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sweet like a candy | xuexiao au by fluffyeoxwoo
sweet like a candy | xuexiao auby rin
in which xiao xingchen owns a candy shop and xue yang is... xue yang
Mo Dao Zu Shi - Images (2) by SallySocker
Mo Dao Zu Shi - Images (2)by SallySocker
You can max have 200 chapters in one book, so go to my next book Mo Dao Zu Shi - Images (3) where I will continue updating every day! ------- Enjoy the images!!! Credit...
The unrestrained by wallflower1112000
The unrestrainedby Aleena Maria Joseph
This work is based on the book mo dao zu shi ...the storyline follows Lan Wangji's perspective...please vote and support ☺️☺️☺️ before that most credits belong to the au...
The Untamed: Memories by GoodbyeForMeIsTEAR
The Untamed: Memoriesby 👑RIHAN👑
After taming both Baxia and The Stygian Tiger Amulet Wei Wuxian collapsed. Using too much of his energy, his body without fulfilling the agreement of the Sacrificial Cur...
I'm Fine by Hiyori_174
I'm Fineby ひより (晴)
魔道祖师 mo dao zu shi fanfiction Wei Wuxian, who is an orphan adopted by the Jiang family. He grows up with Jiang Cheng and his family. But, he is too kind. He sacrifice...
My Detective Husband by HoneyAloner05
My Detective Husbandby Yang Seolhee
Who don't know him? He was Wei Wuxian, one of the top police officer that was known for his cheerful and cheeky personality. He was popular among the ladies but what sho...
If You Fall / WangXian by wangxian-
If You Fall / WangXianby kayla 🎐
On hiatus indefinitely. (Read on my AO3 if you prefer: GuangyaosDimples)! Lan WangJi catches Wei WuXian before he falls from the cliff during the Nightless City Bloodbat...
Name - LXC x JC MDZS fanfic by HaiRyuuKi
Name - LXC x JC MDZS fanficby HaiRyuuKi
Summary: Zewu-jun. Lan Xichen was called by this name since it is his title. However, he doesn't know why that, of all many people, he would like to be called by one pe...
MDZS ART TALES  by salguez
MDZS ART TALES by Shinguez
Romance between bunny Wei Ying and wolf Lan Zhan , Cuteness of naughty Wei Ying and adorable Lan Zhan, Brother XiChen and angry lotus, Nie brothers being third wheels...
Sweet And Sour Love {YiZhan FF} by The_Untamed_Addict
Sweet And Sour Love {YiZhan FF}by BJYX
What if two of the biggest and richest families of Asia who are also known as rivals' youngest sons fall in love with each other? Yibo, a cold yet kind boy who doesn't b...
Seeking Solace by AerDraki
Seeking Solaceby Teya
Wei Wuxian dies during the siege and the cultivators have a rude awakening. 《Updates are irregular, I will update chapters when I can, please bear with me. Chapter 9 is...
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Mo Dao Zu Shi (Truth or Dare)  by MNABTCH
Mo Dao Zu Shi (Truth or Dare) by .
Truth or dare book for Mo Dao Zu Shi. Weheheheh.
Behind the Smile |Wangxian| by HopeIsHard
Behind the Smile |Wangxian|by HopeIsHard
They all stilled in their place, staring at the green field. On the edge, only about a yard away from the start of the bleachers, was the source of the laughter. Oh, tha...
Inquiry - Lan Zhan x Wei Ying/Lan Wangji x Wei Wuxian by ruby-rxse
Inquiry - Lan Zhan x Wei Ying/ rose
Sometimes nightmares plague Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji is always there for him, until he isn't. When Lan Wangji leaves him without a trace, Wei Wuxian is mocked by the c...
Forgotten (mdzs/gdc) by oreos_are_life_
Forgotten (mdzs/gdc)by Oreo Queen
Nie Huaisang was not the only one behind Jin Guangyao's death. He wasn't behind the reincarnation of Wei Wuxian. He wasn't the one who led Wei Wuxian, Lan Wangji, and th...
Ethereal Love by Piccolo178
Ethereal Loveby Piccolo178
Wei Wuxian born differently than the original story. What will happen when he chooses the demonic path as his way for cultivation. Will his family accept him or not ? Wi...
Mo Dao Zu Shi - Images (3) by SallySocker
Mo Dao Zu Shi - Images (3)by SallySocker
This is the third part of Mo Dao Zu Shi - Images (1) --- Update: two pages per day!!! Credit to the artists! --- Enjoy the art!!!
MDZS x Disney - Mulan  by HaiRyuuKi
MDZS x Disney - Mulan by HaiRyuuKi
A/N: I watched the animation Mulan last night and realized I crossover MDZS to Disney but why foreign when this can be crossover to the very own Disney country? Ok. This...
Are You My Guardian Angel? | WangXian by Wyb0508_
Are You My Guardian Angel? | Xiǎo tùzǐ
In the modern setting, due to an accident, Wei WuXian has gone blind. Wei WuXian is a renowned artist and there are people who still intend to kill him after making him...
Characters watching mdzs and The Untamed by deathhascome12
Characters watching mdzs and The dark
wei wuxian's family the jade brothers of Lan and other are gonna react to the future