanted souls , forcing them to do terrible deeds. Beliefs , sanity and a fight that can not b...