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RIDE OR DIE || SHAMELESSby ♡ | marie
❝I would give up anything just to be with you. How can I give up on you when I yearn for you? You're everything I need ❞ After moving from his home town, the youngest L...
Raegan Gallagher-Milkovich by Strawberries0312
Raegan Gallagher-Milkovichby Strawberries0312
Raegan is Mickey and Ian's daughter, the biggest badass of the south side. She is Ian's biological daughter with Mandy being their surrogate. She has Mickeys blac...
Shameless messages and one shots  by bettsjuggie_
Shameless messages and one shots by GALLAVICH
Idk I guess we all wanna know what they would say to eachother No? Just me? Okay well then I might do one of the cast and the characters but I don't know all there name...
Shameless Imagines PART 2!! by bamswrld
Shameless Imagines PART 2!!by bamswrld
Carl/Ethan Lip/Jeremy Ian/Cameron Mickey/Noel
what happens after by writerfromthesouth
what happens afterby cormac
DISCONTINUED!! this fanfic is just what I think would happen between Ian and Mickey during season 12 ( if they ever had one ) during their stay at their new apartment. (...
fools → mickey milkovich  (discontinued)  by sweetrcvenge
fools → mickey milkovich ( sweetrcvenge
in which isabelle gallagher falls for the trashiest white boy in all of america; mickey milkovich. MICKEY MILKOVICH X OC SHAMELESS US [ AU ] © sweetrcvenge / 2017
Like I Want You. by coryandnaya
Like I Want finntina
this is not a super long story. it's a simple short story with like 10 chapters. Odessa has been in the foster care system since she was 5. After being there for so long...
Gallavich One-Shots by Violinlover723
Gallavich One-Shotsby Violinlover723
Takes place throughout the show. Your favorite gay couple uwu.
noel fisher by SunnyDiCaprio
noel fisherby SunnyDiCaprio
❝THIS MAGIC MOMENT - WHEN YOU'RE LIPS ARE CLOSE TO MINE.❞ NOEL FISHER & CHARACTERS SHORT STORIES/IMAGINES ➢noel fisher ➢cael malloy ➢mickey milkovich ➢john armstrong ➢to...
Instagram {E.C} {Book 1} by crybbykayla
Instagram {E.C} {Book 1}by crybbykayla
{ekat19 liked your photo} {ekat19 commented on your photo: hot❤️} {~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~} I just really love Ethan CutKosky and Shameless
Shameless Season 9 Fanfiction (Gallavich) by casauthor
Shameless Season 9 Fanfiction ( casauthor
This is a season 9 of shameless fanfiction which will mostly be about Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich. At the end of season 7 when we last saw Mickey, he was escaping...
The Illusion of Pleasure - Fiona Gallagher  by reinhartlove
The Illusion of Pleasure - Fiona reinhartlove
Four year ago, Evelyn went missing when she was on her way to Paris. Months prior, Eve got an acting job and it's based all the way in Paris. They've done long distance...
Make your move on me: Gallavich(Mickey's p.o.v) by starryxazure
Make your move on me: Gallavich( Tyler
~DISCONTINUED~ The whole Gallavich story but from Mickey's perspective of things, his thoughts during these past 7 seasons + adding stuff that happens after 7x11 -WARN...
Multimale One shots by underscoremonique
Multimale One shotsby underscoremonique
I have quite a big imagination so enjoy my writing ! Warnings this might contain smut, triggers and other stuff.
Cameron Monaghan Imagines!  by madzissogay
Cameron Monaghan Imagines! by Maddie <3
Title says it all! Mostly stuff out of my brain. Fluff and mabye smut
Shameless - Gallavich  by thatChickJoey
Shameless - Gallavich by thatChickJoey
Ian last saw Mickey behind plate glass in prison, where he shattered his heart and walked out on him. Three months have passed and Ian still regrets it all. After months...
Gallavich Imagines by MJangel11
Gallavich Imaginesby Angel
Here are a bunch of little stories, one shots, and Imagines of my fav couple :) I do take requests so send em in...
Gallavich Imagines❤️ by Mrs_PedroPascal
Gallavich Imagines❤️by Manners Maketh Man.
So, I've been in the process of writing other stories but I get bored of them pretty easily so I'm gonna try writing some short stories and see if I'm better with that t...