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A Second Chance by AestheticStory_Cathe
A Second Chanceby ♡ Cathe ♡
「COMPLETED」 She arrives and befriends the five remaining Ninja. Though who would've known that she would lead them through a series of unexpected events that would chang...
Ninjago Texts by Rainbowqueen117
Ninjago Textsby Rainbowqueen117
What would happen if the ninja had group chats? I...don't know. SO I made this book to create some stories to what would happen. Oke. Thanks For Reading.
An Oni's Mask (Jay Walker x reader) by Whispy_Ghosty
An Oni's Mask (Jay Walker x reader)by *cool name here*
(Y/N) has been part of the group, Sons of Garmadon, for a while now. But still no one, apart from The Quiet One and the three generals, knows her little secret. She's an...
Escapade | Ninjago AU by The_lightning_ninja
Escapade | Ninjago AUby ⚡️
Hundreds of years ago, the elemental masters of creation were driven from the main kingdom of Ninjago and became fugitives. Now, they might be the key to saving Ninjago...
NinjaGo OneShots! by TheQuietGreenOne
NinjaGo OneShots!by The Quiet Green One
This will be a entire collection of NinjaGo content! This can go from anything to anywhere, based on solely your requests! This can go from playing video games, trainin...
Sugar And Spice - CITRUS by AnsonikoLovesMei
Sugar And Spice - CITRUSby JerkyandMe
AU. Mei Aihara runs a small pâtisserie in Paris. Boston detective Yuzu Okogi is in the city for a few days, on vacation in Europe with her recently-divorced mother. Spar...
A wholesome citrus groupchat by BoboTea987
A wholesome citrus groupchatby Lemon simp
Just gals being pals (This book contains spoilers for both the anime and the manga)
Hidden- Ninjago by The_lightning_ninja
Hidden- Ninjagoby ⚡️
"They kept us hidden all this time because they wanted everyone to rely solely on the royal family. Well guess what? We're going to get out, and there's no stopping...
Citrus Group Chat  by GaykermitBleach
Citrus Group Chat by _kermit_
These will involve groupchat and private chats between characters.
Fear of Falling Apart  by leesneedtostop
Fear of Falling Apart by ʟᴇᴇ
[Series!Lloyd x Reader] Don't you hate it when you're plucked out of high school right before your graduation and made the new Princess of Ninjago? Yeah me too. <COVE...
Determining Destiny (Book 3 of the Enchanted DVD Player tetralogy) by QueenieCalista
Determining Destiny (Book 3 of the...by QC
When an unexpected competitor arrives at the tournament of elements, y/n realizes that her and the ninja are in more danger than they realize. Instead of facing one enem...
Unanimity | Ninjago AU by The_lightning_ninja
Unanimity | Ninjago AUby ⚡️
"I don't think this is going to work." "It has to. If not, all of Ninjago is screwed." - sequel to Enmity
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Sons Of Garmadon-Ninjago X Reader (Reader insert) by Hoops_Aly2
Sons Of Garmadon-Ninjago X Reader...by Aly_hoops
NOTE: The updated version of this story is currently being posted in "The Split Element", but is not yet completed This contains spoilers for Lego NInjago Seas...
Citrus: 2 humans and a devil (Mei Aihara x Fem! Reader x Yuzu Aihara)  by Cold_yet_hot
Citrus: 2 humans and a devil (Mei...by Angst God
Why am I making a 5th book and giving myself another headache- anyhow- onwards and forwards to the proper description! Y/N Aihara. A child born from heaven and hell. Ear...
Royal Love (On Hold) by LittlePenguinHeart
Royal Love (On Hold)by Hello
Cover Art is by @GalaxyWolf193 The ninjas of Ninjago lived a pretty simple life fighting bad guys who try to take over Ninjago, but 2 ninjas have a secret.... Nya and Ka...
Lloyd garmadon X reader Oneshots(OPEN REQUESTS) by NinjagoAmielle
Lloyd garmadon X reader Oneshots(O...by Amielle Jones
Hey guys this is my first ever story so please help me along the way while writing this it would really mean a lot,thank you~Holly💜
Ninjago Incorrect Quotes by Eliza_Cameron
Ninjago Incorrect Quotesby 💙 𝙘𝙝𝙞𝙘𝙝𝙪 💙
Incorrect quotes with everyone's favorite ninja! I got most of these from the internet, some of them I made up. ☑️COMPLETED ☑️
We Are Survivors by FireCloud3
We Are Survivorsby FireCloud3
[AFTER EPISODE 84] In Ninjago, all hope seems lost. The two remaining Ninja, Lloyd and Nya, along with their allies, muster whatever strength they can to resist Emperor...
Solo (A Sword Art Online Fanfic) ✔ by Fanatic_308
Solo (A Sword Art Online Fanfic) ✔by Fanatic_308
Harumi had waited forever to get the new game Sword Art Online. But when the creator makes everything become more real than ever before, she has to fight for her life as...
ninjago : I hate you { jaya fanfic Book 1 } by BlackNblue_Dragon
ninjago : I hate you { jaya fanfic...by Mimi The Alien Ram
I DONT OWN THE CHARACTERS , OR THE PICTURES I JUST OWN THE STORY AND PLOT 5 innocent girls get enrolled in the 'school of bad' , where they meet the worst of the worst...