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Green Phoenix Vs.Llorumi Book 1 by Llokita369
Green Phoenix Vs.Llorumi Book 1by
After the "Death" of the original 4 ninja and baby Master Wu, Lloyd and Nya become close while finding people for their resistance but is it just as friends or...
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unavailable  by GreekInvisible
unavailable by GreekInvisible
Ninja defeated Lord Garmadon. They are removed at the Jade Castle, and Lloyd find an interesting thing about Harumi.
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Ninjago: High School by NexoLikesStuff101
Ninjago: High Schoolby 🚀Nex /Nexo🚀
A race, prom, classes, failed tests, shy kids, romance, action and drama! What if your favorite Ninjago heroes were just like you, and went to school? It's just another...
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Ninjago: Masters of High School Drama by CakeLover246
Ninjago: Masters of High School Dr...by CakeLover246
Just another AU when the ninja are in high school. There will be drama, comedy, and romance, lots and lots of romance. There will be Kailor, Lloyrumi, Pixane, Coliel, an...
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Ninjago: One Shots and Short Stories [ON HOLD] by AlexTodorova17
Ninjago: One Shots and Short Stori...by alex💫✨
Just the title says. I won't make boyxboy or girlxgirl. REQUEST OPEN. I will make boy and boy or girl and girl, but not ship. Sorry guys. {I do not own Ninjago and it's...
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Emerald Jade Garmadon - The daughter of Lloyd and Harumi-Discontinued by Llokita369
Emerald Jade Garmadon - The daught...by
This is my own personal story and takes place after Green Vs. Gold. I do not own Ninjago and this is just a story that I think would be cute if Harumi was good or redeem...
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Did she really changed?(Ninjago Roleplay) by Sarah_Uchiha15
Did she really changed?(Ninjago Ro...by Princess Harumi
It's been almost half an year since the SoG accident.Now she's living with the ninjas.Lloyd and Harumi became a couple,but something is separating them from each other
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ninjago : I hate you { jaya fanfic Book 1 } by BlackNblue_Dragon
ninjago : I hate you { jaya fanfic...by Mimi The Alien Ram
I DONT OWN THE CHARACTERS , OR THE PICTURES I JUST OWN THE STORY AND PLOT 5 innocent girls get enrolled in the 'school of bad' , where they meet the worst of the worst...
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I CAN HEAR YOU! (Ninjago Generations: Alternative Universe Mini Story) by AwesomeSpecs21
I CAN HEAR YOU! (Ninjago Generatio...by AwesomeSpecs21
This is a story about the three years that Lloyd was in a coma after Harumi took their son Ryder and is now torturing him. The whole time he could hear everything in tha...
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Ninjago: Tangled by AlexTodorova17
Ninjago: Tangledby alex💫✨
~Book 4 in the Disney/Ninjago crossover series~ Harumi lives in a tower, only with her chameleon friend-Zane, and have never been outside. Her only dream is to see the l...
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The Son Of Garmadon by Star_OfTheShow
The Son Of Garmadonby Star
Long before time had a name, the First Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago using the four elemental weapons. Along with this world, he created two sons. Wu and Garmadon. Lo...
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The Princess's diary by Sarah_Uchiha15
The Princess's diaryby Princess Harumi
Let's just have a look at Princess Harumi's diary!We can find some interesting facts about her,for which no one of us doesn't know...
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The Green Light- Lloyd x Reader by Llokita369
The Green Light- Lloyd x Readerby
In this (Y/N) finds herself /himself in a scary dark cave until one day you see him your Green light Lloyd. I don't own Ninjago. Slow update because of family issues
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Greenphoenix vs. Llorumi Book 3 by Llokita369
Greenphoenix vs. Llorumi Book 3by
It won't be long until Lloyd and Nya find out Wu and the rest of the Ninja are alive but can they get back to Lloyd and Nya in time or will Garmadon destroy them or will...
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Pixane- Ninjago become human (Wattys2018) by Llokita369
Pixane- Ninjago become human (Watt...by
This is a story about Zane and Pixal being a Nindroid and Android that because of certain events that happened to them want to become Human. I don't own Ninjago, Lego do...
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Green Phoenix Vs. Llorumi Book 2 by Llokita369
Green Phoenix Vs. Llorumi Book 2by
Lloyd is being punished but will it last or will someone save him. Nya and Misako become extremely worried when Lloyd doesn't visit them again. Also someone may make a r...
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Ninjago: Change Of Heart AU (Alternate S9 Storyline) (Currently on hold) by LillaSmolBean
Ninjago: Change Of Heart AU (Alter...by Shiichan
This AU involves: -The Ninja never being sent to the Oni realm ✔️ -Harumi lives during Ep 92 ✔️ -Ultra Violet, Mr. E, Killow and Harumi join the resistance and betrays...
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Solo (A Sword Art Online Fanfic) ✔ by Fanatic_308
Solo (A Sword Art Online Fanfic) ✔by Fanatic_308
Harumi had waited forever to get the new game Sword Art Online. But when the creator makes everything become more real than ever before, she has to fight for her life as...
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~{Please Forgive Me}~ A Ninjago Llorumi Fanfiction by -Pass_The_Suga-
~{Please Forgive Me}~ A Ninjago Ll...by A Living Meme
Harumi managed to survive the wreck with some help. After that incident, nearly all of the ninja have accepted her and the fact that she has changed from her evil ways...
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An Oni's Mask (Jay Walker x reader) by Violetswirl293
An Oni's Mask (Jay Walker x reader)by The Bleh and Boring
(Y/N) has been part of the group, Sons of Garmadon, for a while now. But still no one, apart from The Quiet One and the three generals, knows her little secret. She's an...
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