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bios ! by brokence
bios !by brokence
❝ put your head on my shoulder. put your lips next to mine. ❞
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Instagram {E.C} {Book 1} by crybbykayla
Instagram {E.C} {Book 1}by crybbykayla
{ekat19 liked your photo} {ekat19 commented on your photo: hot❤️} {~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~}{~} I just really love Ethan CutKosky and Shameless
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Chicago {E.C.} {Book 2} by crybbykayla
Chicago {E.C.} {Book 2}by crybbykayla
Ash and Ethan now live together and couldn't be happier. Or maybe they could? Book 2 to Instagram (: {~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~} Whoop whoop Book 2 You can read Inst...
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Cody Herbinko imagines by loreoimagines
Cody Herbinko imaginesby ✨
Imagines about Cody written by me :)
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Baby girl | Cody Herbinko by 5lifesavingboys
Baby girl | Cody Herbinkoby 5lifesavingboys
"If stars burn out then so do we eventually"
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cody herbinko imagines (murderized) by desolatedwaves
cody herbinko imagines (murderized)by brie
;)) requests are open
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The School Bad boy | Cody Herbinko by Ashleymitchell14
The School Bad boy | Cody Herbinkoby AshleyMitchell ♡
"Brooke it's okay ... I know I'm hard to resist" he smirks.
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Black fans 2! by luhbai
Black fans 2!by <3
For the black fans pt. 2!
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Sex lessons with cody by carterishawt
Sex lessons with codyby hannah
Emmy dauzat walks into school and sees the cutest boy but she doesn't know who he is untill he bumps into her.. He asked her out and she says yes and they start kissin...
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irresistible / cody herbinko by badherbinko
irresistible / cody herbinkoby badherbinko
what can you say?, he was irresistible.
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internet freaks :: wesley tucker by sxwilk
internet freaks :: wesley tuckerby — tay
a story in which juliet finds her romeo over the internet, minus the dying and killing.
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YouNow Imagines by sirental_authority
YouNow Imaginesby sirental_authority
These are going to be imagines about Seth Bishop, Aram Flood, Devyn Bess, Cody Herbinko, Diego(saurs), Andrew Fontenot, Gabriel Laceup, Triston Tyler, and Alan (omgg_ala...
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Cody Herbinko smut by DaddyC0dy
Cody Herbinko smutby Cody smut
This is a book of Cody Herbinko smut|| All stories are mine, steal them and I'll force feed you your own nipples.
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High (a Cody herbinko fanfiction) by Qtanime
High (a Cody herbinko fanfiction)by Qtanime
Madi and Cody have been bestfriends forever but then he just leaves without saying anything,years passed by and madi is turning 17 and she's going to Disney to celebrate...
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In Love with You by huggablethomas_
In Love with Youby okitsmegann
sam steel and her famous boyfriend wesley tucker reunite at his tour, press play. after factiming every night they finally get to see eachother face-to-face. cody herbin...
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Homeless | clh by lackofaname
Homeless | clhby alex
"You were broken glass but I still touched you even though I knew I would get hurt." __ [ start date- 11|21|15 ] [ ended date- ___...
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Okay. || a Cody herbinko fan fiction by Qtanime
Okay. || a Cody herbinko fan Qtanime
They were complete strangers at one point yes Cody and Maisy after living across from eachother for 10 years. But then something happened between them a small spark grew...
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21 Places || Cody Herbinko by laysandportia
21 Places || Cody Herbinkoby laysandportia
Baby, I know places we won't be found. .. Malia, 16, goes to a new high school which someone from her past follows. She finds someone from her childhood, and when every...
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Cody Herbinko Imagines by xanxietyprobs
Cody Herbinko Imaginesby anon<3
A variety of imagines about the one and only Cody Herbinko aka murderized. Some might have some smut and I will take any requests!! Hope you enjoy!!
Just "Friends"...... Cody Herbinko by PushUpMalum
Just "Friends"...... Cody Herbinkoby PushUpMalum
reuniting with an old friend. will it be more??
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